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Italian Hiatus: #GemGossipdoesItaly

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Happy weekend Gem Gossip readers! Got some good gossip today–I’m currently in Italy attending the VicenzaOro jewelry show! I’ve been selected amongst a few other US Press to attend the show and scout out jewelry trends from this outstanding and forward-thinking show. This is a dream come true on so many different levels, for one getting the opportunity to visit Italy, a country near and dear to my heart as my grandparents immigrated from Italy in the early 50s, which I’ve never been to before. I’ve known of this show since I was in middle school–I used to watch QVC every September when they would broadcast live from VicenzaOro–it is crazy to come full circle with this. Europe has always been a leader in fashion trends as well as jewelry style, so I am eager to immerse myself into the culture and jewelry show, and come back with SO MUCH to share with everyone! My grandma and I have been talking on the phone (I think she is more excited than me) and she has taught me a few Italian words/phrases. My favorite of them being how the Italians say “jewelry”–their word is gioielli–which is so fun to say! I kept saying the word on the phone and told her I like the Italian word better than the English version–she said that the Italian word has more meaning behind it.  Gioielli has a connotation of meaning something treasured.  I love that.  I’m going to keep that in mind while I browse all the incredible jewelry I’m about to embark on…

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