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My Little Side Project



 As I often peruse eBay for antique jewelry that catches my interest–I came across the above pendant.  For some reason it struck a chord with me and needed to be in my jewelry box.  I was disappointed to find out that the portrait is encased in sterling silver.  Not a fan of sterling.  I then got the idea of turning this pendant into a little side project, by getting a jeweler to cut and remove the silver and create a 14k setting for the round portrait.  Unfortunately, every jeweler I went to was not willing to take the risk of cutting the silver, because it could in turn harm the antique portrait.  So, as for now, the portrait-pendant hangs out in a vintage dish that is filled with treasures and keepsakes of mine.  

Info about the pendant: a very rare painted enamel portrait of King George IV as the Prince Regent “after” a painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence, painter to the court. Sir Thomas Lawrence is considered England’s “greatest portrait painter.” He was appointed the President to the Royal Academy in 1820. 


{vintage buttons from the ’80s,

old lockets (two birds etched locket was my grandma’s),

polished garnets, an opal & a wheat penny in a golden heart box}