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Gorgeous Pocket Watches in Fellows’ November 24th Sale

29 36 85 154 169

I don’t normally get excited about pocket watches, but these are an exception!  Fellows Auction House has their Pocket Watches & Accessories sale coming up November 24th, 2014, and while browsing through I found some gorgeous pocket watches.  What sets these apart from an “average” pocket watch is the detail, the enameling, the guilloche, the markers, the dial…everything!  Such detail is put into each one.  They are all ladies’ pocket watches, each being special in its own way. Above are my favorites from the sale:

Lot 29: Although this P.Reynaud pocket watch has some enamel damage to the beautiful scene on the backside, it still is one of the prettiest I’ve seen!  The white dial features roman numerals and I love the hands–long and slender with circular ends.

Lot 36: A gorgeous example of guilloche work on the backside of this gilt open face pocket watch.  The burgundy color is a perfect contrast with the white pearls, which surround the front and back.  This one is unsigned, with Arabic numbers for markers and a white dial.  The fleur de lis on the back is also a fun addition.

Lot 85: An 18k gold open face pocket watch, with heavily detailed enamel work on the backside.  The dial is a white enamel with black roman numeral markers.  I love the colors of the enamel on the back–black, white and an electric blue.

Lot 154: A 14k gold open face pocket watch, with an intricate enamel purple pansy on the backside. The white enamel dial features Arabic numbers, with the movement being 15 jewels.  It is unsigned.

Lot 169: A ladies open face watch by Horus.  The backside shows incredible blue enameling, with a gold flaming heart, which I love.  The watch is stamped 18k/750 and has baton hour markers, quarterly applied Arabic numerals.

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