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{from top to bottom:

Jean Jean Vintage tries out some of her newest arrivals before they all head to her Etsy shop

luxcharmjewelry showing her most favorite five rings in her personal collection, we are in love

Samantha Knight Jewelry with a fist-full of rings, including a few pieces from her collection

Erica Weiner using her time wisely while manning her shop in NYC by stacking some favorites

larawright78 took the Gem Gossip Challenge a year ago and I'm still swooning

ringsfordaze stacks pieces from her personal collection, the eye portrait is a newly commissioned piece by Mercurysmoon

Roseark rocking ripped jeans and some of the coolest designs--featuring Jill Hoffmeister, Elizabeth Street, Yakirona

Metier SF does it again as being leaders of "keepers of the old" with some new acquisitions

LuckandLockets is inspired by this Georgian silhouette as she wears rings of the same time period}

Jewels at my Doorstep: Gabriel & Co. Jewelry

Gabriel & Co. | Gem Gossip Gabriel & Co. | Gem Gossip Gabriel & Co. | Gem Gossip Gabriel & Co. | Gem Gossip Gabriel & Co. | Gem Gossip Gabriel & Co. | Gem Gossip Gabriel & Co. | Gem Gossip Gabriel & Co. | Gem Gossip Gabriel & Co. | Gem Gossip

Autumn is a fiery time of year--the leaves are changing colors, the weather somewhat calms down to a comfortable medium and for many, it is the start of a new school year.  I don't know what it is about fall, but I often get a desire for a fresh start or find an opportunity to begin something new!  This could mean many different things, but for me I like to try new jewelry styles and play with fashion trends. I'm loving what Gabriel & Co. has been creating recently, using 14k gold and diamonds, they've released so many different styles that are really bold and playful. It was my pleasure to get a chance to pick my TOP FIVE favorites from their large range of products and shoot some photos.  Here is what I chose:

14k white gold diamond drop earrings -- 1.03 ctw diamonds, style #EG12920W45JJ -- Price: $2,285

Super edgy and sleek, these diamond drop earrings have two dimensions to them so the front and back combined give this pair of earrings some striking depth! I picked these because they are exactly what I mean when I say you can dress them up or down. A t-shirt and jeans could be taken to a whole new level with this pair of earrings, at the same time--you can also wear them with a dress or gown for a wedding or party. Such a cool style and a high impact!

14k yellow gold diamond wing ear climbers -- 0.35 ctw diamonds, style #EG12937Y45JJ -- Price: $935

I'm sure you've heard of ear climbers by now, but what you may not know is how to use them to your advantage.  By placing them in your second or third holes, you can position the earring upwards onto your ear and give the illusion of more piercings. I chose this pair to complement the dagger-like drops with these sharply pointed wings. The double row of diamonds is what makes this pair eye-catching. They are also extremely comfortable, just FYI.

14k white gold four-row diamond ring -- 0.99 ctw diamonds, style #LR50926W45JJ -- Price: $2,320

A head-turning design bringing together diamonds and linear angles, creating a stylish ring that can be worn two different ways: pointing up or down. It is bold enough to wear alone, yet cool enough to pair with other fun designs, like I've done here. As soon as I saw this design from Gabriel & Co. I knew it was a top pick!

14k white gold diamond X-ring with negative space -- 0.33 ctw diamonds, style #LR50929W45JJ -- Price: $935

I would have to say the diamond X rings are one of the top, most sought-after ring designs of the the year. But if you look closely, this design is unlike all the others--the X does not meet in the middle, and features another hot trend in jewelry design--negative space. It also makes the design flexible and very comfortable! This ring can easily become one that you never take off...

14k white gold diamond loop ring -- 0.91 ctw diamonds, style #LR51002W45JJ -- Price: $1,990

I picked this ring because I've never seen anything like it!  The loop design drapes down and around your knuckle.  It is very elongating and I've even tried out what it would feel like/look like wearing it upside down--so I've included one photo of what that looks like.  I'm all about breaking the rules, so wear things that are unconventional, even if it means wearing them differently! 

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Gabriel & Co.

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Five Jewelry Books That Will Release in Time for the Holidays

Top 5 New Release Jewelry Books

If you're like me, you'll jump at the sight of a new jewelry book release and do a happy dance the moment the mailman delivers your new reading material. The holidays are a time of year where gift-giving is happening on many different levels. Friends and extended family members surely don't understand or can afford my style of jewelry and the kinds of rings I collect, so asking for jewelry books is the next best thing! Luckily for myself and all you jewelry conoseauirrs out there, some really great books will be released just in time for the holidays.  

Here are my TOP FIVE picks of new releases that should be in your jewelry book library (and hopefully under your Christmas tree). I've already got three of the five on pre-order! ;)

1) The Treasures of the Buccellati Foundation: From Mario to Gianmaria, 100 Years of Goldsmith Art History

by Riccardo Gennaioli 

Release date: April 26, 2016

A selection of over one hundred works of gold and silver designed by Mario and Gianmaria Buccellati, two of the most significant names in jewelry. This volume, published on the occasion of their 100th anniversary, showcases some of the most valuable pieces they designed. (Taken from Amazon)

2) Graff

by Vivienne Becker, Maria Doulton, Nina Hald, Joanna Hardy & Suzy Menkes

Release date: October 27, 2015

A look into the exclusive world of Graff, the British-owned luxury purveyor of unique jewels, one-of-a-kind statement pieces, and the most famous diamonds in the world. The House of Graff is synonymous with the pinnacle of luxurious, sophisticated style, the exclusive glamour and exquisite craftsmanship of its creations a singular complement to the world-famous gemstones that have passed through its master craftsmen’s hands. (Taken from Amazon)

3) The Guy Ladrière Collection of Gems and Rings (The Philip Wilson Gems and Jewellery Series)

by Diana Scarisbrick & Claudia Wagner

Release date: November 30, 2015

One of the world’s finest assemblages of rings and gemstones, the Guy Ladrière Collection in Paris is of major importance both to the collector and the art historian. This handsome volume, written and compiled by three of the foremost experts on gems and semi-precious stones, is the first to catalogue, illustrate and describe all the pieces in the Collection. Comprising some three hundred items, and including a rich and varied mixture of cameos and intaglios, the Collection ranges from ancient artefacts originating in the Minoan period to gemstones and rings of the nineteenth century. (Taken from Amazon)

4) Jewels of the Renaissance

by Yvonne Hackenbroch

Release date: October 6, 2015

Renaissance jewels are among the most alluring manifestations of an age that experienced the widening of horizons, from the Old World to the New. This spectacular volume overflows with luxurious imagery expressing the boundless creativity and spirit of the Age of the Renaissance. Bringing to the subject not only her specialized knowledge and historical discipline, author Yvonne Hackenbroch also displays a storyteller’s passion in relating the tales of the jewels, the artists, and the patrons who commissioned them. (Taken from Amazon)

5) If These Jewels Could Talk: The Legends Behind Celebrity Gems

by Beth Bernstein

Release date: November 30, 2015

Throughout the 20th century, jewelry revealed the behind-the-scenes stories and the plot twists and turns in the real lives of celebrities that will always be larger than life. Some of the world's most fabulous jewels not only illustrated power and status in society but these magical gems held tremendous sentimental value as they were linked to the most significant moments and memories of Hollywood royalty, international aristocracy and international icons of style. If These Jewels Could Talk offers a glimpse into the jewelry boxes of these celebrities - the personal tastes, heartfelt anecdotes and the true tales of the women who wore and collected the pieces. (Taken from Amazon)


Who is Ishy Antiques? And How Come I Flipped For This Enamel Star Ring?!

IshyAntiques | Gem Gossip IshyAntiques | Gem Gossip IshyAntiques | Gem Gossip IshyAntiques | Gem Gossip IshyAntiques | Gem Gossip IshyAntiques | Gem Gossip IshyAntiques | Gem Gossip IshyAntiques | Gem Gossip IshyAntiques | Gem Gossip IshyAntiques | Gem Gossip IshyAntiques | Gem Gossip IshyAntiques | Gem Gossip

Any guy that can post a "Show Me Your Rings" photo on Instagram and have better-looking hands than some women, is a winner in my book! That's why Ismael Khan, you can call him Ish, has been racking up followers and customers over on Instagram (you can follow him @IshyAntiques) and finding his jewels landing in so many collectors' jewelry boxes (including mine).  His attitude about antique jewelry and making sure customers come first is apparent.  It is easy to spot his dynamic prices, which are set to sell items and allow people to build a collection, rather than go bankrupt. Ish's room for profit is very minimal, and he genuinely believes that jewelry should be accessible for everyone! The 24-year-old states, "It's a great feeling to help people add pieces which they thought might have been out of reach for them!"  He also takes risks with old pieces of jewelry and parts, and turns them into more wearable pieces of jewelry--like rings and necklaces. He says, "I was happy to take on the risks of anything going awry during the conversion process, such as a stone breaking or cracking, or the whole thing collapsing due to dodgy old unseen repairs, because that was better than the pieces being kept in a vault and not enjoyed by anyone."  You can't find that same attitude anywhere else--it is almost as rare as a red diamond!

Ishy Antiques began just last year and is currently a side project for Ish and one he is very passionate about. He first started out with a collection of just a few pieces of jewelry and had the idea of selling all of them in hopes of buying something bigger and better!  He visited a local auction house called Wellers in Guildford (which those two photos with loads of rings on his hands are from there) to consign his items, where he learned more than he ever imagined and ended up enchanted by the thrill of bidding at auction, which convinced him to pursue this further. After his first auction experience he left with more items than he ended up selling, but lucky for him he found his calling! 

By starting out very small--as in finding things for friends and family only--his side business Ishy Antiques began to grow and grow. Like a snowball, it has turned into what it is today.  With a newly launched collaboration with Jewellery Hannah, also a favorite amongst us antique jewelry lovers in the Instagram community, he hardly had many pieces left for the actual launch date (which was this past weekend) because of high demand. Incredible rings are still left--like a heart-shaped moonstone surrounded by rubies and several super cute gemstone clusters. I was eyeing up the navy blue enamel star ring set with the craziest Old Mine cut diamond you could imagine! Little did I know it had a twin and a big brother--the pieces were a suite, with the ring I ended up with already being a finished item. The others were just stars without a purpose--until now! Jewellery Hannah did what she does best and turned them into wonderful rings that didn't last long on Etsy.

Regarding the collaboration, Ish says, "I really admire Hannah's work which is always really fun and high quality so I approached her to see if she was up for collaborating as a one-off special project. We talked a lot on Instagram and I was keen to keep any work I do within the Instagram community. I sent off my ideas but let her have free reign and complete control over any design decisions because I trusted anything she made would be great.  It helped that I wasn't under any time constraints or deadlines which made the whole process a really fun experience. Conversions are only a small part of Hannah's business, so doing all these pieces together as a collaboration - and as a collection - was a really satisfying project for us both." 

To view the whole collection along with Ishy Antiques' Etsy shop, click here.


IshyAntiques Logo

Add Some Drama to Your Neck from Fellows Auction!

lot5 Lot18 Lot29 Lot33 Lot41 Lot202 Lot205 Lot222 Lot233 Lot554 Lot571 Lot586

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but winter is coming!  Things like gloves, long-sleeves, coats and sweaters can sometimes prevent a girl from wearing rings and bracelets, so let's focus on the positive here--dress up those necks! Not wanting to disappoint, we have some BOLD and DRAMATIC statement necklaces going up at auction soon, just in time for the colder months of November and December.  Fellows Auction has these 12 necklaces in this month's Antique & Modern Jewellery sale on October 15th, and I couldn't be more excited about them. The bib and festoon styles will have you throwing out your scarves and shopping for appropriate necklines to show off each style.  

<< Thursday, October 15th Antique & Modern Jewellery sale at Fellows Auction >>

Let me introduce you to these fine necklaces:

Lot 5: Turquoise and pearls go together in the prettiest way possible, and only the Victorians realized this! This late 19th century necklace features an articulated panel of the blue and white gems and measures nearly 16 inches in length. A striking necklace in a soft palette. Best part? Comes with a fitted box.

Lot 18: Talk about adding drama to your neck--this aquamarine and amethyst fringe necklace makes a bold statement!  Designed with a graduating style of gems and dangles, this necklace is begging to be worn on a neck.

Lot 29: Another fun fringe necklace, this time done in amethyst and topaz. I love the volume of dangles this piece has--makes it highly dramatic and bold. It must be noted that this necklace measures approximately 14 3/4 inches, so for a petite neck. 

Lot 33: This necklace is ready for a wine tour in the vineyards of Napa Valley! Done in 9k yellow gold and seed pearls clustered in the most reminiscent way possible of a grape vine, this piece is quite unique.  It measures 18 inches in length and has hallmarks which date it to 1971.

Lot 41: If you want a good helping of amethysts, this lot is for you! Not only does it come with this incredible cross necklace, which features an amethyst cross dangling from an amethyst line necklace, but it also has a pair of matching post earrings and a bar brooch too!  

Lot 202: A classic necklace that can easily become your signature look, this piece is done in 18k yellow gold, onyx and diamonds. Measuring at a little over 26 inches, the length is long and great for it to pose as the main centerpiece to an outfit. Totaling about three carats in diamonds--so good!!

Lot 205: Rose cut diamonds, trefoil motifs and amethysts--a start to a great necklace design. This piece is very interesting because the diamonds are set in silver, the chain is a replacement and is modern, and the amethyst are set in yellow gold, so it is quite a mystery as to when this all came together and exactly the chain of events. Either way, this necklace is quite a stunning piece of jewelry!

Lot 222: A mid-19th century exquisite peridot necklace--with a surprise!  It comes with its original fitted box, along with matching earring, and brooch! The large central design of the necklace is detachable, what else would you expect from a Victorian designer, and is completely articulated. Such a great find! 

Lot 233: Another multi-gemstone necklace is this garnet one, set with all octagonal cut garnets of varying saturations, with five dangling from the center. Such a brilliantly simple design with a grand impact. I would love to see how amazing it looks when worn. 

Lot 554: A stunningly cool aquamarine necklace--the pear-shape aquamarine collet is set within a stylized star cannetille surround, with similarly designed tapered surmount which suspends from a fancy openwork scrolling link chain. The detail-work in this piece will have you staring. The aquamarine itself is quite big, measuring 20.8 x 10.9 mm.  Comes with a fitted box.

Lot 571: Flowing lines of rose cut and Old Mine cut diamonds create the design of this necklace. It is set off by a large pearl which hangs at the bottom, and I love the trefoil motifs done in diamonds throughout the top. It hangs from a white gold fine-link chain.

Lot 586: Bullet-shaped swags are what get me with this festoon necklace!  I love the design and the materials used--garnets, pearls and gold!  The necklace measures nearly 15 inches in length and drapes wonderfully when worn.


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions




Dear Summer, I know you gon' miss me #RosedaleFineJewelry

Rosedale Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip Rosedale Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip Rosedale Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip Rosedale Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip Rosedale Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip Rosedale Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip Rosedale Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip Rosedale Fine Jewelry | Gem Gossip

As we bid a fond goodbye to the Summer of 2015, I'm still trying to hang on to my tanned skin, a first for me in years.  Yes, this was my first summer since I was 15 years old that I didn't have to "go to work," so a random 11am tanning session by the pool became a regular thing.  The vitamin D was good for my soul and for the first time in my life I saw a direct link to the quote, "work hard, play hard." I'm not sure if working for 5 years straight in an office without windows, along with a demeaning bully of a co-worker has caused this, but this newfound freedom of a summer was that much more savouring and special for me!  

So, Dear Summer:

I know you gon' miss me...but

an icy cool color is in for WINTER 2015--

the truly glowing green color of emeralds and chalcedony (natural not dyed chalcedony)

I like pairing this color with a POP of red lipstick and minimal makeup

I also like pairing this color with black and similar-colored faux furs for winter and black ankle-booties

Although summer has come to an end, this color and the winter fashions are making me excited for a new season.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Lots of green gemstone rings--

The basis of my stack started with the Emerald Split Band ring by Rosedale Fine Jewelry

Then I layered an antique BIG/BOLD emerald ring and a square chalcedony ring, which added another dimension of green.

So, start with a staple emerald ring like I did and build from there.  Add green-hued earrings and you're good to go!

To purchase your own Emerald Split Band ring by Rosedale Fine Jewelry:


emerald split band ring by Rosedale Fine Jewelry


Q & A with Megan of Baker & Black Jewelry

baker and black

As my style evolves and grows with age (read: wisdom) I've been more and more drawn to COLOR. Not in a wardrobe sense, don't worry, I haven't gone too crazy...but with a mostly monochrome uniform, vibrant accessories are necessary. I love when jewelry designers play with color and use it to their advantage, breaking down barriers and mesmerizing people all at the same time. This is exactly what Megan of Baker & Black has been doing in her jewelry career. Her creations are works of art on a small scale, seemingly meant for floods of gawkers ready to admire at an art gallery.  Gold is sculptural, gemstones are like paints and creativity is on overload for her with these mediums.  I'm obsessed.

Instinctively, I had to know more about this curiosity-inducing designer.  Take a look at what I found: 


So much! I am focusing on adding more earrings and necklaces to the collection. I am also in the very early stages of designing some jewels incorporating enamel. I love to use lots of color so I am excited to expand my palette.

Baker & Black | Gem Gossip Baker & Black | Gem Gossip


I have been making jewelry since high school (grade school if you count friendship bracelets!) but after college I started to consider creating a cohesive line. I worked at Doyle & Doyle for a few years and it was really an education in gemology and jewelry history. I was able to learn in a hands-on way. I worked with Jessica Bavier, who now owns Bavier Brook,and she would always pull me aside when something special came in. When an unusual stone came in, we would loupe it. When a masterfully constructed piece came in, we would examine the fabrication and maybe wear it around the shop.

Baker & Black | Gem Gossip Baker & Black | Gem Gossip Baker & Black | Gem Gossip


It's perhaps a little too early in my career to pinpoint a single moment, but I feel very satisfied with how the story of Baker & Black has developed. I created Baker & Black with my husband and we have done almost all of the work ourselves or with the help of talented friends. After all of the hard work, it has been incredibly rewarding to have had such a positive response from all who have seen the jewelry. It makes me excited to continue growing the brand and to share it with more people.

Baker & Black | Gem Gossip Baker & Black | Gem Gossip


Baker & Black is still in its infancy so A LOT! Right now I am focusing on expanding our retail presence and client base. Creatively, I want to start working with larger gemstones and I would like to experiment more with colored sapphires and spinel. And one day, I would love to create a piece centered around an antique demantoid garnet, a larger specimen with a perfect horsetail inclusion.

Baker & Black | Gem Gossip Baker & Black | Gem Gossip Baker & Black | Gem Gossip


This will have to be a tie. My husband gave me an antique gold locket the first Christmas after we were married and I wear it every day. If it doesn't match what I'm wearing, I just tuck it in my shirt. I love lockets and definitely want to start designing them. The other would have to be the first Baker & Black piece, the Caduceus Ring with pink spinel. I wear it all the time and have been told that it is reminiscent of H.R. Giger's designs for the movie Alien. I was surprised the first time someone said it because his work is very dark with a strong sci-fi vibe and the ring is pink and sparkly. I hear it all the time and am always humbled because Giger was such an accomplished and influential artist.

Baker & Black | Gem Gossip Baker & Black | Gem Gossip

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Baker & Black.

Baker & BLack

JCK Talks: The Power of Blogging

Hey everyone!  I know many of you were bummed out that you either, A) weren't in Vegas to see the panel speaker line-up of myself, Monica of iDazzle, Barbara of Adornmentality, and Katerina of, or B) actually were in Vegas but had way too much going on to make it over to Mandalay Bay where it all went down!  Luckily for you, I have some great news!  The JCK Talks presentation on The Power of Blogging is NOW ON YOUTUBE (video embedded above).  You can watch it as if you were there with us, as we nervously spoke in front of a packed crowd of standing-room only volume.  

A few side-notes: 


  • This explains a question I get a lot: How/Why did you start Gem Gossip? So if you're wondering, I explain!
  • I'm tiny and so is my VOICE...please TURN UP your volume when it is my #turnup
  • Some parts of presentations were edited--like the best parts--for example, at the end of Barbara's turn she threw mini-bottles of Scotch into the crowd (best part).  


Hope everyone enjoys the video and if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment below! Thanks JCK for a fantastic opportunity and I couldn't have shared the stage with such awesome women!



Jewelry Collection Stories: Elizabeth Doyle of Doyle & Doyle

doyles meatpacking gems eliz fox ring1a a-eliz lockets1 Elizabeth Doyle Personal Collection >Sept. 24 2015 Presentation copy Elizabeth Doyle Personal Collection 2 Sept. 24 2015 Presentation Elizabeth Doyle Personal Collection 3 Elizabeth Doyle Personal Collection5

It all started with a love of jewelry--a similar beginning to a lot of collectors' stories, but this passion was deeper, stronger and life-changing for Elizabeth Doyle.  Add another sister to the mix--Pamela Doyle--and you've got yourself the most kick-ass sister duo to hit the antique jewelry scene.  I've been a fan of their NYC-based jewelry store Doyle & Doyle since I first got into antique jewelry and getting a chance to meet and work with both sisters was a dream come true last year.  Sharing Elizabeth's favorite pieces from her personal collection is like unlocking a vault filled with years of travel and collecting, featuring pieces spanning several decades.  

Elizabeth says, "For those of us who collect jewelry, looking through our collections is like looking through a scrap book. When I laid out my jewels to decide what to include in this exhibition, it was a flood of memories and emotions. Each piece marks an important event in my life, and they are all so varied.  I have my baby bracelet engraved with my name. I can't remember receiving it or ever wearing it, but nonetheless it is a prized memento of my childhood.  Then there is my baby tooth necklace.  It was designed (and sketched) by my son when he was five. The necklace is set with both his and his sister's first lost baby teeth.  They are, to me, the most precious and irreplaceable gems.  Some pieces represent a turning point in my life (my ruby ring that was the first piece I was able to keep for myself from Doyle & Doyle) or even the moment when I learned something new and developed a new appreciation (my memento mori and mourning rings).  For me, jewelry is a way to remember, a way to learn, a way to communicate, and a way to celebrate."  

The exhibit featuring pieces from her personal collection happened a week ago, but if you're like me and don't live in the NYC area, fear not!  No need to feel like you missed out--above are some of the pieces that were on display at this enchanting event, all from Elizabeth's personal collection with descriptions in tow.  I love how every piece carries such meaning and is rooted in her life, even though the piece itself has an unknown past, it has a present with her.  

If you'd like the full PDF featuring Elizabeth's personal collection which was on display, feel free to email

To read about our collaboration from last year, click here.


Gem Gossip Visits Roberson's Fine Jewelry in Little Rock, Arkansas

IMG_4695 IMG_4917 IMG_4712 IMG_4759 IMG_4796 IMG_5080 IMG_4830 IMG_5117 IMG_4974 Untitled IMG_4991 IMG_4898

Arkansas is the kind of state where one can go to dig up diamonds in the dirt and return home with your findings--even if your find is an 8.52 ct diamond and slated to shatter some serious records. The gems are there, you just have to look for them.  I didn't have to look far to see a gem of a store--Roberson's Fine Jewelry located in Little Rock boasts some serious jewels.  They also are on the cutting edge of forward thinking as they just hosted a first-ever in store trend event on September 24th, 2015.  This private event brought together some of the best trend experts in the jewelry business--one from the East coast, Nancy Robey and one from the West coast, Jen C. Williams of Luxury Brand Group, who brought to life upcoming trends illustrated through the jewelry from Roberson's.  I was lucky enough to be invited to attend this event as their special guest--so I got to see the jewelry store itself as well as experience this first-of-its-kind event.  

Roberson's Fine Jewelry is a family-owned jewelry store where for over 30 years they've brought together jewelry from around the world to small-town, Middle America.  You won't find another store like this! Designers like Stephen Webster, Roberto Coin, Armenta, Gumuchian, Erica Courtney, Jude Frances, Arman Sarkisyan, Penny Preville, Lana Jewelry, Suzy Landa, Monica Rich Kosann, Gurhan, and more are represented in this global round-up.  The open-concept store is decorated by store owner herself, Trish Roberson, who has an interior design background. I'm in love with the Greek and Roman head sculptures that set off the vibe of this jewel sanctuary.  The modern pendant lights which hang down onto different cases add to the feel for Roberson's main objective as a store, which is to "Build a fashion-forward, brand conscious jewelry store known for service. Build a brand that is shaped by our guiding principles. Create a work environment where people are challenged to achieve higher greatness on a daily basis. Positively impact the lives of everyone involved."

I had so much fun trying on jewelry with Julie Maddox, who lives and breathes gorgeous jewelry paired with customer service. I love Roberson's selection--especially the pieces that were specifically chosen from each designer featured in their store.  The rings they have available from Arman Sarkisyan are some of my favorite from the designer (seen above). I also felt their selection of Penny Preville and Gumuchian jewelry paired and played off one another really well.  I think it is awesome when mixing and matching of several designers happens, and so does Roberson's.  Jude Frances and Armenta are lines that do really well for this jewelry store and they make note of what their customers are saying, thinking and feeling.  You know you're doing something right when you listen to your customers!  It was also such a treat to meet designer Suzy Landa who was at the event as well with all of her amazing gemstone-centered designs. Gemstones can speak volumes, and Suzy Landa gets it!  

IMG_4819 IMG_4911 IMG_4930 IMG_4726 Roberson's Red Carpet IMG_4900IMG_4929 IMG_5094 IMG_4970 IMG_5076 IMG_4703 IMG_5114 IMG_4720 IMG_5135

What is it you notice, a red carpet?!  Yes, it isn't everyday that a jewelry store puts together an event that incorporates making their clients feel like a movie star, but this is exactly what Roberson's had in mind! Julie says, “We strive to offer our customers access to the most coveted jewelry from across the globe. We are forward thinking and innovative, and it is our mission to search out and bring the international trends to our local market.” Vice President, Julie Maddox continues, “Our customers want to know what’s happening, before it’s happening, and we are their resource. This elegant and exciting trend-focused fete was an opportunity for our clients to learn and and experience the trends in an intimate and interactive way.”

The private event featured small group trend forecast discussions where customers explored how the ‘boomer’ and ‘millennial’ generations interpret and adapt trends to their own personal style. With the use of visual props, model photography and the Trend Book produced by TRENDVISION + Forecasting, an independent international research observatory, the four major trends included: Airy Perspective – The Essentialist, Dramatic Poetry – The Romantic, Global Delights – The Exoticist and Digital East – The Digitalist. Nancy Robey and Jen C. Williams brought their expertise to the event and also gave customers the opportunity to ask questions about the trends, try on jewelry and ultimately purchase the on-trend designs.

Customers arrived at scheduled times throughout the day and walked the red-carpet outside of the store, posed for photos on the step and repeat, and later took photos of their jewelry-adorned hands on the “Jewel-Cam” – a mani-cam like the one seen on “E! Entertainment” during award shows. There were giveaways, specialty cocktails and light bites, along with fun to be had--even jewelry to be purchased, which was a perfect opportunity for people to see some exclusive pieces that were flown in by designers just for the event! Many of these pieces will be at the store until the end of this week--so stop by if you are in the Little Rock area!

I had an amazing time visiting Roberson's Fine Jewelry and attending their Trend Event! It was awesome to see such a fun-loving group of people who share a common passion--jewelry! It is no wonder they have an award-winning store and team, and are doing big things. Thanks for having me!


Visit Roberson's Fine Jewelry website.

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