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Arik Kastan: Vintage is the New Black!

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Moonstones and Labradorite continue to be our best-selling gemstones in the Arik Kastan collection. Noted for their magical feel, they will add some whimsey to your jewelry wardrobe, and brighten up any day with just one glance!

Cigar bands are quite possibly the statement ring of the Victorian Era! With a ring this thick and golden, there is no need for any other fingers to be adorned. Cigar bands have an interesting history: younger girls would take the actual cigar bands from cigars and place them on their ring fingers, to pretend they were engaged to their crush! Arik Kastan has a modern take on this classic style!

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Buckles and Navettes are our favorite vintage motif we have recreated in these modern Arik Kastan rings. Buckle rings were highly prized during the Victorian Era, in the late 1800s. The motif symbolizes strength, loyalty and protection. Navette-shaped rings experienced their height during the Edwardian Era, turn-of-the-century. It continues to be popular because of its feminine silhouette and how it elongates the finger!

Stacking is still king, and our vintage-inspired eternity bands are reigning supreme! We are proud to offer unique gemstone choices, all which can be chosen to add some drama to your stack. Adding any of these bands to your collection will create a beautiful look!

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FEATURED! Kate Mara in March issue of GQ wearing Arik Kastan rough cut diamond pave ring!

SPOTTED! Arik Kastan rings on model Hanna Bogdan, styled by Hello Toshiko! We are in love with these photos–the lilac locks pair well with our bold gemstone rings!