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Designer Spotlight: Rosedale Fine Jewelry

IMG_3077 rosedale rosedalelifestyle2 rosedale4 lifestyle5 rosedale3 IMG_3106 rosedale2 Infatuation is key when it comes to falling for a jewelry line, and when I look at Rosedale Fine Jewelry, you might as well just call me lovestruck.  From the clean lines, to the geometric inspiration…even down to the gemstones chosen with each design–it is all there for me!  Austin-native and symmetry lover-extraordinaire Kate Kramer has launched her designs only several months ago, yet can already say that her line has been picked up by a few big-time jewelry stores.  Two of them being Moondance Jewelry in Santa Monica and Eliza Page in Austin.  Kate says seeing her designs in these stores is truly her proudest moment so far in her jewelry career and that she can’t wait to see where this journey takes her!

The gemstones are a big part of her designs and are one of Kate’s passions. She loves working with diamonds, sapphires in all colors, and tanzanite.  If you notice, none of her designs have prongs. Bezel settings are her preference and she has stuck with this throughout each piece.  For Kate, inspiration comes from many places, but a favorite pastime of hers is to go outside and lay on her swing, letting her mind wander in search of new design ideas.  She has had many “aha” moments while doing this and has also learned that letting go of any fears will allow you to design more freely.

Kate elaborates, “Fear only inhibits creativity and when I look back at my first collection I can tell that I was still holding on to some part of that fear. In designing the second collection I let all of that go, I stopped doubting my ideas and I gave it my all in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. And now when I look at all of my new pieces, I feel such an immense sense of pride because they truly show who I am and who I want to be as a designer.”

The photos above are pulled from her look book which recently was released, along with some of the pieces in her collection.  The kite diamonds are so incredible, set in 18k yellow gold.  I also love the neon colors of the green and blue sapphire of the Amana ring, seen above.  Her stud earrings are also fun letting you ideally stack them in multiples if you have several piercings.  The cuffs are an essential–I can see someone wearing it as their tried and true staple everyday.  And necklaces that are subtle, minimal and defined!  

When describing Kate’s ideal client she says, “My ideal Rosedale customer is the modern yet refined woman. She is young at heart, with a subtle, even quiet, fierceness that makes her a force to be reckoned with. She is stylish of course, and she appreciates true quality and craftsmanship. She surrounds herself with beautiful things, and she wears her jewelry as an extension of herself.”  Rosedale Fine Jewelry is the kind of jewelry that becomes a part of you, where you wear it everyday and you feel lost without it!  Can’t wait to see more from this budding designer!

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