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Gem Junkies Podcast with Gem Gossip


I loved spending some time while in Tucson with Brecken & Jonathan of Parle Gems, taking part in their Gem Junkies podcast! Our conversation felt like a sit-down chat that just happened to be recorded, so it is very laid-back and so fun.  It took place at AGTA and in a back corner of the gem show, so although you can still hear dishes clanging around from lunch, the team managed to pull everything together, and it turned out great. We discuss all types of things: like how I got started, my move to Tennessee, my favorite gemstone, and I even reveal the name of my baby!

Parle Gems is a gem and jewelry company based out of Idaho. They had humble beginnings in the 70s, starting with Frank Farnsworth mining opals with a college buddy and selling them to local jewelry stores and gem lovers. Fast forward to today and their facility is a 17,000 square foot building that encompasses both their loose gem and jewelry design/manufacturing business. Their range now includes not just opals, but rubies, sapphires, emeralds and many more. I always love visiting their booth at AGTA because their selection is impeccable and there’s always something new and noteworthy.

Hope you enjoy the podcast!