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Arik Kastan for Anthropologie #LoveGold

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If you haven’t already discovered, Anthropologie is not only a destination for the ultimate outfit, complete with an incredible shoe selection, and while you’re at it–some housewares you can’t live without, but they have added one more department they are about to dominate!  The ever-evolving company has spread its wings into jewelry, and we’re not talking only fashion jewelry–we’re talking fine jewelry: gold, diamonds, and genuine gemstones. Arik Kastan is so excited and proud to be an exclusive partner with Anthropologie, bringing you a collaboration to die for!  The designer worked closely with the Anthropologie team, coming up with the designs that will only be found through their website and stores.  Modifying old favorites, adding new gemstone combinations, and designing new looks is how the collection took shape.  Right before their eyes, everything came together and both Arik Kastan and Anthropologie couldn’t be happier!  

Some exclusive pieces, like the Trinity ring, in your choice of garnetlabradorite, or moonstone, is a petite version of our signature three-stone rings. A continued favorite among collectors, now in different sizes. The daintiest necklace ever done, takes the timeless navette shape, turns it on its side, and hangs delicately from a rose gold chain!  These necklaces are causing quite the buzz, also coming in two sizes–regular or “grande.”  How lovely would they look layered together?!  Another exclusive design only found at Anthropologie are these round cluster stud earrings in garnet.  The size of these allows for enough ear coverage to make a big statement!  The garnet color is perfect for fall/winter. Speaking of perfect colors, we can’t get over the smokey quartz and sapphire combination which lends its colors to the boldest ring in the collection.  I must say, these Anthropologie-exclusive pieces couldn’t be any more extraordinary!

As always, each piece of Arik Kastan jewelry is hand-crafted in Tel Aviv, Israel using fine rose gold, with particular attention being paid to expert artistry and gemstone selection. Each heirloom is made to not only suit your style, but to be passed on to future generations.  It is important to mention that these designs are limited through Anthropologie, so get yours now!  

>> To browse the full collection on the Anthropologie website, click here.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold