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The Best Jewelry from the 2018 Golden Globes

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This year’s Golden Globes were a first of its kind. While most would feel appalled to have shown up wearing a color that overly-dominated the red carpet, this year wearing the same color as everyone else was celebrated and necessary for a greater cause. Both women and men wore black to stand in solidarity for so many injustices women face, gender inequality and multiple other issues that are hot topics. Hopefully by shedding some light, these topics won’t go unchallenged or unchanged.

The color black served as a beautiful backdrop for bold jewels, sparkly gems and unique silhouettes. I was slightly disappointed in the amount of jewelry that I saw on the red carpet this year. So many wrists were left bare, necklines gleamed with no jewelry and some jewelry choices seemed too minimal for my taste. Even a few heavy-hitters like Debra Messing and Jennifer Aniston, who are often seen stacked and loaded with jewels on the red carpet, showed up with a toned down look.

I did, however, love all the diamonds that I saw, as the April birthstone dominated this year by far. Wearing black didn’t allow much room for color at all, so when color was added it was mostly done through accessories like jewelry! We saw pops of color with mostly emeralds, which was surprising, as it seemed like everyone was in on the black + green color combo. But if you dig deeper into the meaning of these green gems, you’ll find that they served more of a purpose than just being a bold contrast against black. Emeralds signify hope, renewal and growth, and inspire an ongoing search for meaning, justice, compassion, and harmony. Here are my top five favorite looks of the Golden Globes 2018:

1. Zoe Kravitz wearing mega-bold emerald cut emerald earrings. The earrings are by Lorraine Schwartz and the emeralds total 130 carats and are set in black jade!! (above)

DS-X4MzUQAAUwnt.jpg-large Dove Cameron

2. Dove Cameron dripping in diamond waterfall earrings, as well as some diamond rings which couldn’t be seen too well in photos, only live on the red carpet.

Katherine Langford Katherine Langford

3. Katherine Langford has me seeing stars–wearing Prada and shining in Chopard diamonds on her ears and fingers. She has a pop of pink color in one of her bold rings on her pointer finger. I also love the diamond dangle earring worn on the upper part of the ear!

Jessica Biel Jessica Biel

4. Jessica Biel‘s jewelry is just gorgeous–as most women were bare on their wrists, Jessica is a breath of fresh air with this Bvlgari diamond bracelet stack. The earrings are also Bvlgari and cascade downward, creating a beautiful look. They seem to be 1940s or 1950s in style, but I haven’t confirmed any details yet since this post is so early.

Issa Rae Issa Rae

5. Issa Rae was easily one of my favorites the moment I saw the bright green emerald hanging from a lengthy and bold diamond chain. The necklace from Lorraine Schwartz was a perfect red carpet stunner, especially with the dress she chose. The stud earrings are also a good choice, in my opinion, as most would have maybe left the ears without any earrings and I’m glad she is wearing something subtle rather than nothing at all.


*all photos via Getty Images, and/or supplied by the jewelry brands themselves


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