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My Jewel Box: Yellow Gold is Here to Stay #LoveGold

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Wanted to share some of my latest additions to my personal collection and as I was putting this post together, I noticed one common aspect among my newest pieces–all were yellow gold with no gemstones!  I have been undeniably drawn to gold lately, with no need for a sparkly gemstone to win me over.  I also think it is safe to say that yellow gold is back!  White gold ruled for awhile…last ten years, maybe?  But as rose gold was introduced as a new trend a few seasons ago, yellow gold has slowly eased its way back to the top.  High carat gold, like 18k and 22k has been catching my eye.  The buttery, richness of the yellow adds to its allure and my new ram head ring attends to that!  It is my first heavy, investment-worthy piece of 18k yellow gold jewelry.  Check out the details below, along with all the others!  

{from top to bottom:

18k yellow gold ram head ring from Burgeson Jewelers in Nashville, TN

Newest addition to my Victorian bangle stack is the top bypass style in 14k yellow gold Etruscan-revival from Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta, GA

All 14k yellow gold designs I created–first ring was created from old wedding bands and a bracelet safety chain, middle finger has ring FIVE from Gem Gossip Jewelry (the snake ring) but I stretched it out, and stacked some paper thin gold bands on top

My pinky and I have been enjoying collecting Victorian baby rings–this stack has been amassed from eBay, Walton’s Antique Jewelry and Scott’s Antique Market} 


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