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My Jewel Box: My very own Serpent


I was running a few last minute errands before heading to California last week.  Stopped by Walton’s Antique & Estate Jewelry to get a few rings cleaned, trying hard not to look at the jewelry in the glass cases.  I had a plan to keep my eyes above the glass, but failed miserably.  Not only did I peek, but I also accidently saw a sign that advertised a small section to be 40% off.  And I had to open my mouth and state–“Wow, you guys never have sales?!”  Which was only then affirmed and made things that much more appealing.  Not sure what happened next, however I found myself driving home with this little guy around my neck!  Aye, forbidden fruit and temptation have won yet again!



[top photo: Victorian 14k yellow gold serpent pendant
converted from a stick pin, nestled on top
chunk of amethyst and herkimer diamond]

[bottom photo: special thanks to my dad
for letting me use his vintage Planet of the Apes
doll as a model]

Walton’s Antique & Estate Jewelry  ♦ 410 Main St. Franklin, TN  ♦ (615) 790-0244