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Golden Panther Ring: Treasure Hunting in Louisville, KY #LoveGold

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A day of treasure hunting in Louisville, Kentucky was like a race against the clock! I had only one day, with a few hours of daylight, because no one likes driving home in the dark. Yesterday’s post featured my visit to Merkley Kendrick Jewelers which was a lovely time but I left treasure-less. Next up was Isaacs Gallery, found with a Google search which resulted in this description: specializes in antique and estate jewelry, as well as fine antiques. Sounds perfect! Our ten minute drive over there resulted in a hand written sign that read, “Sorry we closed at noon today.” I could only sadly peer into the window and lust from the outside. Again, empty-handed our next stop was Jordan Clines Jewelry recommended for their vintage watches. Their storefront was in a quaint area of Louisville, which I could tell was growing quickly. We rang their bell a few times, only to realize that on Fridays they were by appointment only! Oh no! Was I going to leave Louisville without any gold rings?!

With the sun setting and time running out, I had remembered a small jewelry shop located in a strip mall plaza that I spotted out my car window while driving to MK Jewelers. With a new attitude of hope, we back-tracked our way there! St. Matthew’s Jewelers was the place I had seen and we walked in ready to look! Right away I spotted a double panther ring in two-tone 14k gold, with the white gold side diamond cut to give it a unique look. Both panthers had sapphires in their eyes! I knew the ring had to be a part of my collection! The owner was super nice and I walked away with a great deal and a fun treasure-hunting trip! Until next time!


The new addition from St. Matthew’s Jewelers, on my middle finger, along with two other panther rings, which were already in my personal collection

14k two-tone gold double panther ring with sapphire eyes

14k yellow gold black enamel panther ring

14k yellow gold ruby and diamond panther ring


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