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HOORSENBUHS: Gem Gossip Inside Look

Gem Gossip hit up the west coast and was graciously invited to check out the jewelry design studio of HOORSENBUHS, located just outside of Los Angeles. Greeted by Designer & Owner, Robert Keith and Brand Liaison, Kether Parker, we walked into the 1940s Quonset Hut, where HOORSENBUHS calls home. One would never expect this hut to be a jewelry designer’s stomping grounds, yet it serves as a great decoy for the looming paparazzi when some of their celeb clientele stop by; people such as Paris Hilton, Rosario Dawson, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Dave Navarro, amongst others.

qhut HOORSENBUHS jewelry studio
IMG_0525 Jeweler’s Work Bench, Where all the magic happensGem Gossip had an inside look into how this high-end jewelry company is doing things differently and easily succeeding, while catching everyone’s attention. We also got a feel for how each customer gets their very own personalized jewelry buying experience when walking through these doors.

A “customer” is the wrong word to describe someone who purchases a piece from HOORSENBUHS. The experience of buying is so hands-on, you get “play around” with the jewelry, and choose what metal you prefer, what diamonds you want. Designer Robert Keith and Brand Liaison Kether Parker are passionate about what they do and want you to feel the same way. You basically walk into a whole new dimension of jewelry design with a whole new level of personalization.

hoorsenbuhs1 me falling in love with their ringsAt HOORSENBUHS, this is where you take control, and Robert & Kether are there to guide you and make the experience fun! Make an appointment, stop in, hit up the punching bag, play a diddy on the guitar or bang on their drum set, all while customizing any of their classic Tri-Link motif jewelry pieces. Now, that’s much better than talking to a stuffy sales associate at any jewelry store, right?

IMG_0555 the leather wrap-around bracelet makes a great headbandAnd there’s so many goodies to choose from. Want to shine like Rihanna? Then pick the Phantom ring...Rihanna has two! Or go for a classic and get the Quad Link…Snoop Dogg never takes his off, I don’t think you will either! My favorite? The Phantom ring, customized in 18k yellow gold with black diamonds! A ring this fierce can change the way you look, entirely. The fast-selling, leather wrap-around bracelet is killer and made to fit.

hoorsenbuhs2 HOORSENBUHS on every finger!
Gem Gossip cannot wait to get a glimpse of the jewelry set for Fall 2009. From what Robert & Kether described, the style and uniqueness will be unprecedented. I can already imagine the designs on runways.
Be sure to check out some upcoming important dates for HOORSENBUHS, such as the trunk shows for Barneys New York.  To learn more, click here.

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