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One to Follow — Soho Gem

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Soho Gem is a boutique jewelry store in New York City’s SoHo district (my personal favorite area to stay when visiting the city)! I have enjoyed learning about the store, its traditions and what makes this boutique special after working with them for the past six months on an Instagram promotion. Every piece is handmade, using hand-selected gems and utmost quality. Their line of bridal engagement rings and delicate wedding bands has put them on the map, with word-of-mouth spreading like wildfire amongst brides in NYC. They treat each bride with top notch service, making their once-in-a-lifetime experience unforgetable!

Most recently, Soho Gem has partnered with a gem mine in Madagascar allowing them to be in control of every step of the process. From the mining, selecting of the rough, to the cutting and polishing, owners Irina Ferry & Maria Benavides are able to provide the best and be as transparent as possible. While most stores simply receive their inventory through vendors in the mail, Soho Gem is deeply rooted in the jewelry process–from mine to market to new owner! 


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