Q & A with Sara Weinstock



With a busy schedule of attending fashion week in all the best cities, trunk shows across the US, and designing full-time, this active lifestyle is a dream come true for the jewelry designer. Sara Weinstock debuted her collection in 2008, and with only five years under her belt, has been able to supply stores with her jewelry worldwide! This is fitting because her jewelry has such a sophisticated global aesthetic that it can be worn for multiple occasions, in many different settings and cultures. I've had my eye on the Tsavorite garnet saddle ring for awhile now, with such a large conglomerate of that electric green in Tsavorite garnet, the ring just pops! With a showroom in Los Angeles, her jet-set life lends easily to those who want to see her jewelry in their own city. Check her trunk show schedule for more details!


We have just returned from New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week and have picked up new accounts worldwide! We are thrilled to be growing the brand with such highly acclaimed and luxurious companies.





I attended GIA and while raising my children I worked for another designer developing his collection as well as traveling to trade shows world wide. It was with his company that I found my love for designing and began developing my own collection which would launch in Nov. of 2008.

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Having people recognize my name and say "Aren't you a jewelry designer."  It does feel good to be acknowledged for something that brings me great joy.

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We will continue to design new collections that will launch at various times of the year. We hope to be a household brand and sold in more like minded stores in the future.

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Well of course my white diamond rose gold saddle ring is my/our favorite!


Five Gold Favorites from London, England #LoveGold

DSCF3670 DSCF3724 DSCF3582 DSCF3680 DSCF3474

Looking back on my trip to London, England, I am in disbelief that it was five months ago! The whole trip seems like a magical dream and I am hoping to get a chance to go back someday. There are a few pieces of gold jewelry that I haven't shared yet from my trip that I still keep thinking about. They are beautiful in many ways, and continue to remind me of the journey and the stores I got to visit.

1. This 19th century Lapis and gold necklace I tried on from S J Phillips is stunning and so unique! The handmade chain measures 14 inches in length, although very short in terms of necklace length standards, it can be doubled-up to form a bracelet. I've never before tried something on that made me feel both transported back in time, as well as ultra-chic and modern! A true oxymoron that still beckons to be remembered, circa 1870.

2. A visit to Louisa Guinness Gallery revealed so many pieces I had never seen before, and so many designers to be discovered.  I was in awe of many pieces designed by Anish Kapoor, seen here on the marble table and on my finger.  He is the brains behind Chicago's Cloud Gate aka The Bean and you can see his similarities between his jewelry and sculptures.  The Atlas ring that I'm wearing is one I keep thinking about--done in 18k yellow gold, the design reminds me of the concept of infinity and space, with the circular shape being duplicated in that manner.

3. A quick trip to Solange Azagury-Partridge had me feeling love at first sight.  It was so quick, in fact, that I was basically faced with a kind of, "if your house was burning down, what's one thing you would save," situation. Only, it involved being able to try on one piece out of her entire amazing collections.  I chose right because I still keep thinking about the incredible fringe ring, done in 18k yellow gold.  This flat topped woven ring with chain fringe sprinkled with diamonds was all that I had imagined--fun, flirty, and luscious.  

4. A plethora of fede gimmel rings were showcased at S J Phillips and I couldn't get over how many amazing ones they had for sale.  In the United States these are very rare, and the selection across the pond was bountiful, however each came with a price!  I loved trying them all on and opening up the clasped hands to reveal a heart. Some even opened to reveal double hearts!  Lots of different styles and sizes, with these kinds of rings, sizing is an issue, so it must fit!  Only two fit me well, but I didn't like the styles enough to buy.

5. Although mostly known for their men's jewelry, Tateossian had a selection of women's jewelry that was small, yet each piece was covetable.  Two rings from their black diamonds collection had me hooked--the snake is done in 18k yellow gold with black diamonds, and the other ring is so cool, it is 18k yellow gold with faceted black diamond beads.  I'm glad the "King of Cufflinks" has ventured into broadening their women's line because everything is gorgeous.  Loved visiting Tateossian off of Bond Street!

>> For more must-see jewelry stores in London, check out LoveGold’s shopping guide!


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Jewelry Collection Stories: Xiao Wang

xiaowang_antiquejewelry02 xiaowang_antiquejewelry06 xiaowang_antiquejewelry01 xiaowang_antiquejewelry05 xiaowang_antiquejewelry03

"To me there's something very mysterious and magical about antique jewelry, they have so much history and stories to tell." Xiao Wang says jewelry is in her DNA. With an incredibly popular jewelry line just recently launched, a modeling career and love for fashion--not to mention some cute chihuahua babies, she has a fun and fabulous life living in NYC. But what came before all this? A deep love for antique jewelry! She has been collecting for six years, and coincidently that is how old Gem Gossip is, which she has been a fan of since the beginning! We've emailed each other years ago, I even have a Victorian ring from her collection. Finally getting a chance to meet at Couture this year was such a great experience and long time coming! Xiao even came to check out the Doyle & Doyle event, where she reconnected her love for antique jewelry after focusing on designing her new collections. It was fun showing her more from my personal collection!

With New York City being her home, it is easily also her favorite place to treasure hunt. The Chelsea Showplace antique center is one of her top choices, which hosts private "galleries" open to the public seven days a week, located on 25th Street. Xiao also has luck traveling to Upstate New York to find antique treasures.

Antique rings from every time period are key pieces in her personal collection, and she loves a good brooch! The cute rooster is not only a part of her collection, but a great inspiration to her new designs.  "The Lavalier pendant in velvet box, I loved it when I saw it and purchased it right away, when I was paying for it I asked the seller if the blue stone was a sapphire, he and I both took a look under the loop and we both noticed it changed colors, turns out it was an alexandrite!"  This is proof of what all antique jewelry collectors are tuned into--the thrill of the hunt and not knowing what you'll find next!

Thanks for sharing your personal antique jewelry collection, Xiao Wang.  To check out her jewelry designs, head over to her website.  All photos by Tiff Pemberton.  

Top Ring Stacks from Gem Gossip

stack1 stack2 stack3 stack4 stack5 stack6

Wanted to capture all my favorite ring stacks from these past few months. Picking out different rings each and every morning can sometimes be a blur--I'm glad I have an outlet to capture some of my best work before I forget what I wore! To me, wearing different rings everyday is just as sensible as wearing a different outfit everyday. Early morning ring choosing has become a creative outlet for myself, and I would have to say I base my choices on what I'm wearing, my mood and everything else is random. I never know what I will come up with! Here are some of my favorites above--some looks were chosen based on what I had planned for that specific day, like lots of love and luck tokens for a long day ahead. Others were picked based on a new ring I got and wanted to wear, adding ones from my personal collection that I felt complimented the newbies.

>> Make sure to document your best ring stacks and hashtag them #showmeyourrings so I can see!



stoneandstrand rebecca_june mduenasjacobs loveadornedwearingwwake excaliburjewelry idazzle ylang237 talon_nyc sunnysbondjewelry33

{from top to bottom:

Stone & Strand layering some rings from their beautifully curated online boutique

@rebecca_june creates such an appealing stack, love all her rings!

Maria Duenas Jacobs shows how mixing high and low is the ultimate way to go (note to self: need LuLu Frost code ring)

Love Adorned having a joyous time mixing and matching some rings from wwake

Excalibur Jewelry with a unique trillion diamond ring, paired with a very wide and thin diamond band

iDazzle trying on some pieces from Delphine Jewelry, so edgy and cool

Workhorse Jewels layering their remakes of classic antique baby rings

Talon NYC showing her everyday rings, most from her line and the ruby from Conroy & Wilcox

in love with Sunny S. Bond's wedding day jewels, so elegant and sentimental}


Fall for Opals with Arik Kastan

banner opals banner2 opals banner3 opals


It is October--lots of changes going on all around us!  The leaves are turning colors, the temperatures are getting cooler, long sleeves and boots are in full effect--let's not forget about the ever-important gemstone of this beautiful month--the OPAL!  Known for its phenomena called play-of-color, the kaleidoscope of colors swirl in different patterns, making each opal individually unique.  With no two being exactly alike, October babies are very proud of their birthstone.  However, anyone can wear an opal and Arik Kastan has some incredible pieces to satisfy your opal needs.  

Whether you want a bold look, like the Peacock ring, set with opals clustered around a single rose cut diamond…or a dainty, subdued stack consisting of an opal eternity band, and other stackable opal rings from the Arik Kastan line…it is all about the casual glow of opals for fall!  Something about sweaters and opals, they just go so well together!  A continued favorite of the Arik Kastan jewelry line--the blossom stud earrings, seen here set in all opals--are stunning for fall.  Try several pairs mixed and matched with your fall wardrobe for a fun look!

If you are into superstition and folklore, opals have a rich history. In the Middle Ages, opal was considered a stone that could provide great luck because it was believed to possess all the virtues of each gemstone whose color was represented in the color spectrum of the opal.  It also brings wearers clarity and enhances memory, as the stone is mostly made up of water.  Any of these opal jewels from Arik Kastan can be your lucky talisman! Take your pick!


Doyle & Doyle Preview Party: What I Wore #LoveGold

IMG_5167 IMG_5232 IMG_5132 IMG_5163 IMG_5238

The Doyle & Doyle Preview Party was so much fun!  To read more about the event itself, click here.  With so many details, things to remember, on top of traveling, it was important to pull together a flawless jewelry look for the event beforehand, which included lots of planning!  As far as an outfit--that part didn't come together as easily for me as the jewelry!  I knew right away what jewelry I wanted to wear.

Nicole Landaw is best known for her eclectic pieces, most of which are perfect for everyday wear.  Her 14k gold and pearl spiders are quite different.  Each are individually hand-formed in unique sizes, with custom configurations and color combinations!  I knew right away I wanted a large spider in 14k yellow gold, with a grey Tahitian pearl body to wear to the event, as my pièce de résistance.  Styling the spider was tricky--you had to get the right balance of cool/chic vs. creepy/weird. I noticed anything black automatically made the whole look have a Halloween vibe, and I did not want to look like I was wearing a witch costume!  I settled on a red lace top (which used to be a dress) paired with black lacquered skinny pants.  A few people at the party commented how the lace was quite fitting, as it resembled a spider web--the perfect backdrop for my spider friend.

Nora Kogan has been a favorite jewelry designer of mine since I first laid eyes on her lovely enameled snake rings.  When she posted pictures of her latest pieces from her new Death on the Nile collection, I couldn't have been more obsessed.  I wanted a pair of her large Ankh earrings in 14k yellow gold for the event!  Luckily Nora is the nicest/coolest person ever, and immediately got to work on a custom pair for me, and they arrived just in time!  What's even more special is she attended the event and I got to finally meet her in person!  

With the main event unveiling some very important Sentimental Rings co-curated by myself and the Doyle sisters, I knew my ring game had to be superb.  I basically wore my three biggest/boldest antique rings, mixed with some gold antique baby rings, and of course my engagement ring.  It was so much fun for people who came to the event and who have seen/read about these rings to actually get to see them in person! I enjoyed talking about my rings--both on display at the event and on my fingers--as well as checking out what everyone else was wearing.  That was my kind of party!

>> To win a pair of the same earrings I wore to the event (Large Ankh earrings by Nora Kogan) enter an exclusive giveaway here!



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Typical Tuesday with Gem Gossip


The newest segment on Gem Gossip, titled Typical Tuesday, takes you into a day in the life of some of the coolest jewelry industry insiders! From jewelry historians, to jewelry shop keepers, jewelry designers and jewelry consultants, you'll get a chance to see what it is like to be in their shoes--at least for one day!

I'm up as the first participant--

Name: Danielle

Job: gemologist, appraiser and jewelry blogger

Location: Nashville, TN


My Jewel Box: Edwardian Diamond Ring from Jewelry Box of Lake Forest


Just a quick blog post today (been working on something HUGE all weekend and today) to show you my latest acquisition! I am so in love with this Edwardian diamond ring from a store in Lake Forest, California called The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest. I found them on social media and have been following for quite some time now--when they posted this ring, I was smitten! More on the jewelry store itself later, but in the meantime check out their Facebook page and website! A must follow!

Hampton Estate Auction Fine Jewelry Sale, October 20th, 2014

519d8182-ad24-4b6a-93f9-360330590546 194f3024-bf1e-4d29-a95d-e33df25db9d0 114723f5-8294-4b58-92c6-6236168904e1 1177ced7-8d31-40e9-a51d-7c752231e21d 881da900-9d48-45f7-af55-981ac2c32ee2 f57108f6-7434-45b9-8694-73f4996e84d5 f7cc7e5f-d837-4a64-8506-7ac3c83ffb52 272e12e7-5e6d-4aa4-8362-3eb362735b60 f17d8576-b2c0-4f6a-86e6-ef5f9bd37089 cb407215-e377-4959-85a4-b8f15636a2bd 4a270216-c509-456c-a1c9-ec83bf8d4f73 22c5f44e-d576-46d5-bf39-81a0b264d6ab

The Hampton Estate Auction house is gearing up for their next upcoming auction, set for October 20th, 2014.  A newcomer to the game, with their first official auction just last year, already quickly garnering flocks of bidders and jewelry enthusiasts’ attention; myself being one of them!  I scored a “Hope, Peace, Love” word ring in 18k yellow gold just as my love for 60/70s gold jewelry had blossomed.  From bidding, to auction completion, and everything in between, my experience with Hampton Estate Auction was flawless.  Which leads me to the perfect reason to bid again, in their upcoming October sale!  

Browsing through the lots, there are quite a few pieces that catch my attention.  The appraiser in me is also checking out the prices, and I must say, they are also amazing!  Spanning many different time periods, from Victorian pieces to jewelry only a few years old, the selection is unbeatable.  Whether you are on the hunt for your next piece for your collection or looking for that perfect wedding day jewelry look, they’ve got you covered!  I spotted so many gorgeous diamond pendants and earrings that would look gorgeous on a bride.  Lots of potential birthday gifts or anniversary gifts as well!

Below are details on my top 12 lots in the October 20th, Hampton Estate Auction:

(be sure to sign up to bid here)

Lot 42: 14k yellow gold Old Mine cut diamond, three-stone Victorian ring.  Love the bypass setting on this ring (sort of reminds me of my engagement ring) and the daintiness of it.  Would make a great anniversary gift (past, present, future). Starting bid: $300

Lot 46: 14k gold Art Deco sapphire and diamond ring.  This beauty is grand enough to be worn by itself as a right-hand ring.  If your anniversary or birthday is in September, this would be an amazing piece to represent a special September date.  Wonder what it would look like stacked?!  Starting bid: $200

Lot 50: 14k yellow gold bangle bracelet with navy blue enameling and set with diamonds.  I am a sucker for enamel work, and the dark blue is a favorite hue, up against the richness of yellow gold.  The bracelet has a hinged clasp with a figure eight safety and would compliment any bracelet stack.  Starting bid: $1,000

Lot 61: 14k yellow gold opal and sapphire ring.  This stunning ring looks as though it is turn-of-the-century, although I would have to see it in person!  The filigree work, paired with the opal and sapphires are a winning combination!  So pretty.  Starting bid: $1,300

Lot 71: 14k yellow gold Victorian pearl bangle.  This slip-on bracelet has such a unique link design and I love the crowned heart motif.  Would look gorgeous mixed with a Victorian bracelet stack, perfect for an antique bracelet collector.  Starting bid: $350 

Lot 80: 14k yellow gold Victorian snake necklace set with Rhodolite garnets.  Here’s your chance at owning one of these sought-after Victorian serpent necklaces, only this time at a reasonable price!  Oh so coveted, these necklaces are collectors’ items.  Starting bid: $1,600

Lot 106: 14k yellow gold lapis doorknocker earrings circa 1960s.  These earrings are swoon-worthy!  Lapis is one of my favorite gemstones and I love when it is paired with yellow gold.  These would be incredibly statement-making, worn with a chic outfit.  Starting bid: $550

Lot 129: set of two 18k yellow gold rings both set with coral.  These two rings are a great starting collection for someone wanting to begin collecting antique jewelry or someone wanting to try online auction bidding for the first time.  You can’t go wrong!  I love the carvings on the one ring, and the other is such a cute stacking ring.  Starting bid: $10

Lot 191: 18k yellow gold geometric bracelet.  Talk about a statement piece!  I love the all-gold, bold look of this bracelet.  I can picture it worn on top of a sweater sleeve for fall or winter, paired with some gorgeous boots.  Starting bid: $500

Lot 239: 14k yellow gold, seed pearl and black faceted bead bracelet.  I’ve seen only one other almost identical bracelet in my lifetime, and I was kicking myself for not buying it!  I think this is the universe’s way of giving me a second chance?!  I will definitely be bidding! Starting bid: $200

Lot 369: 14k gold diamond and emerald necklace circa late 1800s. This exquisite Belle Époque necklace hangs gorgeously, with rose cut diamond dangles.  The emeralds give it just enough pop of color.  Definitely wedding-day worthy!  Starting bid: $1,600

Lot 405: 18k white gold diamond and sapphire Art Deco ring.  Bold and stunning--this ring is immaculately set with Old European cut diamonds and French cut sapphires.  A piece to be passed on within the family, to treasure forever.  Starting bid: $500

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