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Exploring Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

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Some people always ask me if there is ever a time I do not wear jewelry. “Like what if you’re hiking or outdoors?” My answer is obviously no, I always wear jewelry...I just change up my style. A great example of this is when I went to Red Rock Canyon in Nevada this past weekend. If I’m outdoors, at a beach or hiking, I like to wear rings that don’t have gemstones. This is where my curb-link chain ring comes in handy. A perfect fit for a day outdoors without having to go wearing no jewelry. The ring’s style even feels a bit rugged.

Is there ever a time you change up your jewelry style to accommodate an event or circumstances?


PS I love Ariel Gordon’s curb-link chain ring as well–you can peep it in volume III of SHOW ME YOUR RINGS.  Don’t forget to contribute your photo of your rings, I am compiling them now!