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Leland Little Auctions Important Spring Sale 

Leland Auctions | Lot 1 Leland Auctions | Lot 11

March is around the corner and spring is in the air--I could smell it yesterday and easily got spring fever. This is also a time when people start spring cleaning and getting rid of things they don't want anymore! Spring is a great season for auctions as some of the best items can show up in a line up without one knowing, so you always want to be on the lookout! Speaking of, I was browsing the upcoming Leland Little auction and was pleasantly surprised by their Important Spring Sale they have coming up on March 3rd, 2018. The sale has just over 480 items, with the first 70 lots being dedicated to fine jewelry and watches. 

This is my first time writing about Leland Little Auctions, a North Carolina-based auction house that has been making collectors happy for over 20 years. They specialize in art, furniture, jewelry, decorative arts, coins, fashion, wine and collectible automobiles. Throughout the years, I've been closely following many of their sales via liveauctioneers and have actually bid on a few pieces. 

I hope you take the time to create an account over on the Leland Little website so you're able to bid on March 3rd! There is also an online-only sale, which runs February 21-28, 2018 and yes that means you can bid all throughout those dates. This online-only sale is separate from the Important Spring Sale, so there are some great jewelry lots which aren't shown in my top picks here--you'll have to check out that sale on your own!

And without further ado, here are my top picks for the March 3rd sale:

Lot 1: We are all rejoicing that the 80s are back (at least some jewelry trends of that era, not all) and in this case, auctions are the best places to find those pieces we are now coveting again. The best example of this is the thick gold collars, like lot one! This particular piece is exceptionally made--I can tell by the curvature and it is stamped 18k. The designer is Michael Good and I can easily see pendants and enhancers sliding on and off this piece, changing the look of it on a daily basis! Such a great staple to have!

Lot 11: We are all charm obsessed, what can I say?!  If you're a little behind, you should bid on a full charm bracelet like lot 11. Take your collection from zero to one hundred with a bracelet that has already been made, with significant and unique charms, there are 17 on this particular piece. I love the eclectic mix here--there's a figa, a fob, a key, several medallion shaped charms and even a hookah charm. The bracelet is 18k gold and the charms are various karats, some gold-filled.


Leland Auctions | Lot 15 Leland Auctions | Lot 18

Lot 15: I love a good all-gold bracelet and I think every collection needs to have one! Particularly, one that is a unique link or an extra-wide design. This bracelet from lot 15 is such a great option--it is easily wearable and goes with anything, while making a statement. This bracelet is 18k yellow gold and measures 8 inches in length. You should most definitely bid on it if you don't have an all-gold bracelet in your line-up!

Lot 18: I am always a sucker for old cut diamonds and black enamel, so this pendant struck me from the get-go. The diamonds actually total just over 2.50 carats, so this isn't a tiny, little thing. This piece can be worn as either a brooch or a pendant, and lucky for you can go with just about anything! How would you wear this piece?!


Leland Auctions | Lot 22 Leland Auctions | Lot 29

Lot 22: There's something to be said about Madiera citrines--the deep orangish-brown color paired with yellow gold is something I've been coveting for many years. This Victorian bracelet is the epitome of chic, set with a Madiera citrine weighing nearly 30 carats! Imagine this bauble floating on your wrist! Make sure you bid on this lot, it will be an investment.

Lot 29: I love when a ring strikes my fancy and lot 29 is certainly something you don't see everyday! If you're not too sure what you're looking at, it is a rock crystal embedded with a bezel set cabochon cut emerald! The clearness of the quartz makes the cabochon look like it is floating. This ring is truly one-of-a-kind and the diamonds surrounding the piece are just gorgeous as well!  I want it!


Leland Auctions | Lot 44 Leland Auctions | Lot 46

Lot 44: This gorgeous diamond ring made me stop and scroll back again--the design is quite unique and something I've never seen before. Once I clicked on the listing, I learned that the center diamond isn't fully mounted in the ring. This actually gave it an advantage because it could be precisely weighed and well as give the winner the option of getting it mounted in the same mounting or find/design something new!

Lot 46: I love enamel jewelry and lot 46 is truly an enameled masterpiece! Bright blues, reds, yellows, and greens highlight the vibrant snake that this bracelet depicts. It is done in 14k yellow gold and it fits a 7" wrist. This is perfect for all those snake jewelry collectors out there or for someone wanting a statement piece--a love for snakes is not necessary!


Leland Auctions | Lot 50 Leland Auctions | Lot 51

Lot 50: Again with the awesome comeback 80s jewelry--lot 50 is another gold collar necklace but very different from the first lot. This type of necklace is called an omega and these were quite popular in the 80s. You can wear it alone or paired with a favorite pendant or enhancer for a bold statement. I love the width of this piece and it measures 15.5" in length. It is 14k yellow gold and ready to be your favorite piece!

Lot 51: The last highlight from this auction is lot 51 and I had to include this chunky bracelet because I've been loving heavy links lately. Not for the faint of heart, when I casually say heavy, I mean it! Weighing in at 26.6 pennyweights, you'll unconsciously know when you're wearing this bracelet or not. But what I love most about hefty jewelry pieces is that they become one with you once you get used to them. 


This sponsored post was brought to you in collaboration with Leland Little Auctions.



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Need to Fix Some Broken Jewelry? I Recommend Quick Jewelry Repairs 

Quick Jewelry Repairs | Gem Gossip Quick Jewelry Repairs | Gem Gossip

For most people, the Internet and Instagram have opened up a whole new world with buying and selling vintage and antique jewelry. You don't have to blame where you live as to why you can't find some amazing pieces of jewelry because with Instagram, it is as simple as following some great sellers and dealers, and you can now buy things directly with a click of the mouse or iPhone. If you live in a remote area or a city or town that doesn't have access to a jewelry store with a good repair shop, I hear you! I'm constantly getting asked this question, so I made it my mission recently to scope out a solution for you! I found something VERY promising and completely convenient--I've tested it out myself from start to finish and have lots to share!

The company is called Quick Jewelry Repairs and they make repairing jewelry their priority, while making it 100% easy and trackable on your end! For me, there's always something that needs to be repaired, so using their services, even though I have a local jeweler I work one-on-one with, will be something I'll be doing monthly because it is fast and convenient. I had a stick pin I purchased from a local antique shop a few years ago that had been sitting on my desk since then--it always got put on the back burner of my repair jobs I needed to get done.

I decided to send it in to Quick Jewelry Repairs and all I had to do was fill out a quick description of what I wanted done, I was then sent a FedEx shipping label which I printed out and mailed my piece off. I was able to track the progress of my repair online and as soon as it was finished, it was mailed back to me. Everything from start to finish was so fast and most importantly, the repair was done right!

Below you'll find a quick interview I did with the founder of Quick Jewelry Repairs, Jason Yakubovich. You can also watch the video which takes you through the steps on how everything works! Before you know it, you'll be sending off all your repairs that have been clogging up your creativity and collections...and start wearing pieces that were once useless or broken!

Quick Jewelry Repairs | Gem Gossip


My family has been in the jewelry business for over 40 years, and repairs have been a big part of our business model for the last 20 years. In this day of digital transformation, we found a huge opportunity to help people get their jewelry repaired and serviced from anywhere and via any electronic device.


We have four pillars that sets us apart.

1. Convenience: With our services, there's no need to travel to a local jeweler. Consumers can get started on fixing their jewelry from anywhere and on any device.

2. Pricing - We are completely upfront and transparent about how much it will cost to repair your pieces.

3. Speed - We are called quick for a reason and are very clear on the turnaround time from the second you work with us.

4. Professionalism- We work with incredible craftsman (and women) who know everything about jewelry to provide our customers with the best ways to fix, replicate or enhance their pieces.

Our customers can explain it as well, here's a message we received yesterday: "I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on the resizing and re tipping of my engagement ring. The work you did is impeccable—it looks better than it did before, and all my concerns about the prongs were addressed. The packaging was lovely, and I very much appreciated your fast turnaround time, rapid shipping, and excellent service.I will definitely return next time I need jewelry repair!"


I'm really proud of our strong customer service and craftsmanship. Our team is dedicated to restoring and repairing your piece using our high standards and the utmost care.


Any jewelry or watch repair is our specialty, but honestly we receive all kinds of things unique, strange and beautiful things. With our creative team, anything is possible!


Being that our company is a jewelry manufacturer we have the resources to handle almost anything. However, we do not work with Titanium and certain alternative metals.

This sponsored blog post was brought to you in collaboration with Quick Jewelry Repairs.

QJR logo

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Karen Fairchild Wears Dana Rebecca Designs to the Grammys 2018

Dana Rebecca Designs Karen-Fairchild--2018-GRAMMY-Awards--01

Although we didn't live-tweet the Grammys this year, we did tune in and were entertained by the performances and most importantly, the jewelry! I had my eye out for my fellow Nashville friends, like Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild, who owns a few pieces from my personal collection that she purchased at one of my holiday trunk shows. She has impeccable taste and I always enjoy seeing what she will wear on the red carpet. I was excited when I noticed the earrings Karen wore to the Grammys are designed by Dana Rebecca Designs, a favorite Chicago-based jewelry line of mine. The earrings are one-of-a-kind and extremely unique. I got the exclusive info on them from Dana herself, who says they are "25.78 carats of opal, 35.45 carats of quartz, and 0.50 ct of diamonds!"

What do you think of these earrings?! I'm obsessed--these were a perfect choice for the Grammys!



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My Jewel Box: My Finds from Tucson + Miami 2018

My Jewel Box | Gem Gossip My Jewel Box | Gem Gossip My Jewel Box | Gem Gossip My Jewel Box | Gem Gossip My Jewel Box | Gem Gossip

I haven't done a "My Jewel Box" post in awhile! I always like to share my finds from Tucson & Miami, and I feel like documenting them in blog posts is somewhat more significant than an Instagram post. In Tucson, I was drawn to blue and green shades as I wanted to buy some loose stones to make some really special pieces. I can't wait to get these down the pipeline--if only my jeweler had more time for my pieces rather than sizings I have to do for people who have purchased things! My personal jewelry finds feature two rings from Tucson, one from Miami, and one from out of the suitcase of my friend Abby (@nomadgold) who stayed with me in Tucson (because we always have to make time to talk and trade jewels).

The first all-diamond ring that I found in Tucson happened while at AGTA within the first 15 minutes of being there! Period Jewels was set up at the show and I had never seen them at other shows I've been to, so I immediately was interested in what they had. This ring caught my attention right away and was a no-brainer for me. I at first was going to sell it, but then once I got home, I started to love the design of it and couldn't bare parting with it.

The second ring I brought home with me from Tucson is by far one of my favorite finds ever. Again, it was from AGTA from a seller named Efim Gilin Vintage Jewelry and he had a packed booth when I first walked up. I did a quick glance over the case and my eye was immediately drawn to the ring, which was sandwiched amongst lots of other rings in a big tray. I thought for sure it was missing some enamel or something was wrong with it, because how could it be sitting there with no interest. Sure enough, it was completely immaculate and had to be mine. I still can't stop staring at this ring!

When I was in Miami, I honestly told myself I didn't need to buy anything to keep because I had just found two of the most epic rings while in Tucson. But honestly, this ring found me! I bought it from Tenenbaum Jewelers out of Houston, TX who have some exciting things happening right now in terms of growth. I hope to make it down to their store soon, as a lot has changed since I last visited a few years ago! The infinity symbol in black enamel with the old cut diamonds made this piece extra special--now I just have to get it sized because it is super big! Can't wait to wear it!

My last ring find fits a category I've been drawn to a lot lately--opaque gemstones. I love malachite and lapis, and to find a ring that features both stones in one unique design made me want it! I really enjoy catching up with my jewelry friends, especially Abby of Nomad Gold. She always brings a small stash for me to look through and this piece was the winner for me!

Lastly, I wanted to share my amethyst heart necklace that I got awhile back, because every time I wear it I get people asking about it, or anytime I post it people are disappointed to hear it's not for sale. I actually found an exact match while in Miami, so that is currently for sale...and on top of that, I found a similar pendant in ametrine from Elements of Time. I think they make the perfect pair and I'm keeping both together.


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The Original Miami Antique Show 2018

Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip

The Miami Antique Show's final year at the Miami Dade Expo Center location. I will miss you rainbow neon sing.

Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Two of my favorite pieces found at the show--this insane opal butterfly brooch from DK Bressler and this 5.52 carat stunner from Jim's of Lambertville.

Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip

These booths that force you to truly "treasure hunt" are my absolute favorite.

Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Mary Ann-tiques had some really amazing things; these three were my favorite!

Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip

These two pieces just knocked my socks off--both involve opals and although extremely different, they still get the same amount of wow-factor.

Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip

This turquoise and diamond necklace stopped me in my tracks -- it is from OakGem.

Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip

The piece on the left is from DK Bressler and should be in a museum somewhere in Europe. The piece on the right is from Ishy Antiques and I'm so happy I got to meet him finally as the show was his first US event.

Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Three of my favorite rings from Poli Trading Company--the snake is to-die-for!

Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip

More favorites from DK Bressler, what a killer combo is opal + star sapphire?! I'm obsessed.

Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Excalibur Jewelry has way too much too choose just three, but I tried! The pelican with an opal ball belly really grabbed my attention; so unique!

Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip

The opal pendant on the left is from Lenore Dailey's booth, which wasn't the same without her being there but I love that she has so much love and support. The ring tray at Geller & Co. was a feast for the eyes!

Miami Antique Show | Gem Gossip

Gold Hatpin is always a hoot, literally, where I can't seem to leave her booth empty-handed. The owl ring caused quite a stir and I love the other two rings together too!

We are on to year SEVEN of attending the Original Miami Antique Show and this particular year was another for the books!  To make it memorable, this was going to be the last year in the short two-year location change, before the show heads back to the beach in its original Convention Center location. I, of course, made things more difficult on myself by getting surgery on my back two days before leaving for the show, but I rolled with it and made the most of the situation. I made sure to warn people not to hug me beforehand, and most remembered and made light of the situation, which was funny. I don't think I openly talked about finding a lump on my back earlier this year, but I did and I got it removed, and feeling very thankful for health insurance which I just got in the summer of last year. I'm going to have the raddest scar on my back and I'm looking forward to making up what I will tell people it is from ... ;)

I made sure to read my blog post from last year before I attended, because I knew I would need a refresher on where booths were located and the dynamic of the new location. Like I said last year, several people were disappointed with the layout and where they were placed, so a few favorites didn't attend the show at all. To add to that, there were a lot of booths that were moved around, so essentially it was like attending the show for the first time all over again (I had to discredit all my memories). As much as we tried starting in one spot and walking from booth to booth, we did a lot of jumping around this year and missed quite a few people, but we saw so much in the short span of two full days at the show!  I also ate the worst pizza I have ever tasted at the show lol but made up for it during some really great dinners with some amazing people. 

After having a successful holiday season with selling, I was able to buy more in Miami and for the first time I felt more like a buyer than a blogger. I haven't carved this path as something I've wanted to do from the beginning; it sort of fell into place from me selling a lot of personal pieces and realizing I was onto something. Whenever I would try to focus on writing new blog posts, I would unintentionally get swept up in listing new pieces and answering questions. I started to get really into it and every time I would mail out a package, it would bring me a different kind of joy that blogging didn't fulfill. So, yes I will be taking my @shopGemGossip page more seriously this year by listing a new item everyday at 8:30pm CST. As for blogging, I've got a huge surprise coming up, so don't ever think that I am putting that on the backburner--you're going to love this new change.

Be sure you're following @shopGemGossip as I will be listing all 20+ items from my trip for sale. AND, you know I had to pick up something special for my personal collection, so I will be doing a My Jewel Box post and share my personal finds from both Tucson & Miami.

I'm already excited for next year and looking forward to bringing the show back to the beach!! 


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