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My Jewel Box: JCK Vegas Antique Show


The JCK Vegas jewelry show was amazing, and although the main goal was to buy for Walton’s Antique Jewelry where I work, it would be a shame if I didn’t buy anything for myself!  I believe it is actually impossible to go there without buying something for yourself if you like antique jewelry.  This year’s show was at the Paris hotel, which is beautiful and really set the stage for the thousands of pieces of antique jewelry being displayed there. Below are three photos I took with my iPhone of three different booths that caught my eye. Exhibitors that used old, antique boxes with rich, velvety colors really stood out to me–it made the antique jewelry more desirable when displayed that way.  

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Below are my three purchases: two rings and a pendant.

  • The first ring is an 18k yellow gold snake ring with enamel and ruby eyes. It is from the 1960s and most likely of Italian origin. The ring coils around my finger perfectly. 
  • The second picture is the Victorian pendant that I purchased from Roy Rover Antiques. Roy takes antique skulls made of bone and reinvents them by using Victorian pieces and incidentals, and adding diamond eyes to the skulls. It’s momento mori with a twist. His pieces are all original and unique, and you can have one to by emailing him at roy.rover.jewelry@gmail.com 
  • The other ring that I purchased from the show is this Edwardian diamond and pearl ring. The diamonds are tiny rose cuts set on a platinum top with yellow gold. The woman who sold the ring to me had the coolest rings on, I had to get a picture for SHOW ME YOUR RINGS. It will be in the next segment, so look out for it!

DSCF2330DSCF2337 DSCF2321