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One Hand, Three Vintage Gold Looks! #LoveGold

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Antique and vintage jewelry has become the latest must-have, with ladies searching high and low for their perfect find!  Not only is antique jewelry highly collectible, but its one-of-a-kind feel has made it even more desirable.  Vintage jewelry has overcome the “grandma’s jewelry box” stereotype.  It is now more chic than ever to own an antique ring or vintage bracelet.  Some pieces of antique jewelry, being over 100 years old, can even have a modern feel!  Take for example, the gold bracelets and gold rings I am wearing above. With stories of where I found each one, how old each one is approximately, the time period in which it was made…all have a miniature anecdote.  With one hand styled three different ways, antique jewelry never looked so modern!

First look:

14k matte yellow gold faceted domed ring, vintage

14k yellow gold onyx ring, circa late 1800s, from Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta

14k yellow gold chain with Victorian heart padlock, circa late 1800s

Second look:

14k yellow gold onyx cameo, circa late 1800s, from Ageless Heirlooms

18k yellow gold ram head ring, circa 1970s

14k yellow gold snake ring with diamond head, circa late 1800s

14k yellow gold fringe bracelet, circa 1980s

Third look:

14k yellow gold circular onyx ring, circa 1930s

14k yellow gold blue enamel shield ring, made from an antique stick pin

14k yellow gold flower ring with center diamond, circa 1940s

three 14k yellow gold chain bracelets, all vintage

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