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Romantic Jewelry featured in Fellows Antique & Modern Jewellery Auction

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Spring is an exciting time of the year.  There is new life, new blossoms on the trees, birds chirping everywhere…maybe even new love or relationship?!  This month’s Antique & Modern Jewellery auction at Fellows has the perfect jewelry to go with the spring time season and new romances.  The auction catalogs are now up for view, with the auction date set for April 17th, 2014.  With loads of colorful jewelry, there is nothing better than a piece of jewelry that has a romantic nature.  

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A heart, for example, is one of the most popular motifs in jewelry both today and in the past.  It represents love, friendship and endearment.  No other period of jewelry did the heart better than the Victorians!  So sentimental and beautifully done every time.  Fellows has some really pretty heart charms in this upcoming auction, perfect for a romantic gift!  I love these:

Lot 189 a yellow gold diamond-set heart locket.  This dainty locket has one textured gold side and one plain, polished gold side, with the locket opening up to fit a romantic or precious photo.  Currently photoless.  

Lot 196 a really unique tri-colored gold locket, set with a diamond.  Not only does the one side feature three different bands of colored gold, it is also beautifully textured.  

Lot 264 an early 20th century pearl and turquoise heart shaped locket.  The backside of the locket is unique because it is a vacant see-through panel. 

Lot 521 another early 20th century locket, this one is done in 18k yellow gold.  If you open the locket, you reveal an old black and white photo of a man.  So surreal!

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Flowers are another extremely romantic jewelry motif.  Different types of flowers can represent various love tokens or meanings, while real flowers themselves continue to be an ever-popular gift for women.  Whether you are saying “sorry” or “I love you,” flowers make a girl smile.  But, with all living things, flowers die.  Now, floral themed jewelry never dies!  It makes the ultimate gift.  Here are some great exampesl:

Lot 217 this bold 18k gold ring is set with an oval cut quartz, surrounded by yellow sapphires, creating a flower. It is almost as if spring has bloomed, right on your finger!

Lot 355 a beautifully detailed flower brooch, set with one old cut diamond.  The brooch dates to mid-20th century, with enameled petals in a bright pink hue.

Lot 368 very similar to the other flower ring, this one is set with a pink tourmaline and surrounded by pink sapphires to create the petals.  This is the definition of a pop of color!

Lot 373 an 18k yellow gold enamel flower brooch set with an old cut diamond.  This one has interesting colors that decorate the petals–more of a pastel look.  I love the asymmentrical petals.


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The name of the type of necklace featured above is very romantic–the negligee necklace!  Named for its sexy drops, the negligee necklace was popular during the Edwardian Era.  It is characterized by two tassels or drops that terminate the necklace, usually at irregular lengths.  I personally love that style and it is one of my favorites! There are endless possibilities to the look of a negligee necklace, but the above are some fine examples:

Lot 13 an early 20th century 18k yellow gold negligee necklace, set with pearls and some enamel. I love the open work on the metal and it even has French assay marks.

Lot 125 a diamond cluster and aquamarine negligee necklace, which is set with a lovely cushion cut aquamarine with double-prongs, characteristic of its age.  Such a sexy necklace!

Lot 363 an incredibily unique 18k white gold conch pearl negligee necklace.  The bright pink color of the conch shells is gorgeous, with three small oval shaped shells at the top, and two larger drops finishing off the piece.

Lot 375 a gorgeous sapphire and diamond negligee necklace, featuring a diamond bar at the top, and two drops, each consisting of sapphire and diamond clusters.  The necklace is done in a white gold and has over 1.50 carats of diamonds!


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