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Top Five Diamond Jewelry Moments of Gem Gossip

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I was recently asked by Diamond Information Center to reminisce about my top five diamond moments in my jewelry career. This task immediately began a lengthy brainstorming session and a trip down memory lane. The Diamond Information Center is a platform for all things diamonds, including promoting diamonds both big and small. They are your source, both literally and figuratively, for diamonds! If you know me you know that diamonds are a favorite gemstone of mine, if not THE favorite gemstone. When I look into my jewelry box, it is the most abundant gem in my collection.

Naturally, that had to be one of my top five moments–all my favorite diamond rings I’ve collected throughout the years all together in one family photo. I’ve got old cuts and round brilliants…some excellent color, some off-color. Either way, I love them all the same. Some diamonds are incredibly significant, while others were spur-of-the-moment purchases with no meaning whatsoever. One band including six diamonds was hand-selected and matched by myself, as I’ve spent hours upon hours matching, sorting, cleaning and grading diamonds in my career. And one ring used to be a favorite and is now for sale (furthest front on the right). Most importantly, my diamonds tell my story and that’s all that really matters!

Fancy yellows have always intrigued me and I’ve never seen such a large selection all in one location than the one time I visited Zadok Jewelers in Houston, TX. I had so much fun looking at each one and seeing the different intensities of the yellow color. My engagement ring definitely leans toward the yellow side on the color-grading scale, but it is not considered a fancy. Be sure to learn about the variations in color and what they’re worth by doing some research!

Antique jewelry is always going to be high on my list of memorable moments and this diamond brooch took my breath away like no other pin has. I spotted it while on my #JewelryRoadTrip in Austin, TX at Abercrombie Gems. I immediately pictured it on a bride on her wedding day and then eventually passed down through generations, so every female bride in the family would wear this special brooch. I love a good dangle, and not only does this brooch have that, but it is a fancy yellow diamond–something a little unexpected.  I also love the time period this brooch was made–turn-of-the-century Edwardian, a favorite time period of mine to collect.

I couldn’t leave out my most favorite British diamond encounter–meeting Jessica McCormack was amazing for so many reasons aside from the jewelry, but really–THE JEWELRY.  These rings were over the top, absolute favorites. I only dream of owning a piece from her one day. And yes, the Brits can do diamonds like no other.

Lastly, I wanted to include some LOOSE diamonds into the mix since that is an important step in the life cycle of a diamond.  Before you can become a piece of jewelry, you have to shine and sparkle in your own way. These two creations were made by Perpetuum Jewels, based out of San Francisco and NYC.  They are known for their incredible selection of old cut diamonds–like the rare 18th century Peruzzi cuts that are mixed in within these collages. The heart is 44 carats and the butterfly is 40 carats.  Perfection!

This post was brought to you in collaboration with 1001 Diamonds.

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