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Gem Gossip Insights: How NOT to prepare for Couture


The time is upon us–the yearly trek to the desert by every jewelry designer, jewelry guru, and jewelry industry insider from all parts of the US is near.  Last year was my first year ever attending the Couture Show–the epitomy of jewelry amazingness, all rolled into one big show, in Las Vegas.  Being a newbie was both good and bad, but now I have some experience under my belt, a vision as to what to expect, as well as some fond friendships that have blossomed since then.  I’ve been loving the Couture Musings blog posts–that’s the official Couture Show’s blog where they’ve been interviewing some of the vets of the show, and getting their perspective on “How to Survive Couture.”  …wish I would’ve read these last year!  Fear not, I’m writing this for those who haven’t experienced the show, and need some advice from a one-timer.  Bascially, here are all the mistakes I made last year: (yes, these are all true)

1. Business cards…?!  Oh, I don’t need to pack those!  I’m Gem Gossip, that’s easy to remember, right?!  Gem. Gossip.  Google it.  Yes, I went to Couture with no business cards last year.  Well maybe I brought like five, but I didn’t want to put them in my mini-wallet clutch.  Boy, was that stupid.

2. Pack lots of “going out” clothes, because after all–it’s VEGASSSS.  This was another inteligent decision on my part. By the second day, I was wearing the same outfit I wore on the flight over.  This is also mostly to blame on the incredible frigidness of the ballroom, and the level of “nakedness” the clothes I had packed exuded.  It actually would be smart to pack a hoodie.  You will look rediculous, but you will have the last laugh.

3. Room service breakfast in bed is the best bet.  Every morning.  This bill alone will cost $3k.  Then on the last day you will find the To-Go kiosk outside the elevators on the main floor, and realize that breakfast you just paid $115 for could have been yours for $14.  A banana is a banana.  

4. Roulette is super fun.  New to roulette? Don’t worry!  Just sit down and throw out your money. Now put your chips down on the table…anywhere will do.  Spread them all out…just go to town.  Before you know it, no more money.  You win!  YAY!!!

5. Always be truthful.  Even over the littlest things.  Does it matter if you’re talking to a HUGE stylist…one who works with A-list celebrities?!  Doesn’t matter–speak the truth!  What if she asks you what kind of music you listen to?  Tell her the truth!! Tell her, you only listen to Eminem and Jay Z…and you pretty much hate everything else.  Really? Yes.  You will never hear from her again.  You are WAYY too gangster for her.  

6. Don’t make appointments.  Just linger at people’s booths.  Does it matter that the jewelry designer you are waiting to see is trying to finish up with so-and-so of Oprah Magazine?! No.  You’re on deck!  And besides, Oprah Magazine has 4k followers on Instagram.  Pshhh.

7. Going back to your room to work on blog posts is the better choice.  It’s Vegas.  It’s once a year. Never, ever will all these amazing people from such an incredible industry be all in one place.  So don’t retreat to the comfort of your hotel room.  Stay out longer, make time to meet up and make memories that will have you counting down until next year!!


>> If you would like to make an appointment with me, I will only be at Couture Saturday and Sunday.  Send me an email, and I will try to make things happen!  Sorry if I cannot meet up–there is only one of me, and lots of jewelry designers.  Love you all.  charitybracelet@gmail.com