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On a Necklace Fringe Binge

Fringe, fringe everywhere…this trend just keeps growing.  I can’t even guesstimate where it started, shoes maybe?  But it has drifted to the jewelry scene, and I’ve found these great examples of the fringe trend at Connoisseur Antiques–all vintage necklaces.  These are all so intense, that other jewelry worn, especially earrings, should be minimal.  Check them out below!


This fringe necklace is stunning! Circa 1970, this is all exceptional 18k Italian gold. I love that the clasp is just as glamourous, featuring a large carved jade with diamonds set on it. Price $23,750 can be found on 1st dibs, owned by Connoisseur Antiques.


A true definition of a fringe necklace, right here. The British word for bangs is fringe, and this necklace totally looks like golden bangs. All done in 18k yellow gold from Connoisseur Antiques. (This piece is not featured on 1st dibs)


This necklace looks like those Fiona Paxton necklaces that were seen on celebrities, like Drew Barrymore.  This one however is vintage, 18k yellow gold (not glass beads), and features rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls.  Way better!  Priced at $13,400 from Connoisseur Antiques and featured at 1st dibs.