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Top Trends Spotted at VicenzaOro in Italy

VicenzaOro | Gem Gossip

Back from the VicenzaOro Jewelry Show in Italy and it wouldn’t be the first time an American felt completely lacking in the fashion department when it comes to their European counterparts. How did every Italian look as though they were walking down a runway instead of a sidewalk?!  My first-time ever to this chic country and I knew going into it that this was the case, yet I still am fascinated by their sense of style.  It is no surprise that their jewelry style is on point too!

After three days attending the VicenzaOro show, as each day wrapped, I put together some trends that I saw from a full day spent on the show floor. It is neat to see certain reoccurring themes from so many designers who come from different parts of the world. Whether it is a certain color that stood out or was used frequently, or a type of motif seen throughout the show, all of these combined have formed my top SIX TRENDS from VicenzaOro! Let’s start from the top:

VicenzaOro | Gem Gossip


A color I will admit to not really being a fan of–I’m more of a neutral or all-black kind of person when it comes to fashion, but as I saw more and more of this color, I began to change my tone (no pun intended).  Pink sapphires are mostly responsible for this pink-trend and they can be featured in different hues, tones and saturations. Other gems like rose quartz or morganite were seen multiple times throughout the show.  The jewelry featured above is from D. Donna Jewellery.

VicenzaOro | Gem Gossip


Animal jewelry is not a new trend by any means, but more specifically I’m talking about FIERCE animal jewelry! Pieces that bring out your inner animal instincts and create a conversation of emotions.  There’s a difference between cute animal and fierce animals, which I know you can understand without me explaining. Animals like lions, tigers, rams, long-horns, panthers, alligators, etc. The bracelet featured above is from Roberto Coin‘s Animalier collection and features a roaring lion with diamonds and precious gems. It is skillfully detailed and you can feel its power.

VicenzaOro | Gem Gossip


The organic gemstone we call pearls have been a tried and true staple for women all around the world–whether you are a fan of the classic pearl stud earrings or pearl necklace, the choice is yours!  But for the most part, women are skeptical of wearing pearls as they feel they are better suited for “older” women. Companies like Yoko London are squashing this misconception one piece of pearl jewelry at a time, combing pearls with trendy designs.  Pieces like the ones above–using grey Tahitian pearls paired with rose gold, diamond-encrusted bows and geometric dangle earrings.

VicenzaOro | Gem Gossip


This jewelry show has taught me a lot about hand-enameling as many Italian companies use it and excel in this field. Small workshops across the country of Italy portray all kinds of scenes and motifs using these fine enameling techniques, either cold or hot enameling, often being hand painted on.  I became obsessed with Gabriella Rivalta Jewelry–I stood outside their booth and stared at their magnificent pieces of miniature art. Inspired by nature, flowers, animals and stars Gabriella Rivalta Jewelry is quite incredible.

VicenzaOro | Gem Gossip


The collar necklace–it was everywhere!  Almost every designer had a collar version of a popular collection within their lineup.  Some were bold, some were dainty–others stood out above the rest in terms of quality and function.  Like this Pasquale Bruni diamond collar necklace which hinged upwards/downwards from the back and coiled wonderfully around my neck.  The piece is from their Giardini Segreti collection, which features perfectly places petals of diamonds.

VicenzaOro | Gem Gossip


Domed jewelry was happening in more ways than one–from domed gold rings, to domed hoop earrings and even domed-cut gemstones!  Yes, gemstones!  Seen above, these eye-candy gemstone rings from VIANNA B.R.A.S.I.L. feature specially cut gemstones like amethyst, citrine and smoky quartz in a domed look–with or without diamonds surrounding them.

>> Thank you VicenzaOro for taking care of our stay in order to attend the show!