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Birthday Gifts 2010

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Turning 26 meant that another year just flew by and I now have to blush even harder when someone asks how old I am, and they mention having thought I just graduated high school. I have four years left of being excited about birthdays, then they are not so much fun. My week included a trip into the Cumberland Caverns in eastern Tennessee–the largest show cave in the state. It was discovered in 1810 and we spent almost 2 hours in it. I was pumped to get an astro star projector, although putting it together was a headache times twelve. My jewelry gifts both came from Walton’s Antique Jewelry:

{platinum and diamond Art Deco ring, circa 1920

late Art Deco cocktail watch in 18k white gold, engraved “Esther Xmas 1936”}

Here’s to another year!