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Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show 2018

Excalibur Jewelry | Gem Gossip

A stack of antique bracelets found at the Excalibur booth — animals and Victorian tracery bracelets are a definite favorite

Oakgem | Gem Gossip

These vintage turquoise earrings stopped me in my tracks while browsing the Oakgem booth

Faerber | Gem Gossip

Faerber had some exquisite jewels at their booth — this bracelet caught my attention. I learned it is made of two vintage dress clips and the black lacquer bracelet was made so that someone could wear them on their wrist. They easily detach, transforming back to their original state.

Morelle Davidson | Gem Gossip

Swiss enamels are one of the most sought after types of portrait jewelry and these bracelets from Morelle Davidson are some of the best examples I’ve seen!

Gold Hatpin | Gem Gossip

If you come to an antique show wanting to work on your charm collection, you’ll be in heaven. Gold Hatpin always has the most quirky and unique gold charms, and the best price points.

Las Vegas Antique Jewelry | Gem Gossip

Totally inspiring, this opal-winged dragonfly brooch from Morelle Davidson blew me away!

Las Vegas Antique Jewelry | Gem Gossip

This cuff is SO cool — from the geometrical design to the mossy green emeralds, it has it all! It is from Period Jewels of Beverly Hills.

Las Vegas Antique Jewelry | Gem Gossip

Another booth that can’t be missed in Vegas is Joden’s as they always bring their finest pieces, lots of diamonds and lots of museum-worthy jewels.

Las Vegas Antique Jewelry | Gem Gossip

Keyamour always has beautiful antique jewelry — this bracelet caught my eye as I’ve never seen a similar one. Love the quad of sapphires and the width of this bracelet, so elegant.


Lucy Verity always has a nice setup and her stash never ceases to get boring. I’m always finding something intriguing from her!

Las Vegas Antique Jewelry | Gem Gossip

Las Vegas Antique Jewelry | Gem Gossip

I never miss DK Bressler when I visit the antique shows…as you can see, I always find something to swoon over.

Las Vegas Antique Jewelry | Gem Gossip

Mary Ann-tiques brought along her mom and her dog this year and her jewelry still managed to steal the show!

Las Vegas Antique Jewelry | Gem Gossip

I especially loved this brooch from Mary Ann-tiques (the box too is amazing)

Las Vegas Antique Jewelry | Gem Gossip

Lawrence Jeffrey Estate Jewelers is located in Connecticut and I found several pieces that I loved, especially this Burle Marx tourmaline bracelet.

Laurie Geller | Gem Gossip

Love this trio of bracelets from Laurie Geller — the opal one is insane!

This was the second year that the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show was located at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and will be it’s new home from now on!  Next year AGTA will also be in the same building, so there will be antique jewels AND incredible gems! This year’s show was lots of fun–I spent two back-to-back days mostly focusing on taking photos, meeting new people and of course buying!  The second day I had an on-camera interview that I did in conjunction with the show, which I’m excited to share soon.

This year’s reoccurring theme for me was bracelets! I kept being drawn to bold bangles, cuffs, tennis bracelets of all sizes, eras and price points. You could probably tell from my recap photos–I shockingly have more bracelet wrist stack photos than my typical Show Me Your Rings shots. I did notice that an abundance of bracelets were present at the show…and rings were slightly lacking. It could obviously be due to the demand of rings, as most people tend to buy rings, with some shops even exclusively selling rings only.  If you attended the show, did you notice that too?? I’d love to hear.

I also brought back eleven pieces to sell for @shopGEMGOSSIP, ten rings and one gold figa! If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen the figas I added to my personal collection–I’ve been searching for a coral and onyx one for awhile now, and found both!  I also bought one opal ring for my personal collection, which I’m totally obsessed with. I’ll post about it separately! I even found a ring for my husband who mentioned some things he was wanting and thought for sure I would never find anything like it–he wanted a face ring and I ended up finding an Art Nouveau beauty for him!

The show was a great success–it was lucky year seven for me, and I honestly can’t believe I’ve been attending this show for seven years!  I look forward to it every time and already counting down until next year!

Thanks for another great year, Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show…can’t wait until next year!


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