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Why I Buy Diamonds When I Want to Celebrate Myself

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I can think of many examples of an ideal time, as a woman, to buy yourself a piece of jewelry: new job, promotion, birthday, special anniversary, surviving a rough week/month/year. The idea of female self-purchase is a category that has been on the rise since the day I started Gem Gossip over nine years ago. Jewelry in general should not be wrongfully stereotyped as only suitable as a gift from a male. Women should buy jewelry for themselves and be proud!

Diamonds are, in my opinion, the best kind of gemstone to invest in when buying yourself something special because of their timelessness, romance and value. They are the best kind of symbol for celebrating yourself at any point or milestone in your life.

For me, I recently celebrated an interesting “milestone” — it was more like a goal, which I will explain, but my point is there doesn’t have to be a life-changing moment for you to buy yourself a diamond. You decide for yourself why you deserve it and that is all that should matter!

For a few months, I was realizing that my closet was pretty full but I was constantly wearing the same five shirts and two pairs of jeans almost everyday. I had shirts and pants that were several years old and also hadn’t been worn. So I cleaned out my closet and brought everything I didn’t want anymore to consignment shops, a task I had been putting off for ages.

Once I started letting things go, I couldn’t stop! I went through my jewelry, my trinkets and knick knacks I had collected over the years of antiquing, and even cleaned out some kitchen appliances I never use (our panini maker had only been used once!). Not only was letting things go good for my soul, but I earned some serious cash too. I decided to take all the money I had collected and buy an antique diamond ring. Each time that I wear it I get a sense of accomplishment over and over again for eliminating all of that excess once and for all. And swapping out all the dispensable items I had for something like a diamond ring has me feeling overjoyed, grateful and accomplished! I would love to hear your stories for any special moment, milestones or personal goal you achieved where you celebrated yourself with a diamond. Share in the comments below!​

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