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Gold Trends: The Signet Ring #LoveGold

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Gold signet rings date back to 1400 BC and have been even found in Ancient Egyptian tombs.  The purpose of the signet ring has changed throughout its history from sealing letters and official documents, to being worn as a sign of status.  It is regarded as the mark of a gentleman, with it today being worn by both men and women.  When jewelry is unisex, it brings a masculine edge to a normally sparkly and feminine accessory.  The gold signet rings that are most collectible and prominent in the antique world are similar to the ones in my collection (above). There are several popular designs, with square, oval or shield-shaped bezels which bear things like coats of arms, family crests, initials or monograms.  These styles were abundant during the Victorian Era, and have continually been available up until today.  With designers creating new, updated versions for the trendy fashionista of today, it is obvious that the gold signet ring is back!   Whether you choose an original antique or purchase a brand new design, there are many ways to wear the classic ring. 

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