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Off to London on a Treasure Hunting Adventure! #LoveGold


Well, I’m off today “crossing the pond” toward a week of a lifelong dream of mine–a treasure hunting adventure in London! It has been a few years in the making (saving money, that is) in order to make this trip a reality. I’ve been dying to see the caliber of antique jewelry England has to offer, since I’ve heard so many tales–hopefully not tall-tales. I equate this to when my grandparents immigrated to the U.S. from Italy, in hopes of finding “streets paved in gold.”

What better way to begin such an adventure than to bring along two friends who are just as jewelry obsessed as you are! So Jenn of Bellflower Bay and Kate of Heart of Solid Gold will be on this fun journey along with me! We have never met in person before, but have connected through our love of antique jewelry on Gem Gossip and their online shops. I have a feeling we will make some amazing memories and lifelong friendships.

The second half of my trip will be with the LoveGold team of London, where we will visit some British designers and antique jewelry stores in the area, and see how they are using gold in their designs and shops.  Excited to get an inside look at some special places with the LoveGold team!

To give you a brief itinerary, here are our must-dos: (will provide lots of highlights from my trip in posts to come!)

Gray’s Antique Centre

Portobello Road

Burlington Arcade

Camden Markets


The Hampstead Antiques Emporium

Victoria & Albert Museum 

Tower of London

British Museum

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold