Colorful Bohemian Labor Day Looks with Elisa Solomon Jewelry

ultracool2 sophisticated feistyfloral classicchic

No matter what look you're going for this Labor Day, your transition into Fall clothing has never been easier to style using Elisa Solomon Jewelry!  Her designs are the epitome of summer--easy to layer, no fuss, carefree gold, diamonds and gemstones, and also work with the colorful floral prints coming this Fall. I love the ancient beads and carved animal gemstone beads used in her jewelry designs. The best part is, whether you like a more classic look, have a trendy style, want to add floral prints to your wardrobe, or favor an edgy sexy look--Elisa Solomon Jewelry flawlessly pairs with all the above.  Many of her pieces have a pop of color, which can add to any outfit.  Layering is a great option as well with her jewels, I like the beads on beads on beads look--necklaces or bracelets!  

To get these summer looks, here are the details: (all clothing is Victoria's Secret)

Ultra Cool:

18k yellow gold peace sign and flower earrings with paraiba tourmaline rough, Price: $1150

18k yellow gold flower child multi gemstone ring, Price: $590

Crochet fetish bracelet with gold clasp (styles vary), Price: $200-240

Sophisticated Sexy:

18k white gold, turquoise and multi gemstone set bear and ancient beads bracelet, Price: $2300

18k yellow gold feather earrings with turquoise pebble beads, Price: $720

18k yellow gold key necklace set with sapphires, Price: $1620

18k yellow gold peace necklace set with sapphire, iolite, citrine, garnet, tsavorite, emerald, amethyst, aquamarine, and peridot, Price: $2760

Feisty Floral:

18k white gold multi gemstone set beads with white ancient beads necklace, Price: $3060

18k yellow gold three arrow and ancient bead necklace with diamonds (styles vary) Price: $1900

18k yellow gold microphone ring with diamonds, Price: $670

18k yellow gold ancient bead bracelets (styles vary) Price: $2940 each

Classic Chic: 

18k yellow gold turquoise and aquamarine waterfall earrings, Price: $820

18k yellow gold arrow ring, Price: $410

One-of-a-kind 18k pink gold carved floral band ring set with Paraiba Tourmaline & diamonds, Price upon request



Obsession: Ancient Coins set in Gold #LoveGold

DSCF3825 DSCF3822 DSCF3813 DSCF3816 DSCF3818 Cufflinks p1 r01


Since seeing the collection at Couture this year in Las Vegas, I’ve been continually obsessed with coin jewelry.  The history behind each coin that 1884 Collection uses within their jewelry designs is intriguing and combines two aspects of jewelry into one.  Synthesizing antique with modern is a largely difficult task to pull off in the jewelry world, and these ancient coins set in modern, shiny settings is done impeccably well.  The exclusivity aspect is pretty high for 1884 Collection, since every piece is one-of-a-kind, using ancient coins each having their own story.  From when and where it dates back, to how it survived along its journey, to its current location on your finger or hanging around your neck!  


Talking with founder and designer Alberto Petochi only solidifies more as to why this collection is so coveted.  He explains how each Roman coin is over 2,000 years old and was used for currency in Italy, with 18k yellow gold being an important metal used as the basis for many of his designs.  And each design is as timeless as the coin that is at the center of it all.  A jewelry line that infuses history, Italian heritage and beauty all in one, I just can’t get enough of 1884 Collection!


Jewelry Descriptions:



MADDALENA COLLECTION - The Maddalena Archipelago, known for its pristine waters and natural beauty, offers a mesmerizing backdrop for this new collection. Shown are the necklace and earrings in 18k yellow gold.


BURANO COLLECTION - Named as one of the most colorful cities of the world, the Burano collection takes direct inspiration from the multi-colored houses that populate this small fishing village. Shown are the ancient coin rings with a halo of diamonds set in 18k rose gold and/or yellow gold.


RAVELLO COLLECTION - A shelter against the barbarian invasions, the scenic hill town of Ravello, situated on the Amalfi Coast, marked the end of the Western Roman Empire. A place of battle and a test of strength, the Ravello collection exudes this direct sense of power and edge. Taking the finest materials of 18K gold and diamonds and juxtaposing them with spiked designs, the collection itself dares you to stand out. Shown are the cufflinks and necklace, with the spiked details.



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Q & A with Jewelry Designer Johnny Ninos

portrate-1-435x567 I first laid eyes on Johnny Ninos' incredible designs when I visited Love Adorned earlier this year in New York City.  His barnacle collection stands out for its unique out-of-this-world look, and I had to know more about the designer!  I enjoyed learning about Johnny and his approach, and how this sculptor turned into a jewelry designer. The best surprise was finding out we both were born in the same small town in upstate New York, small world!

His use of recycled metals and conflict-free black and white diamonds is as organic as his technique and style.  Each ring looks as though The Little Mermaid would wear them all stacked, one on every finger. And they all pair so well together!  Can't wait to see what the future holds for this talented designer, but first I had to catch up with him:  




I’ve been building a new workbench that I’m excited about. I built my first bench before I really knew what I needed and I’m ready for an upgrade! I will probably want to build another one up in a few years but I’m treating this one as though it is my one and only and totally geeking out on the whole thing.



I grew up surrounded by makers in Alfred, a small college town in western NY. It’s intoxicating atmosphere of creativity led me to stay for my BFA where I focused in Sculpture. I started working in clay and eventually wood and metal followed. It was at Alfred that I learned how to work and think about materials. The metalwork I was creating was at a much larger scale. I was casting steel and bronze using 200 lb. crucibles, welding and cutting large sheets of metal and hammering away at the forge. Soon after graduating I accepted a teaching job at a small private boarding school in CA. The curriculum had jewelry and small metals and at the time those practices were completely new to me. To keep a step ahead of my students I spent a lot of time learning through books and youtube. At the bench I focused on building from the basics and found my background in sculpture translated well and quickly grew comfortable taking risks. A few years later my wife Ashleigh and I got engaged and I took on making the rings which gave me my first experience working with gold and diamonds. From there I was hooked. My first gallery representation came from taking a wrong turn while walking in San Francisco which led me past Love & Luxe. It was there that I met owner and jeweler Betsy Barron. We hit it off and when I left, I took with me a new friend, a commission for a custom display case, and an agreement for my work to be represented in her gallery. That moment where I was able to show my work along side jewelers I admired and respected was a huge confidence booster and gave me a lot of forward momentum.



I spend as much time as I can by water, not only for the visuals, but for the smell and sounds. Much of my recent work in my barnacle series is a result of time spent along the coast here in CA. However when I create a piece it’s not always representative of a particular event or finding, but a result of the drive to create which for me often comes from being outside.



I have a lot of ideas that keep me up at night. Necklaces, earrings and new bridal sets are in the works. I’m also looking forward to getting some pieces out that are more delicate than than my current work. I’m playing around with flush and prong settings and see a lot of potential. I’m also really looking forward to the mystery of the future. I have a lot to learn and I look forward to how that will influence my work.



My favorite piece is my wedding band and my wife’s wedding set. I will always remember creating these rings and the timidness for the way I approached the material that was significantly more precious than I was used to. Mine is a no frills band made in 14k white. Ashleigh’s is a bit more special. The day we got engaged we ventured out with our kayaks and found a small beach stone from a great little secluded spot we love. Her set is a three ring stack, one with the beach stone as the setting. I look at these rings now and see so much growth in my knowledge of the material from when I created them. For me they are a time machine of good memories.


Ask Gem Gossip, Volume One!

DSCF4260 Untitled Jewellery-in-the-Age-of-Queen-Victoria-buy-book-British-Museum-Press-cmc28191_productlarge Untitled

I've decided to add another segment to Gem Gossip after getting LOTS of questions in my inbox and finding it difficult to answer everyone!  Since I love to connect with my readers, I thought it was unfair that I couldn't find time to answer everyone--so, Ask Gem Gossip was created!  This will allow me to take the necessary time to get back to everyone's questions, and letting others in on our conversations!  Whenever I post an #AskGemGossip photo on Instagram, you can ask your question in the comment section.  Or you can always fill out the Contact page, with the subject #AskGemGossip...Hope you enjoy!


@taniadundou writes: If you ever see a portrait ring similar to your blindfold lady, I’d be super interested! But maybe you don’t see those in your travels in North America?  Do you have one era that you collect more than others?

Gem Gossip answers: yes!  I rarely come across rings with painted portraits here in the States, that is why when traveling abroad I made sure to buy things that I knew I would never or rarely see here.  That portrait ring was one of them!  I do tend to be infatuated with the Victorian Era more than others, but also love Art Deco.  Lately I’ve been on a 60s/70s kick, loving big bold all-gold designs.


@theoneilovenyc writes: I have way too many questions for this IG post haha, but alas, I’ll ask one.  What is your favorite book on antique jewelry symbolism? I’ve been searching in every direction to find an encyclopedia of such...

Gem Gossip answers: I’m working on a compiled list of all the jewelry books one would need to create a nice library...more on that soon!  But,’re right, there’s not really a book that focuses solely on jewelry symbolism--there totally should be!  But the book, Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria: A Mirror to the World has a chapter called The Language of Jewellery which pertains to symbolism!


@brittchamp3 writes: What is the best place to shop for antique jewelry?

Gem Gossip answers: This is a tough question to narrow it down to one particular place, because I feel like there’s many stores out there I have yet to discover...but the one place I would say would be the World Wide Web!  Sites like eBay, Etsy and Ruby Lane make it easy for a collector to find what they’ve been searching for right from the comfort of their home.  I also recently became a huge fan of live auctions--some of my best finds came from an auction house.  For a list of the best auction houses, click here.


@lisajshuler writes: What is the one piece that got away that you still think about?  I know we insane jewelry lovers all have many, but what is the one that stands out?

Gem Gossip answers: Ughh...I can still remember the day and all that was happening.  It was eBay of course, and the biggest, mossy green emerald and diamond ring had just alerted me on my phone that it was about to end.  I was in the middle of an appraisal for a client and couldn’t really bid.  I remember slyly typing in some ridiculous bid and having to put my phone away immediately after.  I wasn’t able to check my phone until a few hours later, only to see I was outbid and that the ring was more perfect than ever!  


@shopfiligree writes: What are your top 3 favorite pieces from your personal collection?

Gem Gossip answers: My antique engagement ring--my garnet, diamond and enamel ring from Skinner auction house--and my Gram’s gold and glass ring she gave to me.  (pictured above)


Flowers & Insects, Antique Jewels from The Eden Collective

big bug bird1 flyrings bee2 amorbug2 pansyrings


The Eden Collective continues to offer some incredible pieces of antique jewelry, and the latest batch of acquisitions does not disappoint! Inspired by the summer season, Eden has been working hard on some flower rings and insect trinkets, most of which have been created using antique elements and incidentals.  I love the idea of repurposing parts of jewelry, whether they are unwearable or broken, and turning them into treasures that can be worn and look cool!  Eden knows all about that, having been brought along to auctions and sales with her father since she could remember!  She loves all things antique and vintage, and with an eye for styling which she has done for many years, she is keen on what catches the eye!  

The above photos depict the beauties she currently has for sale in her Etsy shop--if not listed, make sure to start a conversation with her to ask if certain items are still available, or what you're looking for! I recently purchased a Date Ring, dated 1922, from her shop (pictured inset) and I am so in love!  I have found that it pairs so well with other antique rings and is stackable too.  Can't wait to collect more!

Above photos, from top to bottom:


Photo One:
1. repurposed 10k art nouveau lace pin with baroque seed pearls and sapphire mounted on our own design 10k scroll shank
2. big bug ring: repurposed amethyst paste body from stick pin with recycled garnet and diamond accents, the rest 14k our design
3. antique ostby barton with garnet baby ring as midi
4. antique ostby barton baby signet as midi
5. antique 14k and diamond flower bracelet 
Photo Two:
1. repurposed antique bird micro mosaic (was a button) set in 14k with our own design scroll shank in 14k
2. our own bicolor gold (rose inner band and yellow outer bands) gimmel ring with diamond set cuffs & posy motto engraved on the inner band “endless be my love for thee”
Photo Three:
1. rose cut diamond fly: repurposed from antique collar button. our 14k shank fly is 14k and sterling with ruby eyes.
2. our own design bug cuff midi will be available in 14k or 10k with diamond eyes/ other stones as requested
3 repurposed antique rose cut diamond set sterling fly on 1920’s onyx ring set in 10k filigree mounting
Photo Four:
1.  our sterling silver big bee ring repurposed and molded from a vintage brooch and mounted on our thick ribbed shank
2. our newest! “pollinate me” crossover ring in sterling with 14k shank and bee body and recycled diamonds
Photo Five: 
1. 10k “amor” ring our design after vintage ring found in Merida, Yucatan
2. little bug ring: recycled cabochon sapphire and opal, 14k shank and wings, etc. our design
3. antique art nouveau enamel forget me not stick pin repurposed as ( midi) ring
Photo Six:
1. antique 14k art nouveau enameled pansy stick pin with diamond repurposed as ( midi) ring
2. antique 14k art nouveau enameled pansy pin with diamond mounted on our own design 14k scroll shank
3. antique 14k pansy stick pin repurposed as ring



annesophiemgx bochicny colettejewelry farandwild3 jaimiegellerjewelry3 marianilsdotter metiersf necessaryexcess whitebirdjewellery

{from top to bottom:

annesophiemgx trying on some of the latest Messika Jewelry

Bochic confidently sporting the Conquistador collection in black and white

Colette Jewelry mixes snakes with leaves, very symbolic 

Far & Wild having an impromptu photoshoot with some gorgeous rings

Jaimie Geller Jewelry enjoying a fresh batch of Carbon & Hyde Jewelry

Maria Nilsdotter and her well known claws and skulls

Metiersf stacking some antique rings that compliment each other incredibly well

NecessaryExcess creatively shows me her rings, some of her personal pieces mixed with Jemma Wynne

White Bird Jewellery loves Lito Jewels, these are some cool rings!}

Obsession: Gold Lockets #LoveGold

IMG_4310 IMG_4314

Here’s a little secret for you--you can file this under things you may not know about Gem Gossip: lockets were my first collection and eBay obsession.  Of course I was still in high school, so every locket I found on eBay was costume jewelry, but I did have one 14k yellow gold locket that had “Danielle” engraved on the outside, which was a birthday gift from my parents when I turned 12.  Since then, I lost interest in lockets...until recently!  An auction score from Fellows landed me with a yellow gold etched locket, but not an ordinary locket which hangs from a chain--this is an unusual locket ring.  I’ve been wearing it nonstop lately, although I have yet to place any mini-photos into the locket.  

My newfound love for lockets has led me to search out some amazing yellow gold lockets, each available and ready for a new lifestory.  

1209863177_90-1-1381b b5c74240e963818e61f5dc7f35f80e2a 51247_huge 578991695551cf9b9242c3b64d475791 53199_huge 40c9be5f4008f971f264a2631bdb820c


18k yellow gold masked woman enameled portrait locket, from Lang Antiques, Price: $2250

15k yellow gold Victorian turquoise and diamond flower locket, from Metier SF, Price: $2400

15k yellow gold archaeological Revival Victorian locket, from The Three Graces, Price: $1575

14k yellow gold black enamel and pearl locket, from Metier SF, Price: $950

14k yellow gold with rendering of a female circa 1910, from The Three Graces, Price: $2650

14k yellow gold Etruscan Revival locket with hand granulation and bloomed finish, from Metier SF, Price: $2100


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Private Viewing of Kavant & Sharart Jewelry

DSCF3865-gemgossip DSCF3872 DSCF3896 DSCF3855 DSCF3887 DSCF3890 DSCF3856 DSC_0019-e

I've been eager to see the limited unveiling of Kavant & Sharart since I first learned that the design duo decided to merge their jewelry skills into one. What is amusing about this team is that they are husband and wife who compliment one another very well.  Each has their own aesthetic and their own vision, and when they come together it makes for some beautiful jewelry designs.  

I have been following Sharlinn's designs since 2012, when we worked on a Designer Spotlight feature for Gem Gossip.  Since then, her jewelry design skills have been honed and perfected--she loves taking inspiration from Art Deco design and Oriental Arts. Her aesthetic juxtaposes Kenny's avant-garde style, so it was only right to combine their forces into one, Kavant & Sharart! The will surely make a phenomenal debut later this summer! More on that later!

Seeing the pieces at my very own private viewing was something quite special and I was extremely impressed with both the dynamic uniqueness of the designs and the wearability of the pieces.  I think those two concepts are huge for both clients and store owners when choosing jewelry to buy and stock their stores with.  These pieces could be worn to a dinner party and steal the show, and they could also be casually worn everyday and become a staple piece within one's wardrobe.  I felt honored to get to play with the jewelry and get a feel for them up close and personal.

All of the pieces are done is 18k yellow, rose or white gold, with all genuine gemstones and pearls.  The diamond slice pieces were show-stopping, with the earrings being one of the first pieces I wanted to try on. Surrounding the diamond slices are round champagne and white diamonds, all set in 18k gold.  I paired those with the diamond two-finger ring that comfortably swirls around your fingers.

My favorite earrings were the Bird-of-paradise or also known as crane flower abalone shell earrings, done in 18k yellow gold with champagne diamonds.  I thought the shape of the earrings was really futuristic and wore a pair on one ear--the look was so inspiring!  I could see it being done on the red carpet and making waves in the fashion trend category.  

I always love seeing pearls done in new, organic ways--and these freshwater Baroque pearl rings look amazing in these Kavant & Sharart designs.  Each pearl is surrounded by diamonds, with the one flanked by abalone shell, all in such an avant-garde style.  They felt amazing on and I didn't want to take them off!  

The geode slice necklace pendants are really cool too!  They have a very marine-like, under the sea, look to them...perfect for summer!  I could picture them being worn on a long chain or layered on multiple length chains. So many possibilities!  

I enjoyed my time with Sharlinn and Kenny, seeing their designs in person was so much fun!  This married couple can create some gorgeous jewelry and are so incredibly nice and adorable!  Thanks for such an inspiring day! 

Gem Gossip Visits Wright & Teague in London! #LoveGold

1625744_698581550163317_847046030_n Wrightandteague DSCF3789 Wrightandteague DSCF3777 DSCF3759 DSCF3766 DSCF3761

The Burlington Arcade in London is such a magical place.  If you love jewelry, it is a must-see--both artisan and designer jewelry, as well as some of the most incredible antique jewelry you've ever seen, all in one place. Each shop is set up with a storefront with a large window, and all the best eye-candy displayed beautifully, it is hard to NOT draw you in. To make matters worse, the main center aisle of the Burlington Arcade is lined with red carpet, making you feel as if you are a celebrity in your own movie, arranged to choose any piece of jewelry you want to take home.  If you wake yourself up from this fantasy like I did, I was eagerly at the doorstep of Wright & Teague--an ingenious duo who craft some exquisite jewelry.  

These two, better known as Gary Wright and Sheila Teague (hence Wright & Teague), have a gallery that glitters with gold and fine gemstones. I was intrigued by the long Mneme drop earrings right away, and had to try them on! They are created with concave forms of 18k yellow gold and are named after the Greek muse of memory. The earrings are designed to subtly light the face and create full-on glamour--I was fulfilling so many wishes all within the first few minutes of being there!  Next up--rings!  The earrings that graciously lit-up my face had their own ring counterpart, but very much larger and statement making.  The Phoenix Sun ring glowed on my hand, and the rubies added to the warmth of this aptly titled ring.  I paired it with the Daedalus ring and then also with their iconic Naga ring which features a serpent as a symbol of wisdom and rebirth.  

As I was about to bid farewell, I learned a surprising fact that turned this shop into an enchanting space. Below us...below the showroom...lies a workshop that could rival Santa's secret workshop in the North Pole! Instead of toy-making, jewelry making, designing, brainstorming, hammering, done here.  Each piece that was beautifully displayed in the showroom was made from beginning to end beneath the customers and shoppers daily.  

The musings and creative genius behind Wright & Teague is captured beautifully in this video, produced by Bonnie Wright, daughter of the duo.  If you log onto LoveGold, you can enter their prize drawing daily, which gives away three pieces of Wright & Teague gold jewelry--Treasure Heart, Weeny Heart 18k gold necklace, OR Iliad 18k gold bangle OR Serengeti III 18k gold earrings!  


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Favorite Instagram Pictures: July 2014

claire_fivestory necessaryexcess liseannefrankfurt nakarmstrong deborahpagani erstwhilejewelry markatthemuseum jillnewman eriebasinby_couture/ylang23 hillarymacklowe bellandbird agelessheirloomsamedeonyc

claire_fivestory shows off an epic ring, a one-of-a-kind from Ara Vartanian

necessaryexcess has good taste in Rolex watches...and Cartier bracelets...and life

liseannefrankfurt captures a cool picture while visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium

nakarmstrong is such an incredibly talented jewelry designer, can't get enough of his designs 

deborahpagani recently spotted on Rita Ora, she's wearing the Geisha Fan ring

erstwhilejewelry knows how to pick them! gorgeous turquoise and diamond Victorian ring

markatthemuseum visited the Pier Antique Show and I just love this shot

jillnewman spotted this amazing necklace by Pasquale Bruni at Baselworld

eriebasin a hoard of new acquisitions is sometimes incredibly glamorous for this shop

by_couture was taken over by ylang23 and this picture of Joanne's personal stash is bananas

hillarymacklowe has some pretty rings on display

bellandbird enjoys collecting salvaged photos from bygone lockets, so cool

AgelessHeirlooms scoped out this Victorian serpent bracelet and necklace that recently sold at Sothebys

amedeonyc totally wanting a turquoise skull and diamond ring like this one