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For My Valued Customers – Gem Gossip Frequent Buyer Card

Introducing the Frequent Buyer Card!

@shopGemGossip is launching a new digital punch card, so you can buy more and be rewarded!

Believe it or not, about 80% of my sales are from repeat customers—people who have been buying pieces from me for several years, people who have kept in touch, people who I enjoy having conversations with via DM. I’ve been wanting to reward those people, because I’m endlessly grateful for your loyalty. There’s lots of vintage and antique jewelry out there for sale, but you continue to choose me. That means a lot. And so, the frequent buyer card was born.

The card was designed and created by my sister, made to be reminiscent of restaurant punch cards (buy X amount of sandwiches, get one free!). You don’t see them too often anymore, because like most things, they’ve gone digital. You won’t physically have a card to punch, so with every purchase, I’ll DM your card to you with another hole punched. Record of your purchases will be within our DMs.

After 10 punches, you will receive a gift plus $50 off your next purchase. Once you’ve filled up your punch card (20 punches), you will receive a gift plus $100 off your next purchase.

Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased something from @shopGemGossip. You’re very much appreciated, and I hope you enjoy!