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Q & A with Owner of Trumpet & Horn

Trumpet & horn Trumpet & Horn is new to the antique jewelry scene, launching just a year and a half ago, but has quickly became a favorite jewelry destination!  Husband and wife duo and owners, Jerome & Kim Heidenreich, along with twin brother Tom, are definitely not new to the jewelry industry. With over 30 years in the industry, buying and selling beautiful pieces of jewelry worldwide, their expertise has finally been honed into one amazing business. That is where the genius branding from Kim comes into play, and Trumpet & Horn was born!  

I caught up with Jerry to answer a few questions for Gem Gossip readers:4952675755_33a24f15c0

As a kid growing up in Minneapolis, my Mom would take my brother’s and I to garage sales and flea markets. I loved looking for vintage finds at a very early age. I started collecting vintage beer cans when I was about 12. By the time I was in my teens, I began working in a local jewelry store, as a gift-wrapper, it was there that I discovered my love for fine jewelry.



After being in the wholesale vintage jewelry business both in Europe and US for over 25 years, my wife Kim and I decided that we wanted to try a new approach to selling vintage engagement rings. We both loved the idea of reaching out to other vintage jewelry lovers via an e-commerce platform, where we could share our passions for these great pieces of art with people all over the world. We officially launched Trumpet & Horn in January 2013.

Trumpet & horn Trumpet & horn


I have purchased large collections from Fortune 500 families and single items from people I have met on an airplane. To me , it is all about finding a great piece that is no longer loved, and restoring it to it’s original excellence. I love that I have the ability to share such a wonderful piece of jewelry with someone new who will get to fall in love with it and provide that it with a new home.

Trumpetandhorn Trumpetandhorn



I have acquired many fabulous pieces of jewelry that have been worn by celebrities and the Hollywood elite. A few of my most memorable pieces include cuff links and watches that were owned by Gene Kelly, cuff links that once belonged to Sammy Davis, Jr., a former Archbishop’s gem and gold cross collection, a rock crystal and diamond art deco brooch that belonged to Jackie Kennedy. As far as jar dropping in terms of value, I once possessed a 26 carat fancy yellow vintage cushion cut diamond.

Trumpet & horn Trumpet & horn


My favorite pieces in my collection include a gold and enamel cuff bracelet in the shape of a bear that was given to me by one of my best friends from Chicago. Also, a 18kt solid gold horse drawn carriage with a 25 carat aquamarine top that I purchased in Switzerland. My son used to play with it on my desk when he came to work with me. He thought it was a Hot Wheel toy.

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