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Levy’s Fine Jewelry Relaunches Website!

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It all began with a road trip down south, I stumbled upon what most would call a, “diamond in the rough,” but I like to say “jack pot” of a store.  Levy’s Fine Jewelry sits downtown in Birmingham, Alabama with a surprisingly large showroom and incredible inventory of fine antique and estate jewelry.  Visiting the store was so much fun and I left, of course, with a few new pieces of jewelry to add to my personal collection.  That was almost one year ago–within that year Levy’s has continued to grow and most recently, relaunched their website, and update their Facebook and Instagram with mouth-watering jewelry pictures.  It has been fun to follow and watch!  Makes it easy if you aren’t a road trip away, like myself, to venture online and have the jewelry store opens its virtual doors on your laptop or computer!  

The new website layout (with snapshots captured above) is incredibly eye-appealing.  I love the colors and vignettes of jewelry which represent each product category.  Everything from the font to the black-and-white sketch of the building is so polished, I love it.  With an official launch this month, Levy’s Fine Jewelry is gearing up now for the holiday season, where it is their time to shine.  Bridal and engagement rings are their biggest sellers, along with antique and estate rings.  

Other exciting news for the 92-year-old shop include an article in November’s issue of JCK Magazine!  The article features an interview with Rhoda Denaburg Link, second generation co-owner of Levy’s, along with third generation Jared Nadler and Todd Denaburg, who currently run the day-to-day happenings at the store.  The interview reveals that the store is still going strong, with Rhoda, even at age 79, still willing to clean the toilets if necessary!  That’s the spirit!  With an owner as good-spirited as her and still as much involved with the store, it’s no wonder Levy’s has and continues to succeed.  

Gem Gossip is also happy to announce we have partnered with Levy’s Fine Jewelry, and the store is our newest sponsor!  So, for a quick link to their website, look no further than my right sidebar!  And be sure to follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.