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Top Five Online Antique Jewelry Shops

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Let’s face it–when you need your antique jewelry fix, we don’t always have time to hop in a car and go on an antiquing road trip.  In a perfect world, I would travel the country in search of the best antique jewelry shops, in the smallest towns–not even on a map.  But like most people, I live in a fast-paced world with a full time job.  That’s where the Internet comes in handy–its your virtual antiquing road trip, which can bring together jewels from all over the world.  I’ve grown my collection with the help of the Internet and some awesome, well-priced jewelry websites.  Here are my favorites:

1. Arrow & Anchor Antiques – really unique pieces, highly curated collection, great prices

2. eBay – a virtual treasure trove of jewelry from all over

3. Bellflower Bay – continually adding new finds, offers flexible “layaway” plans

4. Gallun Jewelry – over 50 pages of cute little Victorian rings with reasonable prices

5. Beladora Jewelry – been a fan since I visited the company four years ago, awesome pieces