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Favorite Instagram Pictures: Early Spring

molamdelove sarahhendler marionfasel Sandyleongjewel michael_louis_ markatthemuseum Necessaryexcess circa1700.catlin222 claudiotorelli mociun shopfiligree jewelsdujour danielavillegasjewelry beladorajewelry

molamdelove visits Melbourne Now- the National Gallery of Victoria, love this shot!

sarahhendler visits Metier San Francisco and snaps this glorious jewelry case photo

marionfasel featured this master goldsmith, “gem geek” and jewelry designer Caroline Ellen, gorgeous!

sandyleonjewel does a bangle good!  Love this huge rectangular smokey quartz

michael_louis_ posted this amazing Rolex which gave me watch envy–the black, ruby and gold contrast perfectly

markatthemuseum captures the beauty of these gems at the American Museum of Natural History

necessaryexcess plays in London at Grays Antiques

circa1700 regrammed this from a painting done by catlin222 who was inspired by one of her Victorian crescent pins

claudiotorelli such a beautiful portrait, Lily Elsie, bold and bright with a stunning necklace

mociun doing some organizing…can I help??

shopfiligree after a long and successful day of antiquing 

jewelsdujour Cartier perfection

danielavillegasjewelry has the best collection of bi-color and parti-colored tourmaline

beladorajewelry featuring this standout briolette diamond necklace from the Edwardian Era