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{from top to bottom:

Shay Jewelry stacking up, which is just another day at the office for these girls

Platt Boutique Jewelry piling everything Georgian from their inventory, including lots of rose cut diamonds

@serratatat having fun with Charde Jewelers, becoming a modern muse

FD Gallery shows off four incredible 18th & 19th Century Momento Mori rings from their inventory

Maria Nilsdotter designs some amazing rings--loving the entire collection together

Shop Esqueleto takes a snap at their bridal shoot looking lovely with all the stacks

Metier SF takes a picture of Angela's (@gemstonegypsy) jeweled fingers when she came to visit San Fran

Jewels by Grace having a moment while visiting FD Gallery, and yes that's a 10 ct+ Cartier cluster ring

@thing_finder and some of her favorites from her personal collection}

The Opulent Box: A Jewelry Subscription You Won't Want to Throw Out!

opulent step1 step2 step3 opulentjewelers kieselstein-cord-bloodstone-intaglio-ring-18k-yellow-gold1-600x800 hermes-stirrup-18k-yellow-gold-bracelet-1-600x800 hermes-collier-de-chien-ring-18k-yellow-gold-600x800 hermes-choker-necklace-yellow-gold-1-600x800

It doesn't matter what industry you're in, in order to be one-step ahead of the game, one must be constantly thinking outside the box.  Unless this box is an Opulent Box, then you've found yourself amidst a genius idea-- a concept recently created by Opulent Jewelers, a jewelry company that is based out of Pennsylvania. The concept isn't new--have you heard of Birch Box or Bark Box?! Surely you have, a subscription based service which mails subscribers a monthly box of 4-5 samples based on preferences. Many companies have formed from the surge of interest, anything from makeup, to food, wine, and my favorite--Japanese toys and trinkets. Could this concept work for jewelry?!  Obviously, but what if you want to step it up a notch...a BIG notch.  I'm talking when you receive an Opulent Box in the mail, your box will be valued at $25,000!  Yes, it is the world's first-ever subscription box for authentic, luxury and designer jewelry!  

Opulent Jewelers says that each box is, "custom curated by a personal concierge to suit your unique tastes and preferences, selections in this incredible box will include rare and exquisite pieces chosen from legendary brands such as Chanel, Cartier, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, and others! On top of the amazing jewelry, we’ll also throw in some exclusive goodies just for you."  They've set up a survey which takes just a few minutes to answer a few questions, all of which determine the best "surprise" jewels for your Opulent Box. Questions like, "When do you normally wear jewelry?" or "Which of these speak to your style?" ..with photos of five different options. With an entire year's subscription costing $100,000 this is as good as it gets for an extravagant client needing a gift for their significant other without having to do much of anything but pay!  There's usually four occasions per year that need gifts like this--anniversary, birthday, Christmas and the ole yearly "just because" and the Opulent Box will have you covered for 365 days!  

So what do you think?!  Do you like this idea? Let us know in the comments below!

The four items featured above are favorites from Opulent Jewelers, who also have a private suite in Bucks County, Pennsylvania!  You can click on the image to bring you more details and price.  

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Opulent Jewelers.



The Jewelry That Will Have You in a Bidding War at Fellows Auction!

Lot 9 Lot 18 Lot 91 Lot 195 Lot 203 Lot 225 Lot 251 Lot 484 Lot 488 Lot 514 Lot 517 Lot 584

Ever been involved in a bidding war?!  If you're an antique jewelry collector you've been in AT LEAST one and know exactly what the item was and how you felt in that moment!  Most introverts become heart-thumping, rash decision-makers and most shy, timid people become voracious, crazy bidders during a high stakes auction, when favorite pieces are up on the block.  I, myself, have been guilty of this--no matter how much you plan ahead and write down your absolute highest offer and promise yourself not to go over it, all that means nothing when it is "crunch time."  Last week, for example, I lost out on a ring by $25 just because I tried to be good and not exceed my maximum limit I set for that particular item.  Now, when I think back, would I have gladly paid an extra $25 to own that ring?! YES!  So there is always a good vs. evil concept going on with bidding and sometimes you are your own worst enemy.  Some of my favorite auction wins involved a stroke of good luck, so that plays into it as well!  

It's not even September yet and I already had to peek at Fellows' Antique & Modern Sale as soon as they posted their catalog online.  Their September sale is going to be a good one, with numerous items that are incredibly desirable!  I've got my list going, now it is your turn to pick out your favorite items you will be bidding on when auction day comes--September 17th, 2015.  My prediction?  These 12 items will be causing some bidding battles and leaving some people heart-broken and the winners feeling amazing!  Let's take a closer look at these pieces:

Lot 9: This late 19th century Emerald bangle bracelet has exquisite gems that are such a deep forest-green color, which will attract buyers and collectors from all over!  The engraving throughout the bangle is a nice touch and if you pay attention, you will find the matching earrings and necklace that go along with this bracelet!  How great would it be to acquire the whole set?!

Lot 18: A fun and playful station necklace, this vintage piece is done in 9k gold with beads of malachite, a very trendy gemstone in today's fashion world.  This necklace is hip and could make any outfit better!  A fine piece of jewelry that isn't going to break the bank, yet continue to hold its value.

Lot 91: An incredible Art Nouveau diamond and sapphire dress clip turned necklace! The style of this piece is quite unique, I've never seen anything like it.  Talk about a stunning piece of history, one that will stand out in someone's collection.

Lot 195: Ughh, this ring brings me to tears when I look at it!!  If you want to focus on creating the most insane navette ring collection, just watch what comes up to auction from Fellows--I swear they have the best navettes ever! This one is seriously the best I've ever seen...but I may be retracting that statement next month when seeing their next batch of jewels... 

Lot 203: I've seen some amazing rings be made out of arrow jabot pins and this one would be a great one to use--set with diamonds and onyx.  I've also seen lots of these popping up everywhere as earrings, with the arrow seemingly poking through one's ear.  Lots of possibilities with this one!

Lot 225: These diamond "webbing" motif rings are my weakness and this particular ring is a fine example. Typical of the Edwardian time period, this ring is set with an oval sapphire in the center and diamonds all around. Who will win this beauty?!

Lot 251: A very geometric bangle bracelet which is vintage and set with the coolest, boldest hexagon amethysts. If you're looking for a unique piece with a big splash of color, this is it!  I think this might be small enough to fit me?!  I might be bidding...

Lot 484: A precious pair of coral drop earrings with a dainty diamond clover detail up top.  These earrings are antique with rose cut diamonds and are something that can be worn daily.

Lot 488: Another cute pair of earrings, these are diamond bird stud earrings with dangling diamonds in each of their beaks.  How adorable?!  Perfect for any animal or bird lover, or even a nature lover.

Lot 514: A rare early 20th century black ribbon choker necklace, featuring a plaque of diamonds and pearls in a bow motif.  Funny to see something like this which was very popular then and have it slowly becoming popular again today!  This would be right on trend now.

Lot 517: A glorious pair of rose cut diamond dangle earrings circa late 1800s with black enamel detail. What makes these special besides all the original rose cuts is how the backs had brooch fittings added at a later date so they can be worn as earrings or brooches.  So neat!

Lot 584: Can you tell I'm infatuated with the clover trefoil motif?!  I love how this ring features slightly different pearl overtones--one white, one more peach, one more purple/pink.  Definitely a special ring that will cause some high bidding come auction day!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Fellows Auctions




Gem Gossip Attends Jewelry Industry Events from Las Vegas to New York City!

_BSP2265 _BSP2345 DE173 Kelly in The Crowd Bloggers _BSP2210 _BSP2498 Kelly Performance 3 JCK-DEF Event


Diamond Empowerment Fund's "Diamonds in the Sky" Event, Celebrating Diamonds Do Good


The Jewelry Industry sure knows how to put together an evening of festivities and if you catch yourself in Las Vegas during jewelry week, the Diamond Empowerment Fund's event every year is one you don't want to miss!  No matter how tired or drained I am after back-to-back appointments all day, missed lunches, skipped dinners--I stop everything, clear out my evening schedule and attend this charity event. Last year's performance by Chaka Khan was exhilarating and truly once-in-a-lifetime. Hoping to have an even better time than last, I sort of had a feeling it would be after finding out this year's performer was going to be Kelly Rowland formerly of Destiny's Child, and knowing that my date for the night was going to be Monica of iDazzle, it was a night destined for the record books!  

The "Diamonds in the Sky" event brings together a diverse array of people--diamond industry veterans and newbies, government officials, a few celebrities, jewelry bloggers and industry insiders, and honorary D.E.F. scholars and award recipients.  "The Diamond Empowerment Fund believes that education is a key component to sustainable development, which in turn is essential to empower individuals, communities, and society toward future economic prosperity, stability and advancement." (Diamond Empowerment Fund, to learn more see their website)  

Taking center stage were student scholars representing D.E.F.’s “Diamonds Do Good” mission of developing the next generation of leaders in diamond communities around the world through access to higher education. Chantal Uwiringiyimana, one of D.E.F.’s scholars from the African Leadership Academy and currently a University of Arizona undergraduate, said “Having grown up in a poor Rwandan community, education has been the key to opportunity…I am now on track to become one of the few African female engineers.” Ashna Mehta, student ambassador for Veerayatan—a D.E.F. beneficiary based in India—said “Without access to education, the cycle of poverty is perpetuated and difficult to break free from…Veerayatan enables youth to reach their full potential and become leaders and change-makers in their communities.” There was also a live auction, which D.E.F.'s co-founder Russell Simmons helped introduce, and some serious money was raised!  A definite success finished off by the glorious voice of Kelly Rowland.  Another memorable Diamonds In The Sky event in the books!

For such a commendable project and mission, I was honored to attend the gala in Las Vegas with some of my fellow jewelry friends.  Special thanks to Jen C. Williams of Luxury Brand Group and everyone who made the night one to remember: Katerina Perez, Monica of iDazzle, Natalie of Jewelsdujour, Liz Kanter of Todd Reed, Amanda Gizzi of Jewelers of America ... and finally meeting Craig Danforth and Helena Krodel.  Until next year...

Above photos provided by: Diamond Empowerment Fund (D.E.F) Last photo is a scan of JCK Magazine--we made it into the "social diary" page! Yea!

11064822_10155835727755173_8019149794751785172_o 11222003_10152915413036360_3535474571339549405_n 11701187_10100545570903773_2700951853996178106_n mvsstudio_67234 mvsstudio_67238 mvsstudio_66955 mvsstudio_67239

Women's Jewelry Association: 2015 Awards for Excellence Gala in NYC

There have only been a few times in my career as a jewelry blogger where I felt my hard work, dedication and passion have exceeded my expectations and provided me with opportunities I had never dreamed of.  Hearing my nomination for the Women's Jewelry Association Awards in the category of Excellence in Editorial Media really left me awestruck and emotional.  It is amazing to have little moments throughout my days as a self-employed writer through emails and comments from people appreciating my passion and what I do, but to have an industry call you out on it and nominate you for an award is on another level!  And not just an industry, but the WOMEN of the industry--women who are here to empower, stand up, back you up, praise and applaud--and the highest up women, mind you.  So thank you.  Thanks for acknowledging what I do, which I started seven years ago when most in this industry didn't even know what a blog was.  

The Women's Jewelry Association Awards for Excellence Gala is held every July in NYC since 1984 (a great year, may I add) and is an event that most will say is something they look forward to every year!  I was excited to attend for my first time ever and as a nominee no less, so it came with mixed feelings--one minute I was super pumped and then the next I had butterflies going 90 mph in my stomach.  I'm sure it didn't help that I flew in alone and had my Uber driver side-swipe another car only 15 minutes into my arrival in NYC.  But that is the nature of the beast, I guess!! The night itself was magical due to the people I was with--seeing old faces, meeting people I've been wanting to since forever, reconnecting with people I hadn't seen since Vegas, and making acquaintances friends for life!! Also shoutout to Barbara of Adornmentality and Mr. Chris Matty for their excellence in accommodation recommendations--I know should you ever wish to embark on a career change, a travel agent is where you both will soar.  (hysterical crying face emoji)

Big congrats to Monica of iDazzle who *dazzled* hardcore at the evening's event and took home the coveted award in my category.  Also another big congrats to Rebecca Moskal who won for Excellence in Marketing & Communications, whom I was rooting for more than I was for myself. I've experienced her professionalism and hard work first hand, so it was great to see her win in the most deserving way.

I was terrible at capturing pictures that night, but thanks to those that did--I stole one of my favorites from Payal Shah (L'Dezen Jewelry) featuring myself, Monica, Barbara, Payal and Dallas Selsey. 

Gem Gossip Jewelry Sale: Everything Must Go!

Gem Gossip Rings For Sale Gem Gossip rings

Hey jewelry friends and fellow collectors!  I've got an opportunity you won't want to miss--whether you are a jewelry lover, beginner collector or even a jewelry store that carries vintage and estate--I'm practically giving these rings away, with crazy low prices!  All of the above rings are FOR SALE. If you follow my adventures on Instagram, you may know that I am getting married soon, so I have a wedding to pay for, hence the low prices.  If you see anything you like, let me know by emailing 

Everything featured above is real, solid gold set with genuine gemstones, diamonds. Also, nothing is more than $800 shown!  Like I said, great prices!!


Favorite Instagrams: Late Summer 2015

lorinya danielavillegasjewelry mociun jeanjeanvintage lisakramervintage rkjewels_ reliquarysf jewelleryhannah macklowegallery thezenobia vadajewelry pippinvintage arrowandanchorantiques phillipshouse

lorinya collecting some Santa Monica garden inspiration

danielavillegasjewelry knows how to make a bug look desirable, definitely WANT

mociun stacked up in vintage/antique bracelets she brought back from the Vegas antique show

jeanjeanvintage giving us some Italian micromosaic envy with this ring from The State of Hermitage Museum in Russia

lisakramervintage sold this reverse intaglio ring featuring a marsh scene and blue bird very quickly, I missed out!

rkjewels_ pairs a 1970s Chopard watch with blue jeans, a match made in heaven

reliquarysf organizing some newly acquired pieces for their San Francisco shop

jewelleryhannah gives us a peek into her jewelry box, omg YES

macklowegallery captures their 1880s billy goat brooch amongst the "snow capped mountains" of this quartz crystal

thezenobia shows off her diamond photography skills--they are on point

vadajewelry giving us some marble vibes, the best kind to have

pippinvintge making a 1960s Boucher "birds of paradise" brooch look reallllly good

arrowandanchorantiques is convinced Opals are magic...we are too!

phillipshouse new designs featuring these gem set door knocker earrings

Meet Lisa Kramer Vintage: Antique Lover, Seller, Traveler

Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip

Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip

She is your modern day hunter-gatherer, but we're not talking wild plants and animals--we're talking about something much more refined and ideal.  Lisa Kramer has been foraging for vintage things since she was old enough to ride the subway, which she thinks was around the time she became a junior in high school.  Growing up in NYC was influential from the start, but it was the old movies she remembers watching on TV which had an impact on her love for all things antique. Riding the subway to Manhattan, combing vintage shops for clothing and jewelry, as well as checking out Greenwich Village's artisan jewelry shops for inspiration became her favorite pastimes.  Lisa Kramer began making her own jewelry and even taking some metalsmithing classes, where the allure of metal and gemstones began to enthrall her.  In college she majored in Anthropology (and worked for a summer on an archaeological dig at a Chacoan site in New Mexico, so cool!) and has a Masters in Architecture (go girl!). A long career as a construction project manager was in the books, but jewelry was calling her name!  Lisa explains, "All of these careers inform how I look at antique and vintage jewelry.  The decorative details on historic buildings are often similar to the motifs used in jewelry.  I love learning about the construction methods and materials used in the manufacture of jewelry during different eras and look for visual clues indicating changes made to a piece, a sort of jewelry archaeology.  Working in the construction industry also led to my collecting more jewelry: while I couldn’t wear vintage clothing to construction sites, there was no problem with wearing antique earrings!"

And that's when the travel bug bit her and her treasure hunting instincts kicked in!  Lisa began selling antique and vintage jewelry in the late 90s and started scoping out auction houses, flea markets and estate sales for her buying trips. Before long she began setting up herself at a couple shows--she started at the Vintage Expo and Art Deco Show in San Francisco. Lisa Kramer Vintage remained a side business until three years ago! That's when Lisa decided to make her vintage and antique jewelry gig a full-time business.  The first step was opening up her shop on Ruby Lane. Her latest happenings include adding additional antique shows to her roster including the Hillsborough Antique Show and the Palm Springs Modernism Show. In November she will be selling at the Pier Show in New York for the first time!  Lisa is so excited about this because, "it feels like I’m coming full circle, going back to my origins in New York!"

Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip

What I like most about Lisa's attitude when it comes to selling jewelry is her "no-regrets" thinking. I always enjoy asking people who have been in the business if they have any pieces that they regret selling! Lisa doesn't and says that with every item she sells, it is a learning experience and loves the hunt just as much as finding a forever home for each piece. Anyone that has ever been to London to go antiquing knows that it is one of the best and Lisa agrees!  She's excited to be going in October and hoping to bring back lots of goodies for her shows and Ruby Lane shop, so stay tuned!

Lisa and I only missed each other by a room full of people--YES, we were in the same room, actually the same conference and never met up.  We both attended the ASJRA Conference up in Chicago and I had left early, so I didn't get much time to talk to anyone. Both her and I are on the same page when it comes to recommending education and connecting with fellow sellers and collectors by attending these professional development events. Lisa recommends Jewelry Camp, ASJRA (Association for the study of Jewelry and Related Arts), and being a part of a local GIA Alumni chapter and WJA chapter.  I agree!!  She also recommends for new collectors to start out by collecting a library of reference books on topics that appeal to oneself. Auction catalogs are also a great reference, especially for appraising and attending auction previews is beneficial for learning and handling pieces. Lisa recommends attending antique shows to learn as well--dealers are often willing to teach to those who are equally passionate and willing to learn. She warns if you're attending a show to learn rather than buy, to ask a dealer when they are not busy with customers!  Good tips!

Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip Lisa Kramer Vintage | Gem Gossip

If you want to know more about Lisa Kramer Vintage you're in luck because she has her own blog which is filled with great information for like-minded jewelry collectors. Anything from book recommendations, to conference recaps, and my favorite--her travels and finds, which even have restaurant recommendations! You can check out her blog here

To shop Lisa Kramer Vintage on Ruby Lane, click here.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with Lisa Kramer Vintage.

Rago Arts Unreserved Auction Set for August 27, 2015

350 354 366 381 399 469 485 495 511 531

Auction season has just begun and Rago Arts has an unreserved auction fit to whet your appetite for some dazzling pieces of antique, vintage and estate jewelry (amongst some other things). This should hold you over until their heart-stopping December Sale, which is always incredible and knocks everyone's socks off!  This year supposedly is supposed to be insane (ssshhh, you didn't hear that from me!)--but this comes with a fair warning to save those pennies!!

Rago's features an Unreserved Auction on August 27, 2015 which showcases just over 250 lots of jewelry! The auction is unreserved, which means that everything in the auction must be sold at the highest price offered that day, whatever it may be. This sale features a varied selection of late 19th through 20th-century antique and period jewelry, modern gemstone jewelry, engagement and bridal jewelry, designer fashion jewelry and bijoux, as well as designer couture; period English, American and Continental furniture; lighting; rugs; porcelain; glass silver; and fine art. The sale begins at 10am where you know you can count of me logging in from wherever I may be and bidding from my computer. 

I've chosen my must-bid lots and it is incredibly exciting to think that each have "no reserve." Can't wait to bid!

Lot 350: I've seen panthers, lions, serpents, dolphin-looking fish, gargoyles--but THIS?! This is so unique! It's an eagle and its beak holds a chunky safety chain.  Those Victorians sure knew how to design them! It's 18k yellow gold and may be Italian in origin, circa 1870. Estimate: $800-1,200

Lot 354: Seriously obsessed with this 18k yellow gold enameled and gem-set serpent ring. It dates to around the first half of the 20th century and the combination of the light blue and black enamel is perfection. Ring size 11. Estimate: $300-500

Lot 366: Now this is a cute combo: a yellow gold pearl and diamond pendant and a two-tone emerald and diamond ring. Not only do these two complement one another, they are also great staples to a collection. Also a great lot for a beginner collector to start with! Estimate: $300-500

Lot 381: I would call this cannetille at its finest! This 18k yellow gold bracelet is created by cannetille work which is inspired by embroidery, using gold and is sort of similar to filigree, but definitely looks different. Cannetille is more 3D using scrolls, coils and springs to create an effect. Estimate: $400-600

Lot 399: A trio of some great pieces--a Victorian agate ring, a turquoise hinged bangle bracelet and a gold-filled hand-etched pocket watch case (without the movement). I'm loving the agate ring, particularly the shoulders of the piece.  Estimate: $400-600

Lot 469: Created during the 1950s when a sort of "Victorian Revivial" in the jewelry world was happening, this ring is a prime example from that time. It is done in 14k yellow gold, approximately 0.80 carats total of round brilliant cut diamonds and some navy blue enamel.  Ring is size 6. Estimate: $400-500

Lot 485: I love the randomness of this lot, each piece is pretty cool.  Starting with a ram's head pendant, a duck brooch with an onyx glass body, a pair of gold earrings which feature gold cameos of women, and an enamel bar pin that depicts a Barber's pole. Estimate: $300-500

Lot 495: Malachite happens to be one of my favorite gemstones, so this long necklace is great! When I say long, I mean 31 inches--which is a generous length of 14k gold beads and malachite beads. Perfect for fall and winter coming up! Estimate: $500-700

Lot 511: Two fantastic pairs of earrings--one drop style and the other studs.  The drops are pave set with diamonds with a teardrop shape dangling from diamond hoops, done in 14k white gold. The studs are a beautiful pair of sapphire and diamond flowers. Estimate: $600-800

Lot 531: Classic diamond studs had to be included, especially since these are set in my favorite way--the three-prong style!  The diamonds are both Transitional cuts and are approximately 0.80 ct. each. Estimate: $1,000-1,500


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Rago Arts Auction.


30 Days of Engagement Rings: The Best of the Best Right Now!

30 Days of Engagement Rings

As my big day is looming closer and closer, I've decided to dedicate all of August to bringing you the best out there in terms of engagement rings! So if you're in the market for an engagement ring or wanting to upgrade/redesign your current one, this is the ultimate engagement ring guide. Thirty breath-taking rings, covering different and unique styles, taking into consideration the top requests of brides-to-be, pulling together all my resources to narrow it down to 30. It should be mentioned that no one has paid me to be included in this list; it is truly a compilation that took several days to put together, focusing solely on choosing a wide variety of timeless rings that I felt every bride would say YES to and treasure for years to come!

So without further ado, the 30 Days of Engagement Rings!!

Day 1: From Craig Evan Small >> Center Old Mine cut diamond 1.25 ct. flanked by smaller diamonds, circa 1910.

Day 2: From Craig Evan Small >> Platinum 1.40 ct. center diamond set with calibre cut sapphire accents, circa 1920s.

Day 3: From Craig Evan Small >> A Victorian cluster ring, clover motif in 18k yellow gold set with three Old Mine cut diamonds totaling 3.00 carats.

Day 4: From Craig Evan Small >> Edwardian dome-shaped in platinum for a low-profile feel set with a 1.23 ct. center Old European cut diamond.

Day 5: From Erstwhile Jewelry >> A cross between a marquise cut and an oval cut--a "moval" 3.25 ct. outstanding diamond with French origin.

Day 6: From Polly Wales Jewelry >> Five pyramid halo ring featuring inverted diamonds for an alternative look.

Day 7: From McTeigue & McClelland >> European Ideal cut diamond Aperta Stretta ring 1.43 carats in 18k & Platinum.

Day 8: From Lang Antiques >> Such a unique Victorian cluster ring with an Old Mine cut center approx. 0.80 ct. center surrounded by bezel set diamonds.

Day 9: From A.Brandt+Son >> This dome of filigree is a popular look from the Art Deco Era, this ring has since sold, however their inventory is large!

Day 10: From Sophie Bille Brahe >> The Escalier de Lune ring in 18k yellow gold would make an awesome alternative engagement ring.

Day 11: From Sarah Swell Jewelry >> The Fern Dell Solitaire ring in 18k yellow gold has such a unique silhouette with a nature-inspired feel.

Day 12: From Karen Karch Jewelry >> The Floating Star Tiara ring fit for a queen--or just a really badass chic!

Day 13: From Filigree Jewelers >> Classic filigree style of the 1920s set with a 1.19 ct. Old European cut diamond.

Day 14: From Sofia Kaman >> The Twiggy Band with a yellow sapphire bezel set for those who don't want a diamond.

Day 15: From Mirlo NY >> Trillion cut white sapphire prong set on a 14k gold band--great option for those who can't afford a diamond right away.

Day 16: From Alison Lou >> Their "Mrs." rings because these would make a cool option for an engagement ring--personalize the gemstone and letter.

Day 17: From Taffin Jewelry >> Try something really different like a shield cut diamond or enamel band.

Day 18: From Gatsby Jewellery >> A spin on a classic solitaire featuring a 1.23 ct. Old European cut diamond in platinum.

Day 19: From Macklowe Gallery >> A gorgeous Art Deco ring in platinum set with 1.59 ct. Old European cut diamond flanked by marquise cut diamonds.

Day 20: From Jade Trau >> The Rae Wrap ring is like a swoop of gold wrapped around your finger with a big diamond sparkling at the end. 

Day 21: From Joden Jewelers >> A truly unique antique ring set with 4 Old European cut diamonds in a cluster of nearly 3 carats total!

Day 22: From Elisa Solomon Jewelry >> A one-of-a-kind antique rose cut heart ring with antique rose cut melee gives off a Bohemain vibe.

Day 23: From Trumpet & Horn >> Named the Cloverdale ring this Edwardian engagement ring is perfect those wanted something no one else has!

Day 24: From Levy's Fine Jewelry >> Emerald accents make this alternative antique ring even more stunning--it has since sold, but click link for more!

Day 25: From Doyle & Doyle >> An Old European cut Victorian ring with black enamel detail for an impeccably stylish bride-to-be.

Day 26: From A La Vieille Russie >> Unique Arts & Crafts domed ring with black enamel filled etched designs, set with three diamonds.

Day 27: From Berganza >> A crossover, bypass style (similar to my personal engagement ring) set with a 2.28 ct. & 2.18 ct. diamonds.

Day 28: From Estate Diamond Jewelry >> Classic three-stone diamond ring, this one set in platinum with Old European cut diamonds and bezel settings.

Day 29: From Excalibur Estate Jewelry >> A nicely decorated BIG European cut diamond, try 3.56 ct., framed by scalloped parenthesis of diamonds.

Day 30: From The Three Graces >> Heart-shaped diamond set in a modern platinum mounting flanked by a rose cut diamond.


Q & A with Jewelry Designer Doryn Wallach



It wasn't long ago when these incredible home decor-inspired jewelry designs began popping up in my Instagram feed. The lattice work, strong shapes, texture and a use of negative space are all incorporated into each design and you can easily see what a strong influence it holds in this jewelry line. Being a lover of both worlds, I had to know more! Lucky for me I got to meet the designer herself, Doryn Wallach, because she sat next to me at the WJA Awards!  Her jewels were radiating hollywood regency glamour and I got to see them first-hand!  As a former interior decorator it is no surprise that her former profession is seen within her collection--she explains, "I love Art Deco style, interior decor, architecture, antique jewelry and it is mixed with my own eclectic style." What became of the melding of these loves has turned into a lust-worthy collection consisting of 21 pieces, all done in 18k gold with a satin finish. 

Although all my questions, wonder and amazement couldn't be contained to one brief night, I got the chance to learn more about this talented and gracious women over email.  Thanks for answering our questions Doryn and I'm so excited to share this line with my readers!



At the moment, I am working to expand my collection by about 20 new pieces. This includes some existing pieces in different stones, such as black diamond, coral and pearl. I’m developing many more rings and earrings, a few large cuffs and necklaces, as well as a really unique statement piece and hope to have most of them done by late fall.

dorynwallachjewelry 19533122022_6a7bfb2dfc_o

My mom worked part time in a jewelry store when I was a kid, and I would sit with her while she worked. As I got older, she would take me with her to New York City when she redesigned jewelry of her own. I can remember her teaching me the Four C's when I was 10 years old!

Her mother loved jewelry and died before I was born. She had a ton of large, chunky and very unique pieces. Sometimes my mom would give me inexpensive stones or pieces from her jewelry collection, and would let me redesign them for her.

All of this came together more recently when I redesigned a ring with stones from a piece I never wore, and the jewelry maker asked if I ever considered designing jewelry. That's when a light bulb went off. I haven't looked back.


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It may have to be the first time I saw a finished product. I was developing a diamond gladiator ring, and I’d needed to rework it a few times to make sure it was comfortable, functional and attractive. When it was finally completed, it was such an amazing feeling to see something that had started in my head come to life. I still get that feeling every time I see a piece transform from idea to reality.

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I am hoping to start working with some colored gemstones like ruby, sapphire, emerald, larger diamond pieces and I expect to grow our retail presence by a few cities by the end of the year. I want to create a jewelry enterprise, but mostly I want to teach my children that if you work hard, you can be happy doing something you love. That will be the most rewarding.

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I absolutely love estate jewelry. My husband bought me a deco diamond, onyx and emerald ring when my son was born, and it's by far my favorite. My mother designed a couple of rings to celebrate my children being born. One is a turquoise halo ring with diamonds, and the other is a black onyx and diamond ring. These have a lot of meaning for me too.

When my husband and I first started dating, he made me a necklace with little block letters spelling my name. Even though the necklace was supposed to be a silly joke, I still have it, and I smile whenever I see it.

(Pictured are her treasured estate pieces, including her dear grandmother's collection of jewelry.)

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