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My Jewel Box: Workhorse Rings + Some Favorites

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I am a sucker for sentimental jewelry–but who isn’t?!  Some people get lucky and have relatives that pass down glorious family heirlooms, both precious in memories and price.  But what if you love jewelry but don’t have the luxury of having family heirlooms?  To start, you can invest in your own pieces so someday you can pass down sentimental jewels and begin a family tradition.  

Workhorse Jewelry has some of the best sentimental, modern pieces for everyday wear I’ve seen! I’m wearing the Amina buckle ring in 14k yellow gold and a very special made-to-order Aric ring in all 14k yellow gold, both from Workhorse Jewelry.  Their Aric ring is shown online and in their collection with a sterling band and gold heart, but I had it specially made in all gold–which is one thing I love so much about their collection, you can get many pieces made to your preferences.  I also had the ring engraved on the inside.  I wanted something to commemorate my grandparents and their sweet relationship–so I had sort of an inside joke inscribed which reads, SHUT THE FAN OFF.  It stems from my yearly visits to their winter home in Florida during my college years–every January my sister and I would make the journey down there for some sun.  Oddly enough, every visit seemed like clouds and wind more than sunshine and pool, but we realized we enjoyed being with my grandparents more than our excuse to our friends of saying “we’re going on vacation.”  My grandparents were married over 50 years, their bond was undeniable and what was most fun to watch was how much my grandpa cared for my grandma.  He would do anything to make sure she was happy and comfortable.  We all went out one evening for pizza at a local restaurant, and if you’ve ever been with my grandparents you would know that between their Italian accents and very specific requests, you would always feel a little timid to go out to dinner with them.  After several requests by my grandpa to turn down the AC after seeing my grandma shivering…my grandpa proceeded to stand up in front of the whole restaurant and yell, SHUT THE FAN OFF and make a riveting Italian hand gesture–the kind Italians always make when they’re fed up with something. At the time, I was definitely embarrassed…but when I look back it was one of my most memorable and fondest insights into their love…completely funny now, especially when my sister and I tell that story to people and reenact it.  

A ring with a sentimental quote or inside joke is a treasure I recommend for anyone and everyone! Take a look at all Workhorse Jewelry has to offer and see if customizable engraving is available on your favorite piece.  It will be both special and wearable at the same time, and years from now you will be proud to pass it on.

Rings showcased above:

14k yellow gold Aric ring featuring Greek key band and heart, with engraving on inside from Workhorse Jewelry

14k rose gold engagement ring with two Old European cut diamonds in a bypass setting

14k yellow gold curved feather ring custom made from an earring (the other earring is available to be made into a ring)

14k yellow gold vintage narrow navette turquoise ring from James McHone Jewelry

14k yellow gold opal and diamond ring from Charlie & Marcelle

14k yellow gold Amina buckle ring from Workhorse Jewelry