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A Quick Getaway to Rosemary Beach, Florida!

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Although it seems like I am constantly traveling or planning my next trip, I realized I haven’t really been on a “relaxing” vacation in quite some time. Most trips are planned around someone’s wedding we have to attend, or a trip for work, or a jewelry store on my must-see list. This time around, a trip with no plans except for to relax on the beach and eat good food was in order! We stayed at The Pearl resort in Rosemary Beach and had an amazing time. There were no distractions–no jewelry stores for miles and a horrible wifi connection (a blessing in disguise)! We spent an entire day at the beach, where we both conquered our fear of swimming in the ocean. Packing for a few days at the beach is incredibly easy–throw in some bikinis, a sunhat, sunglasses and a few outfits for dinner, and you’re good to go! The jewelry side of packing was easy too. I left all my gemstones home, and went for an all yellow gold look.  Lots of stackable gold bands, with different textures and patterns. The more tan your skin gets on vacation, the better yellow gold looks! This is my ideal jewelry look for an active, fun-filled summer!