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Shop Gem Gossip: Handmade Watermelon Tourmaline Rings

Gem Gossip watermelon tourmaline Gem Gossip watermelon tourmaline Gem Gossip watermelon tourmaline

The holidays came and went so furiously I never had time to talk about these one-of-a-kind watermelon tourmaline rings I had handmade. They are from a designer based in LA, Sona Weaver, and I was able to hand-select each stone. Once I decided on my gems, each was handmade into a beautiful ring using 14k yellow gold with a brushed finish. They were done in time for the holidays and my trunk show I had locally in Nashville! Luckily I still have four left–the two on my ring finger, bottom middle finger and top pointer finger! The large ones are $950 each and the smaller ones are $795 each.

Hope you had an amazing holiday!  We’re pumped to be back as 2018 will be our 10th year–lots of exciting things to come!



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