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Titanic Lost Jewelry: The Artifact Exhibition


I have been forever fascinated by the Titanic–its story, from voyage to the fateful iceberg, has always set my mind in wonder.  One big reason is because I know for a fact I would have been standing in line wanting to buy a ticket if I lived in the early 1900s.  It was during a London bus tour when the tour guide pointed out the location where hundreds had lined up to buy their tickets.  He said the line stretched far, far down the street with excited future-passengers.  My recent trip to Las Vegas gave me the chance to visit the exhibit where artifacts recovered from the wreckage are on display.  I didn’t know what to expect, which made it even more exciting.  I gasped when I saw these two rings sealed in the glass class.  They sparkled so beautifully, almost made me tear up just thinking about who once owned them and packed them for the big trip.  It is amazing that they’ve been recovered and fully restored.  It is even more remarkable that they withstood all that pressure down at the bottom of the ocean.  Two little miracles.


titanicring titanicring3

If you get a chance to visit Las Vegas, make sure to check out the exhibit at the Luxor.  I highly recommend!