Q & A with Wendy of The Sacred Order

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The Sacred Order pays homage to the mystery and allure of bygone jewels. Still new to the "selling" game, although hardly new to collecting and curating old items, Wendy launched The Sacred Order so she could connect others with the histories of antique and vintage pieces. Each piece holds a story and is quite powerful to Wendy; for her, there's nothing like an antique locket or a Memento Mori ring. With her online shop gaining attention of collectors and followers on Instagram, she is excited to grow and continue to bring customers enchanting finds from her travels! We can't wait to see what she has in store.

We caught up with Wendy to see how The Sacred Order came to be and get some stories along the way...


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From the time I was a little girl I have had a deep affinity for jewelry. My mom would catch me digging through her jewelry box in her closet, examining all the colors and sparkle. Occasionally she would let me wear some of her costumes pieces. As a I got older I inherited some pieces from my Great Grandmother and Grandmother and upon their passing realized how much these objects meant to me. They became symbols of my loved ones I could wear for comfort and company as I missed them. It was clear to me that jewelry was not just about it’s inherent beauty but also how it connects us to others.

I own (and covet!) many modern pieces of jewelry, but there is a special place in my heart for antiques. I love their connection to history and our inherent desire as human beings to adorn and decorate ourselves throughout time.

I love the idea that I can help other people connect with old pieces and give them new history and new sentiment. With this idea in mind, The Sacred Order was born.

The Sacred Order | Gem Gossip The Sacred Order | Gem Gossip


I don’t want to give away too many of my secrets :) but I have various contacts I purchase from all over the US, attend several antique fairs in the US and travel to London and Paris twice a year.

The Sacred Order | Gem Gossip The Sacred Order | Gem Gossip


This last time I was in London I meet a sweet older couple at the Portobello Market and purchased a mourning ring from them for myself. There were several other pieces I liked and when I woke up the next day I regretted not having bought them. Thankfully I had grabbed their card and called them up. They graciously invited me to their home that evening, a storybook cottage in an old London neighborhood. It was a magical place filled with antiques, the history of their lives there (they had lived there over 40 years) and cases and cases of jewelry! It was a dream come true!

The Sacred Order | Gem Gossip The Sacred Order | Gem Gossip 17942980783_13c313d421_o

While I’ve been purchasing for myself for many MANY years, I just started selling to others though The Sacred Order for about a year now. It’s terrible to say that I’ve loved every piece I’ve sold so far, but it’s true! Each sale assures me that I’m not alone in loving the pieces I find and that I’m creating a greater community around myself. It’s my greatest pleasure to receive photos back from my customers or hear their stories of how the jewelry is becoming part of their daily lives.

The Sacred Order | Gem Gossip The Sacred Order | Gem Gossip


My answer to this would have to be 3 pieces I own. I have my Father’s, my Grandmother’s and Great Grandmother’s class rings.

The Sacred Order | Gem Gossip The Sacred Order | Gem Gossip

This post was brought to you in collaboration with The Sacred Order.

The Sacred Order

Leslie Hindman Auction Has Some of the Prettiest Rings Ever! December 6 & 7, 2015

Leslie Hindman Auction | Gem Gossip Leslie Hindman Auction | Gem Gossip Leslie Hindman Auction | Gem Gossip Leslie Hindman Auction | Gem Gossip Leslie Hindman Auction | Gem Gossip Leslie Hindman Auction | Gem Gossip

Are you a ring junkie like myself?!  Well look no further for your holiday wish list because the upcoming Important Jewelry sale at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers has some of the prettiest pieces I've seen, ever! The Chicago-based auction house has been gearing up for this two-day sale that includes over 1,000 lots of jewelry and gemstones. The sale begins at noon on Sunday, December 6th and continues the following day for the second half, beginning at 10am CST. As most conoisseurs are eyeing up the three main themed arenas that have sprung up while putting this auction together (colored stones, signed jewelry and rare diamonds), I've put my own spin on the sale, because what else would I look for other than rings?!  Bold Art Deco diamond stunners, flashy opal decadance, and a Georgian enamel and garnet ring fit for a queen. Take a look at my favorites!

First half: Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Lot 19: Pristine condition and gorgeous enamel/gemstone combination, this Georgian ring may date back to the 1800s, but its wear and tear is minimal.  In the center is an octagonal cabochon garnet and dispersed rose cut diamonds. The ring is a size 7 1/2, with white, blue and gold enameling throughout. Estimate: $800-1,2000 

Lot 33: This black opal ring caught my attention right away--the vibrant play-of-color is undeniable, practically every color of the rainbow is shown. It is no wonder the high quality of this piece because it is signed Tiffany & Co. It also features six Old European cut diamonds and is a size 6. Property of a private collector. Estimate: $5,000-7,000

Lot 60: Eye-popping platinum, diamond and sapphire ring with a geometric style featuring calibre cut gemstones. The different tones of sapphire are played up here to their advantage, using the lighter and darker to create a pattern. The center diamond is approximately 1.25 carats, set in a milgrain bezel mounting. Such a gorgeous ring! Estimate: $6,000-8,000

Lot 71: Such a fine and fun example of the power enamel can have on a piece of jewelry--white enamel accents the design work on this particular ring, a color not often used solely alone, often being paired with other colors or used sparingly as an accent. The central cabochon cut sapphire is glowing amongst the concentric circles of rose cut diamonds and white enamel. What a striking piece! Estimate: $3,000-5,000

Lot 82: Another Art Deco geometric stunner--this one features calibre cut emeralds and onyx, along with an insane old cushion cut diamond in the center that is approximately 2.37 carats! I love the black and green combination, along with the design--this is such a special ring. Estimate: $10,000-15,000

Lot 121: This elongated Art Deco ring is set with one central Old European cut diamond, flanked North-South by square step cut sapphires, all surrounded by a rectangle of smaller Old European cut diamonds. My favorite part is the open metal-work on the shoulders of the piece--very simple lines, very 1920s. Love it. Estimate: $800-1,200

Leslie Hindman | Gem Gossip Leslie Hindman Auction | Gem Gossip Leslie Hindman Auction | Gem Gossip Leslie Hindman Auction | Gem Gossip Leslie Hindman | Gem Gossip Leslie Hindman Auction | Gem Gossip

The second half: Monday, December 7th, 2015

Lot 633: Maybe because this ring reminds me of my "something blue" that I wore on my wedding day, I love this one just as much! Set with a heart-shaped aquamarine in the center surrounded by white and colored diamonds (most likely irradiated to enhance their color), the ring is done in platinum and 18k gold. Let's embrace hearts! Estimate: $1,000-2,000

Lot 763: A cute serpent ring done in 14k yellow gold with lime green and black enameling. The snake's eyes are rubies and an opal is set in its head. Such an electric piece! Estimate: $150-250

Lot 859: A tablet of onyx never looked so sharp! A halo of diamonds surrounds the black onyx and set on a really unique shank. Done in yellow gold and ready to wear! Estimate: $200-300

Lot 908: Amethyst--a stone that I need more of in my personal collection, this just may be it! The oval cut amethyst is surrounded by two rows of diamonds in a two-tone setting with a large cocktail feel. Estimate: $400-600

Lot 951: Another vintage ring, this time an all-diamond look! The shape of this ring is so sweet, featuring a central Old European cut diamond that measures approximately 0.81 carats surrounded by various sized round brilliant and single cut diamonds. Would love to see this paired with other antique and vintage rings, or even stacked! Estimate: $800-1,200

Lot 999: A beautiful oval of diamonds and sapphires creates this Art Deco ring done in platinum. I could see this being someone's "something blue" on their wedding day. Dainty yet bold at the same time, this will truly be one of those rings you treasure forever. Estimate: $300-500


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Leslie Hindman Auctioneers.



The December Sale at Rago Auction Will Make Your Head Spin!

1015 1025 1030 1044 1119_2 1159 1235 1257 1314 1319

Rago Auction has a December Sale every year and I've been writing about it since 2008.  Seven years later and I'm still excited as ever when their catalog goes live. This year I personally gasped with each and every piece, frantically reading descriptions and estimated values, slightly hyperventilating and wondering how this incredible selection came to be! I'm glad it wasn't just me, because even the jewelry specialists at Rago, Sarah Churgin and Katherine Van Dell, had nothing to say but, "This December 2015 auction offers jewelry so beautiful, it makes you cry." So be ready to feel all warm inside when you see the full lineup of lots online. The sale is set for December 6th, 2015 where it can be seen live, in-person at their headquarters in Lambertville, New Jersey or online at Bidsquare or Rago's website. 

<< The December Jewelry Sale, Sunday, December 6th, 2015 at 11am EST >>

Lot 1015: This was the first piece from the sale that made me cry a little. Such a perfect example of Art Nouveau--the opals, the elongated siholette, the flowing lines. It is very feminine and elegant, just as jewelry circa 1905 suggests.  Even better--it has provenance. The design is based on an Essay on Broom Corn by E. Colonna, from the collection of Dora Jane Janson. Literature: Janson, Dora Jane. From Slave to Siren. The Duke University Museum of Art. 1971 Estimate: $3,000-4,000

Lot 1025: An incredibly vibrant brooch by Louis Comfort Tiffany, signed Tiffany & Co. set with a juicy peridot in the center. The convex disk is chased with scrolls and geometric motifs enameled in shades of green, blue and black accents. Done in 18k gold and circa 1910--such a beautiful piece of history from the famous world of Tiffany. Estimate: $6,000-8,000

Lot 1030: After appraising jewelry for over five years, I've seen only a handful of items signed Walton & Co. and they are usually superior quality. This unique peacock ring caught my eye and I love that it is created from a black opal and demantoid garnets--such a killer combination. Ring is a size 7. Estimate: $1,000-1,500

Lot 1044: A beautifully suspended festoon necklace made up of oval and teardrop adventurine all set in gold. Measuring 15 inches in length, this necklace sits higher up on the neck and flatters immensely. I love this style of necklace and the uniqueness of the gemstones makes this piece extra special. Estimate: $800-1,200

Lot 1119: This lot comes with three items, but I'm completely in love with the serpent/scarab brooch which is quite amazing! If you look closely, you will see three snakes--a main curled one compromising the circular brooch, then another one forming the surround of the scarab, and finally joining the two parts is a bail which is actually a mini-snake! So cool! Not to mention the scarab is made out of carved opal! Estimate: $1,400-1,800

Lot 1159: As novelty as these rings may seem, they are highly collectible and rare--what a pair these two! The moonstone carved baby face is surrounded by onyx and Old European cut diamonds. A carved moonstone is always a favorite motif, but the baby faces are pretty rare. The little terrier dog is precious--made out of carved amethyst and enamel eyes/tongue. Whoever wins these, I'm sure can't help but to smile whenever these are worn. Estimate: $1,200-1,800

Lot 1235: After a honeymoon in Arizona, I've become obsessed with Native American jewelry. Probably the most quintesential Native American jeweler was Charles Loloma, from the Hopi tribe who created over the top items like this incredible ring. The stone work was always was set him apart from others--here we have lapis, turquoise and coral, all set in a staggered, concentric inlay. Amazing. Estimate: $2,000-3,000

Lot 1257: Entwined mermaids...should I even describe this any further?! Estimate: $1,400-1,800

Lot 1314: An untreated Burma sapphire with the dreamiest shade of blue you've ever seen! Heavenly surrounded by a turban of round brilliant cut diamonds, size 6 1/2 in 14k white gold. So divine! Estimate: $4,000-6,000

Lot 1319: Bold, statement-making earrings are exactly what these are! Four milky aquamarines, all surrounded by diamonds and sapphires create this look--done in 18k gold by ZWIKKER & ZACHER. Best part? They detach so you can do a day/night type of look switching from studs to dangles. Estimate: $2,000-3,000


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Rago Arts Auction.


Thanksgiving Day Sale from GoldAdore!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I've teamed up with GoldAdore to bring you an amazing pre-holiday sale all Thanksgiving Day long! This is the largest discount ever offered! So how do you take advantage of this amazing sale?!

1. Go to GoldAdore.Etsy.com

2. Make sure it is Thanksgiving Day (Midnight-Midnight PST)

3. enter code GEMGOSSIP at checkout, this will give you a total of 20% off your purchase!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


Gem Gossip Visits with Sylvie Collection + Interview

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip

While out in Los Angeles on my Jewelry Road Trip, I got to see a large portion of Sylvie Collection at Luxury Brand Group's showroom. Although based in Texas, this jewelry line fits right in with the Hollywood glamour of LA, that's for sure! Everything from Sylvie's statement-making rings, to red carpet ready bracelets and earrings, mixed in with everyday wearables like stacking rings, pretty engagement ring styles and much more! I had the best time playing around with Sylvie's designs and I wanted to learn more, so I sat down and got the inside scoop on what she does, how she came to be a designer, and what's next for her future! Enjoy!


I was born into a diamond family in Antwerp, Belgium, the center of the world’s diamond trade. In 1994, I began working in the fine jewelry and diamond industry alongside my husband who owned a diamond and jewelry wholesale company, Spectrum Diamonds. In 2007, after over 12 consecutive years of hard work, dedication and company growth, my husband and I decided to venture out and launch Sylvie Collection – my own branded collection of bridal engagement rings, bands and fashion jewelry. We now own and run both Spectrum Diamonds and Sylvie Collection.

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip qq2

Being born and raised in the diamond industry, I joined the diamond business at an early age. When I started in the business I was mostly focused on the diamond side of the business, but the design aspect became a natural extension of my journey in the industry.

I am not a formally trained jewelry designer, as I have never attended design school. However, for many years I continuously worked in various departments of the diamond business. I’ve always been creative, as well as an avid lover of art and style; therefore, designing came naturally especially, with a keen understanding of the technical aspects of creating a piece of jewelry. Designing, manufacturing and running a jewelry business is a culmination of my many years working the fine jewelry and diamond industry.

After over a decade of working along side my husband and selling very simple, basic bridal jewelry, I started receiving requests for more custom and unique designs. As that side of our business grew, I wanted to come up with a beautiful and complete collection that was personal to my own style and personality. As engagement rings are truly personal and special to each couple, I wanted to add my personal touch to each design I created, knowing how much joy it would bring to a couple one day. I’m a very open and friendly person, so having the opportunity to create something personal for someone else is the part of my job that inspires me every single day.

The name of my company is named after me and it’s because each piece is personal to me. I want to be part of the excitement and joy of an engagement, wedding or special occasion.

Thus far, I have designed over 1,400 engagement ring styles and countless fashion jewelry pieces. My designs are currently in over 200 stores across North America, and it’s an honor and pleasure to be worn by women across the globe.

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip qq3

I design bridal rings because it is such a sentimental product, signifying a unique and monumental event in one’s life. Knowing that I have made a difference in a beloved couple’s life is the primary reason behind my passion for designing. The majority of my orders are customized, allowing a bride-to-be the opportunity to personalize her ring exactly the way she wants it. It touches my heart so deeply when my customers tag “Sylvie Collection” on their social media platforms, as it allows me to openly see the impact and joy my clients are experiencing because of my designs.

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip qq4

I am currently working on the final touches of my 2016 collection, which will be unveiled at the Centurion Show in late January. I am also working on expanding the fashion jewelry side of the Sylvie Collection, focusing on staying true to our brand while being aware of trends and price points as well as feedback from my retailer partners.

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip


When it comes to bridal and engagement rings: solitaire styles followed by halo styles remain at top, and it’s been that way for many years. Next would be vintage-inspired designs and then two-tone metal designs of white gold and rose gold or white gold and yellow gold.

One category that is greatly increasing is unique, mix and match stackable bands. Brides seem to be more open to different bands that don’t perfectly match their engagement setting. This is a great way for brides to add individuality to their engagement ring finger.

In the fashion jewelry category, asymmetrical earrings and pendants tend to be the top sellers.

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip


A few notable career highlights include my nomination and wins for Platinum Guild International’s Annual Design Awards, as well as my recent nomination by Women’s Jewelry Association for the Award for Excellence in design and manufacturing. It is a major honor to be nominated and recognized by such prestigious organizations, as well as my industry peers.

Our company mission is to serve our clients with excellent customer service and offer the best quality product in our market. It makes me beyond proud to hear feedback from our retail partners that we continue to exceed their expectations. My proudest moments are when my retail customers personally tell me that they love the collection and so do their customers. When my retail partners tell me stories of how much their clients love their Sylvie Collection rings, it reminds me of why I do what I do. In addition, I’m very proud when my retailers tell me that the craftsmanship on my product is outstanding.

I’m always proud of the entire Sylvie Collection team, and all the time and detail we invest into each piece we create.

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip


My number one goal for 2016 is to continue opening more Sylvie Collection retail partners throughout North America, and still service our clients stellar customer service and product quality.

I am involved in many aspects of the business other than just designing and creating, and I hope as I grow the business to surround myself with passionate people that will help in that development. My hope is to remain very hands-on and involved within every (facet) of the business, yet still find a balance to spend time with my family – my husband (outside of work) and our two sons. One is away at college and the other will be heading to college next year! I want to spend all the time I can with my boys!

My dream is to design more “dream rings” and to have my designs on the fingers of more and more women!

Sylvie Collection | Gem Gossip



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Bundle Up with Arik Kastan!

Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip Arik Kastan | Gem Gossip

How do you keep warm?!

Start with your neck! 

Layer with our dainty chains and bold padlocks

We've seen the best looks created with both big and small, including our necklaces. You can start with our new charms, which are smaller and daintier, meant for stacking and collecting. The various padlocks within the Arik Kastan line complete the look, where you can opt for an oval, heart or circular shape with varying gemstone combinations. We love anything in labradorite or as shown here, a champagne diamond heart!

Then stack your fingers warm! 

Create a warm-hued look with dark & fiery gemstones

At Arik Kastan, there are plenty of options to spruce up your fingers--each one uniquely bold in its own way. We have been feeling fiery with our gemstone options lately, with warm hues of carnelian, darkness from black onyx, and mystical vibes from moonstones.  Together, this combination will most definitely keep you warm during these colder months! Don't forget to add them to your wish list!

Layer your lobes!

Choose between our studs and dangles to create a full-ear look

Mixing ear-wires and studs will allow you to wear more earrings! Leave space on your lobes for our cluster earrings, which come in multiple gemstone combinations, and your 2nd or 3rd holes for drops. Arik Kastan has some Raindrop and Cluster styles that come on ear-wires that are perfect for stacking. We can't wait to see what combination you come up with!


Get your holiday list going!


Gem Gossip Visits Jogani in Beverly Hills, CA

Jogani | Gem Gossip Jogani | Gem Gossip Jogani | Gem Gossip Jogani | Gem Gossip Jogani | Gem Gossip Jogani | Gem Gossip Jogani | Gem Gossip Jogani | Gem Gossip Jogani | Gem Gossip Jogani |Gem Gossip Jogani | Gem Gossip Jogani | Gem Gossip Jogani | Gem Gossip Jogani | Gem Gossip Jogani | Gem Gossip

Anup Jogani started his namesake business in the heart of Beverly Hills because of a love, passion and thrill for hunting out gemstones and jewelry.  Just ten years ago, he felt he wanted to start something new and learn about a business that continually fascinated him--it was the gemstones that got him hooked.  Speaking with and learning from gemstone cutters, transforming a gemstone like a Spinel, for example, from an average stone to something spectacular just by recutting it is his most favorite thing to do!  Visiting Jogani on a sunny LA day had me excited with anticipation.  I knew I wanted to see the citrine snake ring I had noticed on their Instagram page, as well as their heart-dropping cat's eye gemstone bib necklace that is 160+ years old. How special is this necklace?! Well considering that it is composed of 50 chatoyant cabochon stones adorned with diamonds, how large and magnificent it is, as well as the condition that it is in--it totally deserves to be in a museum, but low and behold, Jogani has it in his showroom.

What else can you find in this fun showroom?  Lots of scotch. And the crew will make you take a shot of scotch, even though I've never heard anyone shoot scotch, but SIP scotch, yes. Needless to say, choking ensued. I wasn't about to ruin my date with the chatoyant necklace or the amazing diamonds I got to handle.  Like the pair of triangle diamonds, cut in such a unique way they looked like slivers of real ice. Diamonds are another favorite of Anup and he has big plans for his own creations which defy odds and are very gemstone-centric. I got to see one for myself (and it is actually photographed in one of the pictures above, but nothing has been released quite yet) but that will be our little secret.  His approach to designing is focused on moving away from what we see everyday and not just going outside the box, but like ten miles outside the box. Anup says, "The emphasis on uniformity and the preference for hyper-engineered cuts designed to maximize brilliance rather than hunting for special stones that bring soul and romance to the jewelry is so frustrating to me." And we couldn't agree more! Don't you want a gemstone that takes your breath away because it just does, or do you want to say it does because it has a perfect cut, perfect polish, perfect symmetry?  I know when I chose my engagement ring, I feel in love with the way it sparkled, even though some people would say it has a poor color since it is very low on the D-Z color grading scale.  All I know is that I love my diamonds and I get so many compliments on them!

Jogani also offers some pretty incredible antique pieces that run the gamut on style, time period and price points. Some of Anup's favorites?  JAR, Bhagat, Suzanne Belperron, vintage Cartier, and vintage Mauboussin. We can all agree, he has superb taste. I got to see and experience first-hand a special Mauboussin bracelet within his collection--a rare Art Deco piece set with diamonds, emeralds and onyx. I also got to experience and learn to appreciate rare red spinel, especially Anup's prized possession: an 8.79 carat oval-cut spinel that he helped transform by getting recut; or his 10.07 carat pear cut Burmese unheated ruby, worth millions!  

Thanks for having me into your private showroom, located in Beverly Hills, CA! If you'd like to make an appointment with Jogani feel free to reach out through email at l@joganibh.com 

Also, special thanks to Haseeb for taking the photo of me wearing the necklace and the gemstones on my hand--Haseeb is responsible for all the photography and social media at Jogani and does an incredible job!



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Gem Gossip Visits Craig Evan Small in LA

Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip Craig Evan Small | Gem Gossip

A little slice of antique jewelry heaven in Los Angeles, Craig Evan Small is one of those spots that cannot be missed. Not your average jewelry store, let alone antique jewelry store, the ambiance of this shop is truly divine. Built-in, museum-like displays feature all the glorius jewels, including the furthest back case which is the largest of them all, almost looking as if it were a fish aquarium, but filled with antique jewelry! My eyes were popping out of my head like a cartoon character as I looked and lusted! Everything from rare Georgian pieces, to diamond Victorian sentimental, lots of beautiful Art Deco, Retro pieces of the 1940s, and modern vintage and estate items were on display throughout the store. I was lucky enough to play around in their jewel box of a store, as you can see from the photos above, I had a fun day!

Craig Evan Small began early in his career, as the majority of people in the jewelry industry call jewelry their 2nd or 3rd career, Craig started out young--grading diamonds even before graduating high school at his family's jewelry business.  His passion for diamonds, watches and antique jewelry grew as he became more and more of a specialized expert in these fields. Craig first opened his namesake store under the famous Antiquarius, a jewelry mall in West Hollywood. Boasting customers from Hollywood elite and everyone in between, the jewelry mall thrived for 16 years until it sadly burned down in 2008. Craig's current location opened in October of 2008 and brought along its past customers, while adding new ones quickly. Craig also tours with PBS' Antiques Roadshow, where he just finished his 2015 tour and has been going at it since 2009. Always cool to see a familiar face on television!

I had such a wonderful first time visit to Craig Evan Small in Los Angeles, I encourage anyone to make sure they stop by! Thanks for having me Craig & Blair! Stay tuned for a special watch blog post, featuring some of the large selection of Rolex watches from Craig Evan Small.

Some of the pieces featured:

Georgian faceted sapphire ring mounted with a fleur de lis, Price: $4,500

J. E. Caldwell opal ring bezel set in platinum with diamonds, Price: $7,500

Victorian cabochon emerald and diamond three stone ring, Price: $7,500

Large emerald cabochon ring with diamond in dome style setting, Price: $16,500

Tiffany & Co. fancy yellow diamond navette ring, Price: $26,000

Emerald and diamond elongated ring with calibre cut stones in platinum, Price: $27,000

Large malachite lion head pendant necklace, Price: $6,500

Oscar Heyman sapphire and star sapphire bracelet, Price: $48,000



Craig Evan Small

731 N La Cienega Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90069

Tel: 310-550-7895


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Gem Gossip Visits Jennie Kwon Designs in LA

Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip Jennie Kwon | Gem Gossip

Not the downtown LA traffic nor the lack of finding parking could stop me from visiting Jennie Kwon in the heart of LA's Jewelry District! Tucked away, at least for now, in an office building is where Jennie's young yet rapidly growing business calls home--the sun floods the mini showroom with enough light to make her minimal jewels sparkle like crazy. Jennie's warm smile and genuine heart are there to greet me as I fling open the door, way too early than my appointment time, but couldn't help the excitement. Never have I ever been surrounded by Jennie Kwon Designs' entire inventory all in one place, it usually is just a small sampling of her work or the few pieces that I own of hers--so this was something special! I was ready to get "Kwon'd up" as I like to put it; layering and stacking all of her mini masterpieces within her collection. 

Most recently Jennie Kwon released her bridal collection, which I got a chance to see! Coinciding well with her original designs, each engagement ring and wedding band are graceful and beautifully effortless.  She loves using rose cut diamonds, champagne diamonds and even grey diamonds. Milgrain detailing is prominent in her bridal collection, but definitely not her first foray with this detailing. I love how it gives each piece a subtle elegance. Just as her original collections are intended to be layer-ready and stack-friendly, so are her bridal pieces! 

After spending five days in LA, cool-girl vibes were all over from the streets of Melrose to downtown, and into the hills and canyons of Beverly Hills. I could see how Jennie Kwon's jewelry is inspired and intended for this environment, and also how incredible it is to see her jewelry worn all across the US and even other parts of the globe. On my #JewelryRoadTrip adventures, I've seen Jennie's designs in stores from Texas, New York City and California, so this went full-circle seeing where she calls home. It was an awesome experience to finally meet the designer behind the brand and connect in person! Thank you Jennie Kwon for opening your showroom in LA to me and I can't wait to see what is to come in the future for your young brand!

Shop my favorite pieces:

Pave Petite Bow Ring, Price: $440

Diamond Web Ring, Price: $485

White diamond cuff ring (perfect midi-rings), Price: $400

Emerald Cage Cuff ring, Price: $895

Hexagon Diamond Slice Half Cage ring, Price: $4,500

Stacked Diamond Pearl Cuff ring, Price: $1,665

14k yellow gold Ball Choker, Price: $920

14k yellow gold Diamond Mini Square Choker, Price: $1,624

14k yellow gold Black Diamond Equilibrium Cuff Choker, Price: $1,430

Onyx and white diamond cuff bracelet, Price: $836

14k yellow gold Ball Cuff bracelet, Price: $615




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Gem Gossip Visits Jewels by Grace in LA

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Never one to leave the house without jewels on, it is only fitting that owner Grace of Jewels by Grace is just as sparkly as her inventory in real life.  True to form, so is her personality and radiant smile.  It was so great to finally see her jewelry in person! Like myself, most people cannot wait to see what is posted next on the Jewels by Grace social media pages. The pictures posted on their accounts are breath-taking and oh so stunning! Most photos are thanks to Natalie who has been working with Grace for a little over a year now. Grace has been in the industry for 10 years and has developed a loyal following in those 10 years, with Natalie's work on Instagram being able to introduce the brand to a whole new audience of 40k+ followers who all comment, like and scuffle over each photo or video. The duo is just as excited and enthusiastic about their jewelry as their fans and loyal customers. Grace fosters a special kind of relationship with her clients--one that starts with a purchase at one point in their lives, and continually happens on special occasions until, before they realize it, an entire collection all coming from Jewels by Grace has been formed. Lifelong customers is Grace's main goal and philosophy.

Upon seeing each ring being pulled out and put onto the velvet-lined tray, I thought for a second I may have died and gone to heaven! Each piece being so unique and amazing. Grace also pulled out her insane personal moi et toi bypass ring that looks identical to mine, only hers is bigger--a ring I've been dying to see in person for so long! The bangles that she creates using Old European cut diamonds, grey and champagne diamonds, and different fancy cuts are high-quality, stackable pieces that are so collectable. I also love the large, diamond encrusted Art Deco brooches she repurposes as bangles.  Grace brought along three pictured above--two in which were done with a wide, yellow gold matte finish and the other done in white gold with a thinner design. 

Jewels by Grace has a pair of huge Old Mine cut diamond earrings which she has dubbed the Olsen Twins, which are probably the most perfect pair of earrings I've seen in all my life! Trying them on was dreamy to say the least! Grace also brought along an Art Deco diamond line bracelet set with a central sapphire and a diamond pendant that dangles a gorgeous pear-cut diamond from the bottom! So much goodness, so little time! It was an absolute pleasure to hang out with Grace and Natalie while basking in the jewels. Thank you!!

For links to some of the specific items shown in my photos above:

Emerald and Old European cut elongated ring set in platinum and 18k yellow gold, Price: $4,895

Moi et Toi ring with black enameling set with 4.11 ctw diamonds, Price: $19,950

Insane 3.15 ct antique marquise cut diamond ring, Price: $25,495

Victorian tourmaline cabochon elongated ring, Price: $3,295

Antique diamond conversion dangle ring, Price: $2,295

the "Olsen Twins" 9.46ctw Antique Cushion Diamond Drop Earrings, Price: $82,900

Wide diamond brooch cuff conversion in 18k yellow matte gold, Price: $9,695

Wide diamond brooch cuff conversion in 18k yellow matte gold with central step cut diamond, Price: $6,695


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