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Obsession: Bario-Neal Senna Round Ring



I’ve already come to terms with my unknowing attractiveness to yellow gold and black, after a glance into my jewelry box.  However, the obsession continues!  Bario-Neal has some creative and delicate designs, yet the Senna Round Ring quickly became my favorite.  After inquiring further, I’ve got some good news that will shake up my repetitive gold/black palette–the ring comes in any enamel color (except purple)!  That is just what the doctor ordered!  A little splash of color is necessary, and with the fall foliage in abundance, I am feeling possibly a red, orange and yellow stacked trio?!  These three colors are $180 because they include flecks of gold in them.  Any other color will cost $168.  The Senna Round ring is done in 14k rose gold of which is reclaimed precious metal.  Read more interesting tidbits on Philadelphia-based jewelry designer Bario-Neal here.