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My Jewel Box: Antique Baby Rings + A New Chain

My Jewel Box, Gem Gossip My Jewel Box, Gem Gossip My Jewel Box, Gem Gossip

As I’ve been taking the time to truly curate my personal collection (by selling some of my rings all here) I also took the time to step back and look at what pieces make me most happy and figuring out what I really need in my collection–what is missing? One realm of my collection that puts a smile on my face is my antique baby rings. I’ve hunted these down in various locations all over the US, and on eBay…they are usually inexpensive so impulse buying is ok, and they are able to accumulate faster and without regret more easily than other types of jewelry. So many positive about them! I’ve been looking through my baby rings and also keeping up on eBay with what is currently available. I pulled out some of my wider pieces and took some photos, along with my many monogrammed baby rings–mostly M’s, D’s, or random initials. 

I’ve also been wearing necklaces lately after going through a period where I never wore a single necklace for years! I would have to thank Fox & Bond Jewelry as well as The Dowry for my wedding gifts which made me fall back in love with necklaces. These two necklaces have been a part of my wardrobe day after day. I realized I wanted another gold chain to pair with the rather dainty ones that mostly make up my necklace inventory. One that had some more weight to it and an interesting link–not like a rolo chain or snake link. Luckily this stamped date necklace came across my screen while checking emails one day! Sherri of Great Smoky Mountain Estate Jewelry remembered that I collect date rings–and although not a date ring exactly, the necklace featured in the last picture had its very own hand-stamped 1926 on it. I caved and bought it, now wearing it almost daily. It is such a substantial piece and it was clearly something I’ve been missing from my collection all along.

What new pieces have you added to your collection lately?!