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Remixing Rings on Necklaces #LoveGold


The reasons: ring is too big, ring is too small, ring has been passed down, ring has a special engraving on the inside, my fingers are swollen from being pregnant, it just looks cool

You can choose any of the above reasons for why you are hanging your ring(s) on a chain and wearing it around your neck–but no matter what that reason is–it is just downright cool. There is a science behind how to stack a chain, and I get serious about how to accomplish the chicest look. So get your various chains ready and your ring collection at hand–let’s go!


Chain: 25” long 14k gold “paper clip” chunky chain

Rings: all Victorian signet rings with meaningful letters engraved

I chose a longer chain with an interesting make to contrast with the old Victorian rings. Since I’m hanging four rings on one chain, the length should be more than 20 inches.


Chain: 18” mid-length 14k gold ball chain

Rings: Various special diamond and yellow gold rings

This chain is the dainty version of what men hang their dog-tags from–every girl should have their own, lighter version. The different shapes of each ring contrast well against the chain, and having it at a shorter length shows it off more.


Chain: Very long 14k yellow gold heavy box chain

Rings: Chunky and unique dome band, open circle eternity band, and fun double lion ring

With the rings being heavier, a longer and more substantial chain is needed. A box chain is perfect for this! It is not only very strong but can look both masculine and feminine. Choosing rings that provoke fun conversation, like this double lion ring, are great choices.


Chain: 18k yellow gold lariat necklace

Rings: Various contrasting bands

This lariat necklace is so versatile because it is fixed with a swivel at the very end so you can attach just about anything! These three precious bands are the perfect ending to a great necklace.

>> Show us how you remix your rings and wear them around your neck! I’d love to see the combinations!

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