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January Birthstone: Gorgeous Garnets


Before beginning my studies on colored stones at GIA, I didn’t think too highly of garnets.  Especially my sister, who’s birthstone is garnet, she always said that her birthstone was “the ugly brown one.”  Since then, things have changed. Although now I think of garnet in terms of specific gravity and having a cubic crystal structure among other things, I also have begun to really love the Victorian Bohemian garnet pieces.  The clustered, rose cut garnets look really beautiful against any skintone and really stand out. Above is a photo I shot of two pieces we sold at Walton’s Antique Jewelry; the ring coincidentally was purchased by my sister who always thought her birthstone was ugly. Not these!  Below are other Bohemian garnet jewels, check them out:



These garnet dangle earrings are Victorian, circa 1880 featuring rose cut garnets clustered together. They are $1150 from A. Brandt + Son.


Table cut garnets are set in this pair of Georgian earrings, circa early 19th century. They are $1650 from Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry.


This Victorian garnet cluster ring is set in 10k rose gold and is of English origin. Priced at $750 and from Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry.


Another pair of garnet dangle earrings are these, done in a star design. The rose cut garnets are each hand-faceted, adding to the uniqueness of the piece. Priced at $475 from A. Brandt + Son.