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Gem Gossip Visits LFrank Jewelry in Venice, CA

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I’ve been a fan of LFrank‘s jewelry designs since the early days of my blog, and while I was in LA last month with LoveGold, a drive to Venice to visit the store was a “can’t be missed” opportunity.  Located in the eclectic town of Venice, California, LFrank sits nestled amongst some cool shops on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.  

Walking into Liseanne’s store, you first notice her second passion–interior design–and begin to correlate decorating walls with adorning your hands with jewels.  The store is gorgeous…and I couldn’t wait to see the jewelry!  I was intrigued…

The jewelry cases were reminiscent of a woodland fairy’s treasure chest–moss-lined wooden trays, draped with the finest gems, all of which were mostly set in 18k matte gold.  The color combinations were bold and bright, like they were plucked from a rainbow, and contrasted perfectly with the alluring gold.  Liseanne definitely knows how to pick gemstones!  I love how she embraces gems with inclusions, and says that they shouldn’t be seen as “flawed.”  In fact, it is exactly what gives that stone character and is proof of nature’s beauty.  

Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, moonstones, tourmalines and opals all appear in her fascinating designs.  The fun part is seeing which combinations of these stones she chooses for each piece, as well as the shapes and sizes.  A ring that caught my eye was creatively set with several different shades of tourmaline, as well as two pearls–one silvery white and the other a dark grey.  Such unique stone choices!  

18k gold is an important aspect of LFrank’s jewelry designs, whether it is yellow, white or rose gold. The rich color of the hue is just as prominent as its rich history.  Each piece is finished off with a matte finish, which is done by hand.  I feel the matte finish appropriately completes Liseanne’s jewelry’s aesthetic and I love how enthusiastic I felt after leaving her store! I had fallen for her designs and I cannot wait until I can own a special ring from LFrank someday!

{Above photos:

the designer behind all the pretty jewels, Liseanne Frankfurt and myself in her store in Venice, California

an amazing triple tourmaline and ruby ring, 6-stone vertebrate ring in diamonds, and a double trillion diamond ring

an assortment of LFrank jewels–earrings, necklaces, rings–all on a bed of moss

Liseanne– Show Me Your Rings!!

these are perfect examples of the beauty of matte gold!  Love these statement rings

beautiful gemstone rings, hand-selected with all of Liseanne’s expertise

working at LFrank is a dream, you can wear any ring you’d like–these are definitely my favorites

LFrank also has some long, drapes of gemstone, vintage glass bead and shell necklaces

some shades of sapphires combine to create this magnificent cluster ring, and a few other diamond rings

unique shades of tourmaline and two pearls create this incredible ring

LFrank also does stackable rings!  You can create your own colorful stack

I packed up all my jewelry in one of LFrank’s newest brown suede satchels!}


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