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Jewelry Lookbook: Ashley Olsen’s Eclectic Jewelry


These past few days have been so busy, I have been rushing out the door every morning. This casual look on Ashley Olsen is great for this time of year and is easy enough to put together in the early morning hours. There is no excuse for not putting on any jewelry in the morning–because you “had no time.” Don’t make me cringe! Keeping this look in mind will help those who have left the house in the morning wearing not a single piece of jewelry! Just follow these steps:



Put on one ring, but make it a statement-making ring.  Something big and bold will do!  This large gold disc ring that Ashley Olsen is wearing is perfect.  Anne Sportun makes a great similar one done in 18k yellow gold with a tiny diamond.  The matte finish is a perfect choice for this piece–it is a modern masterpiece.  Can be purchased at Lori McLean for $998.


Next, throw on a chunky bangle.  Try one worn propped just before your elbow.  I believe Ashley is seen here wearing a wooden bangle with gold accents.  Mark Davis makes the greatest fine jewelry bangles.  His are vintage bakelite, with added gemstones and 18k yellow gold.  This one has small spessartite garnets bezeled with 18k yellow gold settings.  Price: $790 at Twist.




Lastly, put on two necklaces instead of one.  The first, shorter necklace would be a horn necklace.  There are many different gemstones that a horn charm can be made of.  Zoe Chicco has three different color choices–black, brown or natural, all set with a diamond.  I like the beaded chain it comes with, that is the best chain for this charm.  Price: $282




The other, longer necklace can be a quirky little charm that you find sentimental or just really like.  A necklace charm that fits that exact description for me is Wendy Brandes’ Little Woolf.  Done in 18k yellow gold, priced at $450 (can also be purchased at Broken English).  This little guy is super cute and would make me smile no matter what the day brings–even if you had to run out the door in a rush.  Just don’t forget your jewelry!