Found: Fall Statement Ring from Communion by Joy #LoveGold

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As many of you know, I have been on the hunt for the perfect all-gold statement ring for fall.  It took a lot of searching, both online and in stores, but I know I have finally picked the right one--and just in time!  This past week has been chilly, so although summer isn’t quite over, I can feel autumn looming.  With some fashion ideas buzzing in my brain--I’m thinking army greens, leather, and textured sweaters--this gold statement ring had to fit the bill and be able to be worn with all types of looks.  

When I saw Communion by Joy’s Eye of the Warrior ring, I knew right away it was “the one.” It is comfortable, substantially wide, shows some texture, and has a bohemian feel--all of which were important in finding the best ring to wear throughout fall.  I could picture it with an all black look or jeans and an army green jacket, but then I can also see it with a floral top or a long trench coat.  It is so versatile, and yet still has its own vibe, which is what I love!  

Communion by Joy is a unique jewelry line that has an edgy bohemian feel, with each design created using the lost wax method. This technique allows the designer to sculpt each piece, giving it many unique attributes unlike the average piece of store-bought jewelry.  Another aspect that sets Joy apart is her spiritual aesthetic which radiates from the piece.  The fact that she meditates before creating and designing seems as though the positivity carries through in her jewelry.  

I have paired my Eye of the Warrior ring in 14k yellow gold with two bright green vintage rings that I have had in my collection.  A floral top pairs nicely for now, and I will be waiting on the cool temperatures to add some sweaters into this mix.  Could it be? My perfect fall statement ring has me excited for summer to end?!  


14k yellow gold Eye of the Warrior ring from Communion by Joy 

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Jewelry Road Trip: Heart of Ohio Antique Center

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Before summer slips away, I wanted to squeeze in one more road trip for this year!  Six hours away, in a town called Springfield is the Heart of Ohio Antique Center.  It boasts 116,000 square feet of antiques and curiosities, from over 650 dealers!  After a long six hour drive, I was happy to see their state of the art facility, so although they sell old items, their building is far from antique.  It is air conditioned, well organized, light and bright, even has a lounge area with a big screen tv.  Our first stop was their cafe, which had delicious food and daily specials. Glancing around while quickly eating and making a game plan, we studied the map of the building and got started!

There are eight different "aisles" each pretty long and double-sided with antiques.  Most of the fine jewelry and antique jewelry is directly when you walk in, located in the tall glass cabinets.  It takes a minute to focus in on each piece, because there are lots of rings that are maybe from the 1980s/90s that are commercial quality...but mixed in you can spot some more antique pieces from the late 1800s and 1920s/30s.  I like taking things out and trying on, because a ring can really come to life when worn.  With security being important to them, it was hard to try on things and then put them to the side or try on multiple items because it was strictly one item at a time and it had to be put back right after looking.  I immediately was drawn to this 18k yellow gold coral and sapphire vintage ring.  The only coral rings I have are carved cameos from the Victorian Era, so I thought it would be a great one to add to my collection.  

Also fell for a few other rings, not pictured unfortunately, but were pretty unique--for some reason I didn't feel the need to purchase.  One was a double row eternity band, set with multi-gemstone cabochon cut stones.  The other was an opaque opal that had some wild bright enameling going on.  Would have totally bought it if it didn't have purple butterflies mixed in with the enamel work.  Not a fan of butterflies!  

Other items that did go home with me were a vintage gold satin clutch and an antique printers type set drawer that has been turned into a wall hanging shelf.  I was thinking of putting my rocks, minerals and gem specimens in each slot, hanging from the wall.  All in all, it was a fun, really quick trip with my mom and sister--although we meant to stay at a hotel, the one I had planned on staying at was booked solid when we got there, so we ended up driving all the way back the same day!  I'm exhausted...but it is all worth it for the hunt!


Doyle & Doyle Presents, THE VAULT series featuring Gem Gossip

Sentimental Rings (1)

Some exciting news!  Doyle & Doyle's latest creation, THE VAULT, an ongoing series of exhibitions of curated collections around a theme, has chosen myself as co-collaborator of their next installation!  Both myself and the Doyle sisters have worked closely coming up with a theme and choosing the pieces that will be featured.  The theme is Sentimental Rings, with pieces that fall within five categories – Birth & Childhood, Memento, Love Token, Courting & Marriage and Death & Mourning.  I am so excited to see all the pieces in one place, both from Doyle & Doyle and my own personal collection. 

This event will appeal to jewelry connoisseurs and insiders since it is showcasing some very interesting and rare pieces with the intellectual theme of "Sentimental Jewels" as it's reflected through historical periods and pieces. The exhibit will run from October 9th to November 9th, with a private preview party on on Wednesday, October 8th at Doyle & Doyle, located in NYC's meatpacking district. 

Please join us as we unveil this showcase of rings--send me an email, there is limited space for the private preview party, but I would love to try and get everyone in!!  Would love to meet you all!!



Sentimental Rings- From Birth to Death and In-between
October 9th - November 9th
Doyle & Doyle
412 West 13th Street
New York, NY 10014

Engagement Rings of the Jewelry Bloggers

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Probably the most commented on, asked about or talked about ring I own is my engagment ring.  Not only is it by far one of the most important pieces of jewelry I will ever own, but I wear it everyday!  And for someone who never wears the same ring twice in a row, wearing an engagement ring everyday for the rest of my life better be one I LOVE, with a capital L, all in caps lock.  Well, most everyone that knows me or reads my blog is quite familiar with my ring.  It got me thinking--what about my other favorite fellow jewelry bloggers?!  I'd love to know more about their engagement rings!  So, I've compiled some of my favorites, along with their stories. Each in its own right extremely heartfeldt and touching, and all extremely gorgeous.  So many different styles for such unique ladies!  I'm so excited to share these with my readers and glad I can call these girls my friends! 


My engagement ring is vintage, a platinum Art Deco ring with an original inscription from 1937.  I was working for a very fine independent jeweler at the time that I got engaged, and I called up our Estate jewelry dealer, J. and S.S DeYoung, in Boston to see if they had something that would work.  Choosing a vintage piece seemed like the right thing—nothing modern really appealed to me at the time.  But going the antique/estate route is potentially tricky—everything is one-of-a-kind by nature, and it can take a while to find something just right. This ring came along very quickly—and it fit perfectly.  20 years later, I still love it and wouldn’t change a thing.  I wear it with a hand-engraved platinum band from Charles Green and Sons, and added a vintage eternity band with lovely French-cuts.  

By Gold Girl:

Being in the jewelry business, I never envisioned it would be possible to look down at a piece of jewelry and smile as much as I do when I see my ring. The rose gold detail, & of course, glimmering diamond, is something I could get lost staring into for minutes on end. This was the ring that my fiancé, Matt, & I found at New York City vintage/estate jewelry destination, Fred Leighton. It was the first ring I saw and I was immediately enamored by it. Greg Kuwait, owner of Fred Leighton & a friend of mine, even mentioned if he had to pick the perfect ring for me, without me there, that this would have been it. Several months later, Matt completely surprised me with this flash mob in Bryant Park, definitely one of the best days of my life. 

Sunny S. Bond Jewelry:

My engagement ring is classic Art Deco, with an old european cut diamond, set in platinum with rubies and diamonds. It's a family heirloom, and has a very special story.  It was given to my great-aunt in the 1920s, when Art Deco was contemporary. Can you imagine?!  My sweet mom and boyfriend (now husband) chose it from the family heirlooms together.  The proposal wasn't a surprise, Gordon and I were already bound for life.  His parents flew in and, with my mom, we had a beautiful little ceremony celebrating our new life together.  It happened on the first rain in over 100 days in central Texas, breaking the summer drought, a sign of good luck. My mom was sick at the time, and we lost her only a few months later.  My ring, and the memory of our special time, are very important to me, and I carry them with me everyday. 

Heart of Solid Gold:

As nearly every woman will tell you, my engagement ring is without doubt my most treasured piece of jewellery in my collection. Having collected antique jewellery for many years now, my fiancé Alex had a lot to live up to when picking my ring. 

It was only a few weeks ago when Alex and I went about our normal weekend routine of waking our dog Cleo. We both have pretty busy lives so we try and make as much time as possible at the weekends. We'd just got back from a long walk at a nearby river when Alex surprised me by getting down on one knee - along with Cleo - in our house. 

We've renovated our house from top to bottom together so the building means a lot to us. Alex said he couldn't think I a more meaningful place to propose. 

With a few tears shed, I instantly said yes and he then surprised me with my beautiful ring. As my family and friends well know (plus anyone who follows me on Instagram) I have a love for Georgian jewellery so this ring was like a dream come true! 
It's a Georgian sacred heart ring encrusted with foil-backed, closed-set diamonds dating from approximately 1820-1840. 


Diamonds in the Library:

I tried on a lot of beautiful rings during the hunt for The One: new, antique, estate; all kinds of styles and diamond cuts. I loved quite a few of them: their dazzle, their details, their brightness. But there was only one that stayed with me, one that felt equally like me in a cocktail dress and me in yoga pants with my hair messy. 
I fell in love with the warm old mine cut center diamond's quiet fire, the whispers of filigree on either side, the six winking side stones that bring that central shimmer out and down the ring shank. It's a tiny masterpiece, a platinum proscenium of curves, whirls, and arches all dedicated to presenting its reason for being, the center diamond. 

The future Mr. Diamonds in the Library and I went ring-visiting together, then he went back later to buy this one and kept it hidden until he surprised me with it in our living room. It couldn't have been more perfect.

Jewels du Jour:

My engagement ring is very personal to me because both my fiancé, who works in his family's jewelry business, and I designed it together. When he proposed, he had Betteridge's in-house jewelers create a simple solitaire setting since he knew that I would want to be involved in the design of my ring, which was incredibly thoughtful and sweet of him. The center stone is a cushion cut, my favorite cut for a diamond in an engagement ring, and my dream engagement ring has always been a cushion cut diamond with tapered baguettes, a very classic and clean composition. 

The week after we got engaged, I came to the store and together we selected a pair of tapered baguettes that matched the center stone. As luck would have it, the first pair we looked at happened to be a perfect match. Then, we had one of Betteridge's jewelers build my dream ring, throughout which I got to watch at each step. Not only did we create the ring together, but I also got to know the jewelers who actually hand-crafted it, making the whole process - and the ring itself - very special to me.




Gold Gifts for My 30th Birthday #LoveGold

IMG_4812 IMG_4298 IMG_4810

Monday, September 8th marked a milestone in my life--I turned 30.  And like any other birthday of mine, I had to commemorate it with a piece of jewelry.  But for me, turning 30 is a big deal, so each gift had to have some meaning and significance!  You only turn 30 once!  

For the longest time, probably since I could remember, I've always wanted a charm bracelet.  I've picked up different gold charms along the way throughout travels and special occasions, but never really did anything with them except keep them in my jewelry box.  Well, my day has finally come!  My parents bought me an 18k yellow gold long-linked bracelet that was given to me during my birthday lunch that will become my ultimate gold charm bracelet!  It was given to me empty, except for one charm to start me out.  The charm my mom gave me was her key charm (from previous post) which my dad had given to her on one of their first dates!  I was speechless! The photo above shows the bracelet with some possibilities--I have lots of charms, I just need to get the bracelet going and well balanced.  I am very excited!

I had been searching for a spectacular gift for myself for seems like I find some of my best rings on eBay (this one came from seller  When I came across the Edwardian diamond ring, I was instantly in love.  eBay did the trick again!  These Edwardian diamond rings, with the elongated look to them, and the yellow gold shank, platinum-top are my absolute favorite!  The diamond weight on this thing is insane.  This was no doubt my 30th birthday present to myself!  And if you have never bought yourself something for your birthday, I highly suggest it.  You should love yourself and celebrate another year within your life...especially if you're hardworking and dedicated in many aspects.  You deserve it!

My last birthday gift came from my fiancé.  Since 30 is such a milestone, we decided on a piece from Tiffany & Co. because of its iconic and classic nature; something truly to be passed down and continue to have value.  I have been a fan of the Atlas Collection for quite some time and had my heart set on the open Atlas ring in yellow gold. I loved how the ring was open in between the roman numerals, rather than closed.  One day, I had gone to their website to admire the ring once more, and found that it was no longer available.  I was really sad and searched for answers.  An employee of Tiffany explained that the company likes to release styles in limited quantities for a limited time.  When Tiffany released some new Atlas styles designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof recently, it was again available.  Just in time for my 30th birthday, with a special order for a size 4 in 18k yellow gold.  I love the look of the ring, a real classic style, just what I had hoped for!

My 30th birthday has been an amazing one!  I got three important gifts that will forever be significant in my life, all with one thing in common--gold!  Here's to many more birthdays celebrated with gold!

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Jewelry Road Trip: Brimfield Antique Show

  case brimfield Untitled Lord Jeff Inn indianhead Untitled Untitled Untitled   brimfield2 Untitled Untitled Untitled

After years of wishing and wanting to go, I finally made it to the Brimfield Antique Extravaganza!  The timing was perfect--a cannot-be-missed wedding weekend in the Adirondack Mountains was on the calendar, and after a lengthy bit of research and study of Google Maps, I realized that Brimfield's September dates lined up right after the wedding date.  After flying into Albany, New York and spending the weekend at a family wedding, Matt & I got in our rental and drove the four hour trek from the mountains to western Massachusetts.  The views were gorgeous and the weather couldn't have been better.  Not knowing what to expect, I reread two blog posts I had Jenn of Bellflower Bay and the sisters of Maejean Vintage put together describing their experience, along with some helpful tips!  Those are some good blog posts, by the way!  Everything was totally true and helped me out.  

Of course, there's always room for more here are my hints to conquering Brimfield in one piece:

1. Although warned about the heat, it truly was incredibly HOT!  Like, so sweaty, let's just leave type of hot!  You don't want the heat and the sun to get the best of you.  Make sure to wear shorts and a tank top, sunglasses are a must!  At times, the dirt paths can get picked up by the wind and that's when your sunglasses serve a dual purpose!  I got dirt in my eye once, and it ruined at least a half hour of my day! (time is super limited)

2. Don't carry too many things in your purse--you may not end up even using them!  This was a mistake I made on day one.  I brought with me way too many things in my purse that were heavy--like a large camera, a back up phone charger, etc.  I realized that I didn't need really anything except for money, hand sanitizer, my phone and a few rings to trade.  An empty purse is a happy purse!  And there's more room for things you pick up along the way.

3. Don't wear rings of your own!  Another day one mistake--the heat was so bad, my fingers swelled at least two sizes larger than normal.  At one point, my engagement ring would not come off my finger.  I learned on the second day to go completely ring-free (crazy, I know) and as you buy rings throughout the day, wear those!  

4. The food and port-a-potties ended up being a highlight of the experience.  Although I was dreading having to go to the bathroom and heard bad reviews about the food, both aspects were fine by me!  I found a mini food truck which offered solely lemonade and mac and cheese.  I thought for sure someone read my mind, but yes the two best things in life were all in one place.  Matt's food was really good too.  And peeing in a port-a-potty just brought back memories of Girl Scouts, and I found one that was more off the beaten path and not in a high traffic area.

5. There is now a Brimfield app which one MUST download before going!  This is a life-saver because the two vital and somewhat mysterious aspects of Brimfield are laid out in this app, one being the map of the fields, including the names of each field, and two being a show schedule which tells you when each field is open.  Not every field is open Tuesday through Sunday!  This was news to me!  And there are a few fields that charge money upon entering!  Also news to me, but it also seemed that the better finds came from fields that charged you to enter.

6. Tuesday is not a very good day to go if only interested in jewelry!  Not sure if it was just me, but Tuesday was a bust!  We saw mostly trinkets, knick knacks and furniture--only maybe two jewelry dealers.  

7. Bring ca$h! We ran into lots of dealers who only take cash or checks, no credit cards! So the more the merrier...and better deals can be made with cash.  I actually left with more cash than I spent, which is crazy, but it was better than wishing I had more money if my dream ring was sitting right in front of me and I was $200 short.  I brought rings of my own to trade--not too many dealers were into trading, but one that I talked to was! I traded two rings that I hardly wear anymore for one amazing one!

Although my first day at Brimfield was a bust, I got to spend it with Matt, Alexis Kletjian and her husband.  You must check out her blog to read more about her experience at Brimfield. Our meetup was so much fun and I only wish we lived closer because we would seriously have the best double date nights ever!  And I tried on one of Alexis' bangles from her soon-to-debut fine jewelry collection, and it is actually the first modern bangle to ever fit me (we are both petite).  

If you're looking for the best getaway, where you can relax and unwind after a long day of treasure hunting, I found the Lord Jefferey Inn to be the perfect spot!  After lots of hotel research, stumbling upon this jewel was very fitting for the occasion.  The hotel opened in 1926 and although it is historic through and through, the amenities have all recently been updated--with great bathrooms, wifi, and a delicious restaurant.  If you don't mind driving about 50 mintues from the hotel to Brimfield like we did, I highly recommend it.  

After a restful evening, day two of Brimfield was off to a great start.  I downloaded the app, had a game plan based on the times different fields opened, and wore an outfit that showed so much skin I would never be caught dead in it elsewhere!  All in all, I brought back four rings for my personal collection, and one to sell for those who wish they could have gone but still would like something from the show!  

Details of the rings I purchased:

14k two-tone diamond ring from a dealer in New England Motel field

14k yellow gold vertical trio of round opals from a dealer in New England Motel field

10k yellow gold garnet heart ring from dealer in Heart-O-The-Mart field

10k yellow gold antique baby ring with M initial from dealer in Heart-O-The-Mart field

*Matt bought a 10k yellow gold Indian head ring as well (pictured above)


14k yellow gold bypass diamond ring circa late 1800s, with 0.15 ctw diamonds, Price $450

email to purchase



Navette & Stacking Rings at Fellows' Antique & Modern Jewellery Auction

20 184 189 202 301 314 383 424 58 113 398 414 432 434 499 561

I am completely excited for this month's Antique & Modern Jewellery Auction from Fellows, which is set for September 18th! Of course, as per usual, everything is amazing…but in particular it seems as though the auction line-up has been pulled straight from my jewelry box! My obsession with two types of rings right now--Navette and stacking rings--are heavily represented in the auction. So many great possibilities and I am loving all the variety! Here are my favorites:

The Stackable Antique Bands:

Lot 20: a fun stackable ring that isn't quite like your ordinary! This mid-20th century sapphire and diamond cutie is set in 18k yellow gold and platinum!

Lot 184: I love the width on this band and the haphazard rectangular cuts on the tinted diamonds. Such a great representation of its time period. Would easily compliment other stacking rings.

Lot 189: What every girl needs--a diamond stacker ring, preferably one like this! Antique, five-stone, with diamonds set in multi-pronged mountings. Love it!

Lot 202: Another great antique diamond stackable ring--this one is special because the scrollwork on the sides is immaculate and quite spectacular. I love the 18k yellow gold too.

Lot 301: This diamond band has the sought-after scrolled shoulders and ideal width. With this style, you see equal parts diamond to metal work.

Lot 314: A classic Edwardian band, set with oval sapphires and diamonds. This adds some color to your stack and keeps with the antique age of the rest!

Lot 383: The total carat diamond weight on this one makes it stunning! It is set with 1.75 carats total of old cut diamonds and the setting has some intricate detailing on the sides. Divine.

Lot 424: This ring might not sit perfectly straight across, but it is still narrow enough to stack, and break up the monotony of a well-fit stack.

The Navette Rings:

Lot 58: This navette ring is wider than most, but that is what makes it different!  The Old Mine cut diamonds are all original to the piece, making it in exquisite condition. 

Lot 113: As perfect as they come--this is a fine example, all diamonds, with a typical navette shape in terms of length and width.  I love the skinny, tapered band.

Lot 398: The emerald in this navette ring is long and thin, with chunky diamonds surrounding it.  If you opt for a colored stone for your navette, the emerald is quite popular.

Lot 414: More diamond weight plus a scrolled shank make this navette ring a stunner.  The diamonds are all original, old cuts with a yellow gold setting.

Lot 432: This skinny mini is so cool!  Using Old Mine odd shaped diamonds, one stone makes up the width of the navette.  The age on this piece is pretty old, so the wear is somewhat typical.

Lot 434: An Austrian-origin coral navette ring, set with coral beads in yellow gold.  Lots of details in this one and so unique!

Lot 499: Rose cut diamonds, combined with a cabochon gem and pink sapphires make for one fancy navette!  The openwork in the back is worth looking up on Fellows' online catalog.

Lot 561: If you are a fan of synthetic stones, this synthetic ruby navette ring is a great option!  Set with round brilliant diamonds of various colors, it would look great dressed up or down!


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eyeswoon elisasolomon charlieandmarcelle bygoldgirl valejewelry99 plumenyc2 johnnyninos jaimiegeller heidiklum

{from top to bottom:

Eye Swoon has a finger-full of Tiffany & Co. and it is amazing!

an adorable shot of Elisa Solomon and her husband on their wedding day

Charlie and Marcelle mixes her designs with some vintage awesomeness

I love ByGoldGirl's flower-themed hand, so unique!

Vale Jewelry does dainty rings right...and that chain pinky ring?!  LOVE

plumenyc found some antique rings while treasure hunting in Ohio

I need some Johnny Ninos rings in my life!  I think these are perfect

Jaimie Geller Jewelry draped in Kismet, which is your favorite?

Heidi Klum on America's Got Talent, showing off some gorgeous hand-candy}

Q & A with Jewelry Designer of COMMUNION by Joy

communion_joy I used to spend hours on the Internet searching out the latest "undiscovered" talent in the jewelry world. It is one of my favorite things to do, along with showing my readers who I believe is the next big thing. Fortunately, Instagram has transformed the way we share and even search, with pictures telling stories and becoming a virtual resume or portfolio. I came across COMMUNION by Joy and loved her spiritual aesthetic. The texture that comes from her designs is both modern and vintage-looking at the same time! With COMMUNION having been worn by celebrities like Erin Wasson, Gia Mantenga, Kristina Guerrero and Lily Aldridge, I know I am not the only one who loves this line so much! I especially love that she uses the lost wax carving method to create her pieces.

Want to know more about this new favorite designer of mine?! Check out the interview, with questions she answers just for Gem Gossip!


I am currently working on expanding my fine jewelry line. I love working with hardness gold and precious stones. I wanted to start creating pieces that withstood the test of time and I loved the idea of jewelry being passed on as precious heirlooms from generation to generation.



I have always loved art since I was a child. I studied some art history in college and dabbled in painting and drawing. My calling for jewelry design came when I worked at an art gallery and realized that I wanted to be the artist and not just work for the artist.

After work, I started taking lost-wax carving classes at night in Santa Monica to fill my creative cup and I was hooked! I loved creating each of my pieces by hand using this ancient technique and the idea of being able to sculpt anything I wanted was exciting! When I sit and carve I feel a spirit take over me and I get lost in the process, it is a beautiful meditative experience. I essentially drip and build up wax then carve away at the design with dental tools, files and sandpaper.

Untitled Untitled


I have been designing and making jewelry for over 8 years and my proudest moment was about 3 years ago when I felt I had developed my style and was ready to show the world my art! I did my first trade show 3 years ago and haven't looked back!



I have a goal to open up a studio/ retail space, where I can curate beautiful hand-crafted artisan high-end jewelry and also have an apothecary inside the store. I am in love with organic oils and perfumes!

Untitled Untitled


My favorite piece of jewelry is my 'Eternal Love' band. I hand carved the ring in wax and I made it in 14K rose gold, the diamonds in the band are from my mother's engagement ring and wedding bands. It's very special to me and I wear it with my wedding rings. I feel close to my mother when I wear it.


A Wedding Weekend in the Adirondack Mountains #LoveGold

IMG_4708 IMG_4725 IMG_4704 IMG_4760 IMG_4770 IMG_4757

A weekend wedding in the Adirondack Mountains required some quick, light packing.  With planned activities that ranged from kayaking and boating, to a round of mini golf, to a church wedding ceremony, and followed by a gorgeous wedding reception with incredible mountain views, my gold jewelry wardrobe had to be well-planned.  It was necessary for each piece of jewelry to be able to work throughout the wide range of activities this short trip called for.  

With a few staples like my engagement ring, diamond X earrings and gold Victorian bangle that I wore throughout, I found that the key to picking the perfect accessories for this trip was to rotate a few statement gold rings.  I packed a few of my favorites, some “oldies but goodies” and one new ring--an 18k yellow gold Hope, Peace, Love “word” ring--my latest auction score!  It came from Hampton Estate Auction, which just opened its doors last year, located in Lahaska, Pennsylvania.

For the wedding ceremony, I wore a bright red lace dress, which I accessorized with my three staples, and a pair of gold and ruby channel set eternity bands and a wide yellow gold cut-out band in between on my left hand.  My right hand sported a trio of gold rings--my HOORSENBUHS Phantom ring, Amanda Hunt Two Moon ring, and my pinky twist ring from Halleh Jewelry.  I loved this look, and it worked well for this special occasion.  

The next day, we had lots of outdoor activities planned--kayaking, store hopping downtown, enjoying the views of the Saranac Lake and Lake Placid.  Again, I used my three staples and added a few gold statement rings.  As per usual, I packed all the wrong clothes, not being familiar with the cool lake breeze that makes the temperatures a lot colder than what is expected.  We wandered into an Adirondack-themed store and picked out warm cardigan sweaters that can be customized with patches.  The sweater ended up being the best purchase ever as it kept me contently warm and went perfectly with my gold rings--stacked on the left hand, two rings worn from the other day--HOORSENBUHS Phantom ring and the wide cut-out band.  On the right hand my new Hope, Peace, Love “word” ring and Laura Tedesco’s L'Infinita ring.

Such a fun weekend spent with my new family, at a place I’ve always wanted to visit.  The Adirondack Mountains are truly a relaxing and breathtaking place, with beautiful views and fresh crisp air.  Nothing makes a trip more complete than family, friends, fun and some gold jewelry!

Rings featured:

18k yellow gold HOORSENBUHS Phantom ring

9k yellow gold X-cutout wide eternity band, from Fellows Auctions

14k yellow gold ruby set eternity bands, matching pair

14k yellow gold hammered finish Two Moon ring from Amanda Hunt Jewelry

18k rose gold pinky twist ring with diamonds from HALLEH Jewelry

18k yellow gold Hope, Peace, Love “word” ring from Hampton Estate Auctions

18k yellow gold L'Infinita ring in a hammered finish from Laura Tedesco

This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold