Gorgeous Pocket Watches in Fellows' November 24th Sale

29 36 85 154 169

I don't normally get excited about pocket watches, but these are an exception!  Fellows Auction House has their Pocket Watches & Accessories sale coming up November 24th, 2014, and while browsing through I found some gorgeous pocket watches.  What sets these apart from an "average" pocket watch is the detail, the enameling, the guilloche, the markers, the dial...everything!  Such detail is put into each one.  They are all ladies' pocket watches, each being special in its own way. Above are my favorites from the sale:

Lot 29: Although this P.Reynaud pocket watch has some enamel damage to the beautiful scene on the backside, it still is one of the prettiest I've seen!  The white dial features roman numerals and I love the hands--long and slender with circular ends.

Lot 36: A gorgeous example of guilloche work on the backside of this gilt open face pocket watch.  The burgundy color is a perfect contrast with the white pearls, which surround the front and back.  This one is unsigned, with Arabic numbers for markers and a white dial.  The fleur de lis on the back is also a fun addition.

Lot 85: An 18k gold open face pocket watch, with heavily detailed enamel work on the backside.  The dial is a white enamel with black roman numeral markers.  I love the colors of the enamel on the back--black, white and an electric blue.

Lot 154: A 14k gold open face pocket watch, with an intricate enamel purple pansy on the backside. The white enamel dial features Arabic numbers, with the movement being 15 jewels.  It is unsigned.

Lot 169: A ladies open face watch by Horus.  The backside shows incredible blue enameling, with a gold flaming heart, which I love.  The watch is stamped 18k/750 and has baton hour markers, quarterly applied Arabic numerals.

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Levy's Fine Jewelry Relaunches Website!

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It all began with a road trip down south, I stumbled upon what most would call a, "diamond in the rough," but I like to say "jack pot" of a store.  Levy's Fine Jewelry sits downtown in Birmingham, Alabama with a surprisingly large showroom and incredible inventory of fine antique and estate jewelry.  Visiting the store was so much fun and I left, of course, with a few new pieces of jewelry to add to my personal collection.  That was almost one year ago--within that year Levy's has continued to grow and most recently, relaunched their website, and update their Facebook and Instagram with mouth-watering jewelry pictures.  It has been fun to follow and watch!  Makes it easy if you aren't a road trip away, like myself, to venture online and have the jewelry store opens its virtual doors on your laptop or computer!  

The new website layout (with snapshots captured above) is incredibly eye-appealing.  I love the colors and vignettes of jewelry which represent each product category.  Everything from the font to the black-and-white sketch of the building is so polished, I love it.  With an official launch this month, Levy's Fine Jewelry is gearing up now for the holiday season, where it is their time to shine.  Bridal and engagement rings are their biggest sellers, along with antique and estate rings.  

Other exciting news for the 92-year-old shop include an article in November's issue of JCK Magazine!  The article features an interview with Rhoda Denaburg Link, second generation co-owner of Levy's, along with third generation Jared Nadler and Todd Denaburg, who currently run the day-to-day happenings at the store.  The interview reveals that the store is still going strong, with Rhoda, even at age 79, still willing to clean the toilets if necessary!  That's the spirit!  With an owner as good-spirited as her and still as much involved with the store, it's no wonder Levy's has and continues to succeed.  

Gem Gossip is also happy to announce we have partnered with Levy's Fine Jewelry, and the store is our newest sponsor!  So, for a quick link to their website, look no further than my right sidebar!  And be sure to follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.  

Arik Kastan for Anthropologie #LoveGold

banner-8 anthro graphic arikkastananthro

If you haven't already discovered, Anthropologie is not only a destination for the ultimate outfit, complete with an incredible shoe selection, and while you're at it--some housewares you can't live without, but they have added one more department they are about to dominate!  The ever-evolving company has spread its wings into jewelry, and we're not talking only fashion jewelry--we're talking fine jewelry: gold, diamonds, and genuine gemstones. Arik Kastan is so excited and proud to be an exclusive partner with Anthropologie, bringing you a collaboration to die for!  The designer worked closely with the Anthropologie team, coming up with the designs that will only be found through their website and stores.  Modifying old favorites, adding new gemstone combinations, and designing new looks is how the collection took shape.  Right before their eyes, everything came together and both Arik Kastan and Anthropologie couldn't be happier!  

Some exclusive pieces, like the Trinity ring, in your choice of garnetlabradorite, or moonstone, is a petite version of our signature three-stone rings. A continued favorite among collectors, now in different sizes. The daintiest necklace ever done, takes the timeless navette shape, turns it on its side, and hangs delicately from a rose gold chain!  These necklaces are causing quite the buzz, also coming in two sizes--regular or "grande."  How lovely would they look layered together?!  Another exclusive design only found at Anthropologie are these round cluster stud earrings in garnet.  The size of these allows for enough ear coverage to make a big statement!  The garnet color is perfect for fall/winter. Speaking of perfect colors, we can't get over the smokey quartz and sapphire combination which lends its colors to the boldest ring in the collection.  I must say, these Anthropologie-exclusive pieces couldn't be any more extraordinary!

As always, each piece of Arik Kastan jewelry is hand-crafted in Tel Aviv, Israel using fine rose gold, with particular attention being paid to expert artistry and gemstone selection. Each heirloom is made to not only suit your style, but to be passed on to future generations.  It is important to mention that these designs are limited through Anthropologie, so get yours now!  

>> To browse the full collection on the Anthropologie website, click here.

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Typical Tuesday with Danielle Gadi


Name: Danielle Gadi

Job: Creator & owner of Danielle Gadi, PR

Location: New York, NY

Dupuis Fine Jewelry Auction set for November 23rd, 2014

20 55 113 198 223 267 270 282 324 330 331 546

If you need another invitation from someone other than myself, Dupuis Auctions invites you to the exciting world of bidding at auction!  I've raved about bidding/winning/losing at auction numerous times.  The excitement, the thrill, the defeat--all are such a fun rush of emotions and makes for a whole new aspect of buying a piece of jewelry.  I'm excited to share a new discovery with everyone, an auction house located in Canada, with amazing pieces of jewelry ranging from contemporary, signed pieces to antique treasures which date back to the 1800s.  Dupuis is located in Toronto and has been organizing successful auctions for over 25 years now.  A record boasting total sales of over $50,000,000 to date and a passion to continue to achieve are what makes Dupuis a notable auction house!  

I've been ogling over their color catalog for the past few nights, as it sits on my night stand and makes for some good nighttime reading. I chose some favorite above and made sure I signed up to bid!  The sale begins on November 23rd and has both a morning and afternoon session, breaking up the first 411 lots in the early session and continuing on the rest through 754 in the afternoon!  That's A LOT of jewelry!  I'll be "there" online! ;)

Lot 20: This incredible, one-of-a-kind Tiffany & Co. necklace circa 1900s is set with opals and diamonds in platinum-topped gold. I love the elongated opal set East-West, with the "negligee" style drops.  Such an amazing piece of jewelry!

Lot 55: The bypass style of this poppy with blossom and bud set is what draws me to this retro ring.  The bold red color of the synthetic ruby and the juxtaposition of the platinum and gold really show its high craftsmanship and design.

Lot 113: Nothing like a bold sapphire and diamond navette ring!  This one features approximately 2.35 carats total of Old European cut diamonds and a large central sapphire measuring 1.50 carats.  All set in yellow gold!

Lot 198: These fun earrings are quite rare!  Circa 1870, set with lava cameos each depicting traditional theatrical masks representing Comedy and Tragedy.  I love the style of the tassel-like chains, such a unique pair of earrings.

Lot 223: Pink diamonds surround this large 4.02 carat radiant cut diamond and makes for a show-stopping ring.  The ring is signed Chatila, a Switzerland-based company of over 150 years.

Lot 267: This textured 15k yellow gold snake bangle is so cool!  The diamond eyes and hissing tongue make it complete, and would look amazing on any wrist.

Lot 270: Talk about a statement necklace!  This 18k yellow gold piece is set with rectangular cut topaz, which graduate in color--from a light brown to a darker tone.  At the center reigns a large decagon shaped topaz, so superb!

Lot 282: A necklace and bracelet set made up of 18k yellow gold and gorgeous blue lapis gemstones. These pieces are very Greek-inspired and have scrollwork throughout.  One of my favorites!

Lot 324: Another negligee style necklace, this time all diamonds!  The diamonds total 1.10 carats with the piece dating to around 1895, with the chain most likely being added later and is more modern.

Lot 330: An antique platinum and diamond dinner ring, circa 1920s.  For a bold statement, this ring is for you! The center diamond is approximately 1.50 carats and are all Old European cuts.  Divine!

Lot 331: Such a gorgeous example of a turn-of-the-century diamond wreath-style necklace.  All set with beautiful diamonds--Old European cuts, one briolette, and one trillion.  Lots going on here, and so pretty!

Lot 546: This striking ring is very interesting--set with a high relief cameo of amethyst.  I love the blue enamel accent, all in yellow gold.  A truly remarkable piece!


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Largest Known Near-Round Natural Saltwater Pearl to be Auctioned at Rago, December 7th!


On December 7, 2014, Rago Arts and Auction Center will auction the largest near-round natural saltwater pearl discovered to date. It is the central element of a brooch described by Sarah Churgin, who directs the Jewelry department at Rago, as “a pearl the size of a quail egg on a cracker of diamonds." We now refer to it as the Putilov Pearl Brooch.

About the Putilov Pearl Brooch 

GIA Pearl Identification Report #2165503254 describes the Putilov pearl as a drilled natural saltwater pearl of the Pinctada species of oyster measuring 19.08 x 18.88 x 16.50mm. with no indication of treatment; near-round; white body color; orient overtone. The pearl is full-drilled with nacreous plugs, one now detached. 

The 19th century oval brooch onto which the pearl is set measures 2" x 1 5/8". It is framed by 16 near colorless old mine cut diamonds , approximately  28 carats total weight, in cutback collets, and by numerous smaller rose cut diamonds set in silver topped gold.  Detachable pin findings orient either horizontally or vertically.  The frame bears the unrecognized scratched marks KAM and N677. It weighs 19.7 pennyweights. 

History of the Putilov Pearl Brooch/Origin of the Name

Using family records and public research tools, Sarah Churgin and Katherine Van Dell, a jewelry specialist at Rago, have reconstructed the history of the Putilov Pearl Brooch back to the early 20th century.  

Alexei (also written as Alexey, Aleksei and Alexis) Putilov, a Russian financier and industrialist, brought the brooch from Russia in the spring of 1918, crossing the Soviet-Finnish border and proceeding to Paris. Putilov had been a powerful man in Russia prior to the Revolution, connected in business and government circles, both in Tzarist Russia and Asia. His family founded the Putilov Metal Works Company, a major supplier of railway products for the Russian government and artillery for the Imperial Russian Army. Historians cite strikes at a Putilov mine in February of 1917 and a subsequent speech delivered at the mine by Lenin as events that contributed directly to the Russian Revolution. After the Revolution, Lenin himself signed a decree confiscating all Putilov's real and personal property. Putilov fled Russia. He resumed his banking career in Paris under a Gallicized name. 

The consignor is the great grandchild of Putilov and his wife, Vera. Her surname is Anglicized. The brooch was inherited by her mother, who was born and reared in France and emigrated to the U.S. in the 1950s. It is family lore that this pearl was part of an earlier necklace. 

The Putilov Pearl brooch did not come to the auction house directly. It arrived through the offices of an honest jeweler. The consignor brought him the brooch to raise family funds for elder care.  While he did not know the true value of the piece she placed in his hand, he saw that it was exceptional. Rather than take advantage, he directed them to Rago. Believing that the pearl was natural, the Rago jewelry department had it certified and then derived the provenance described. 

>> More on Rago's epic December 7th, 2014 sale SOON!


claire_fivestory arrowandanchorant singlestonela jhadleyjewelry00 arikkastan23 loveadorned jenniekwondesigns22 mociun22 valejewelry

{from top to bottom:

Fivestory rocking SheBee Gems, loving the multi-colored sapphires

Arrow & Anchor Antiques mixes antique and modern, I spy Arik Kastan and the lost B ring :(

Single Stone LA showing off some antique and vintage rings from their store in sunny California

J Hadley Jewelry designs the prettiest opal stunners I've ever laid eyes on!

Arik Kastan proving that it is good to have options! Too hard to choose though

Love Adorned owner Lori showing me some of her personal collection rings

Jennie Kwon Designs who knew simple could be so dramatic?!

Mociun has a great eye for antique jewelry, here are some of her finds from Miami

Vale Jewelry displays a simple, subtle look that packs a punch!}

Obsession: Gold Antique Date Rings #LoveGold

IMG_5405 IMG_5407 IMG_5413 IMG_5406

Like they always say, it just starts with one!  That "one" was the 1922 date ring listed on The Eden Collective's Etsy shop, and for some reason I fell in love with it.  I noticed I was beginning to wear it everyday, stacking it with other Victorian rings that complemented it...or just wearing it by itself.  As one who protests people who wear the same rings everyday, I was starting to realize this was more than just a ring I liked--it was the whole concept behind date rings and what they commemorated that I loved. As an appraiser, dating jewelry we always use the term "circa" meaning approximately.  If I'm stating that a piece of jewelry is circa 1920s, I am meaning that it displays characteristics of the early Art Deco Era, and was made anywhere from 1920-1929. Engravings offer exact clues that help tremendously with circa dating, and date rings are somewhat similar in that aspect because it says an exact year.  That concept is pretty cool to me--I can look at my 1937 date ring and know that it commemorates that exact year!

The mystery of these date rings lies in what actually is being commemorated.  Most are class rings and represent the year in which graduation was completed.  Some are from world's fairs from that particular year or were made to celebrate a milestone.  Others were sort of a souvenir for the New Year.  The collector in me hopes and wishes to collect one from every year--sort of a challenge and fun mission to entertain my current ring collection.  So far, I have collected nine date rings and a few overlapping dates which I am willing to trade with anyone who has a date that I don't have yet!  Here are the ones I have; a few are shown above:



If you have any date rings, feel free to share yours with me!  I'd love to see! Also, if you couldn't already tell, I kind of cleaned out James McHone Jewelry of all their date rings the owner had been collecting for over 20 years!  If you ever get a chance to visit his store in Harrisonburg, Virginia, YOU MUST!! 

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Fall/Winter Favorites from Levinson Jewelers, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


I don't know about you, but as soon as the weather starts to get cold and summer turns into fall...and then fall turns into winter, I like to head south!  You can call me a snow bird, but I like to call it smart! ;) Florida boasts two of my favorite things--warm weather and Levinson Jewelers!  The store has become an iconic landmark, located on the famed Las Olas Boulevard in Ft. Lauderdale. For 30 years, the store has served customers from all parts of the globe, with their reach continually growing.  If you're escaping the cold and find yourself in the Ft. Lauderdale area, make sure to stop by and check out their fine selection of jewelry. They carry some of the most exquisite, prestigious brands--like Ivanka Trump, Gucci, Bulgari, Mattioli, Penny Preville, and many more. The incredibly popular Buddha Mama & Lana Jewelry are also a part of their repertoire.  

I took some time out to find my favorite Fall/Winter picks from Levinson Jewelers--all of which can be found in their online boutique!  I gravitated toward yellow gold pieces with splashes of black...bold looks, with subtle detailing.  I'm crazy over the sleek yellow gold earrings that I chose--very geometric and modern.  Black diamonds also won me over, especially on that Gucci ring.  The tassel is so fun and would make a great statement piece--I can't imagine someone NOT stopping and asking about it when worn.  Pieces with open spaces and asymmetrical design will look great with cozy sweaters and boots for this season!

My picks from Levinson Jewelers:

1. Black diamond tassel bracelet by Ivanka Trump, Price: $18,000 

2. Rock quartz three-stone ring with diamonds by Ivanka Trump, Price: $3,400

3. Bvlgari Monete antiche ring in 18k yellow gold with an antique coin, Price upon request

4. Bvlgari Serpenti bracelet in yellow gold with mother of pearl, Price upon request

5. Black diamond horsebit in 18k pink gold by Gucci, Price: $9,450

6. Circular dangle earrings with diamonds by Mattioli, Price: $8,900

7. Hiroko Bombe ring in rose gold from Mattioli, Price: $2,500 

8. Small Rock Lights earrings in yellow gold from Lana Jewelry, Price: $655

9. Bvlgari B.zero1 pink gold and black ceramic 4-band ring, Price upon request 

10. Diamond bow necklace in yellow gold with half carat of diamonds, Price upon request 


Gem Gossip Holiday Catalog 2014 is HERE!


It is HERE! Our first ever Holiday Catalog--a downloadable PDF filled with over 30 antique, vintage items for your holiday shopping pleasure. I've been buying/collecting items all year long, with most items being new, never-before-seen.

To get your copy in your inbox, send an email to charitybracelet@gmail.com with HOLIDAY CATALOG as your subject.

Get your wish lists ready!! And Happy Holidays!!