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Jessica McCormack Opens New Doors with New Jewels

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I can’t say enough about how incredibly talented Jessica McCormack is–her jewelry designs are in a league of their own.  It is an exciting time in her career because not only has she just unveiled some new pieces, but she has also just opened some new doors.  One cannot call her new digs a “showroom” because it is much more than that, let’s call it a “Jewelry House.”  The quaint Victorian townhouse has been completely refurbished, and is nestled in the heart of Mayfair at 7 Carlos Place.  You can browse the library, hangout on a comfy couch while the piano is played, glance at the artwork and numerous antiques that have been curated by Jessica, and of course, feast your eyes on her jewelry designs.  

With visionary designs, using grey diamonds, shield cut diamonds, geometric shapes, and bold outlines.  I love how she takes cute, delicate motifs like hearts and bows, and gives them a cool edge.  Jessica also has a bridal line that redefines wedding day jewels, including some gorgeous classic pieces as well as diamond encrusted star hair pins and winged earrings.  She just launched a new collection called Love Letters where clients are invited to create exquisite rings with hidden meanings. Spell ‘Darling’ in Diamond, Amethyst, Ruby, Lemon Quartz, Iolite, Nephrite jade and Garnet, all set in warm yellow gold, or write your love’s name in a scattering of gemstones. It is an interesting angle on personalized jewelry and I think it will be a hot trend.