Endless talk of all things sparkly.

Favorite Instagram Pictures: Winter 2014

bulgariofficial cptjewellery roseark89 evafehren staurday_stonez jencwilliams misslibbydale2 malachitehome wwake3 levi_h nakarmstrong arrowanchor tuitrend bethbjewelled

bulgariofficial Serpenti invasion! Love this gorgeous photo featuring this iconic snake

cptjewellery modern, yet Art Deco in style–love this ring

roseark love this necklace, gets my wheels turning, no pun intended

evafehren classic X ring in the midst of some gorgeous loose diamonds

saturday_stonez picturesque stacks and gold, lovely

jencwilliams took this amazing shot of Italy that would make anyone want to visit

misslibbydale such a great ring–Old Mine cut diamonds, navette shape sold at Christies last October

malachitehome favorite home decor inspiration of the moment

wwake lining up the newest creations, with some gorgeous Opal gemstones

levi_h loves this new brooch just in at Kentshire and I do too!

nakarmstrong has some amazing designs, I love these earrings

arrowandanchorantiques a lizard and a platinum and diamond navette ring

tuitrend a domed sensation–sapphires and diamonds in a unique design

bethbjewelled shows off her arm stack, which mixes antique with new designers