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Jewelry Industry Job Postings Listed on Gem Gossip

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Back in July of 2008 I had high hopes of finding a teaching job in my newly relocated area of Middle Tennessee. Coming from upstate New York, I thought that would give me an edge with potential job openings. The biggest disappointment for me once I had my degree was realizing how tough it would be to even find open positions. I quickly realized that job vacancies often came up and were rapidly filled with people who were already in the inner circle…a friend of a friend, a colleague’s relative, etc. This was highly frustrating…it was like I didn’t even have a chance. I ended up failing miserably at a job fair where several dozen schools were set up with on-the-spot interviews. I never felt more defeated in my life. I took this disappointment and channeled it into finding another job, which led me to focus on my true passion: jewelry. That ultimately led me to create Gem Gossip.

This scenario always stuck with me. Finding a job can be a job in of itself. The jewelry industry in particular is often a secretive world. Finding a job in jewelry is even tougher because there’s no defined training or college coursework to pave a path into this industry. Same goes with job vacancies–where would one look if interested in a jewelry industry job?

I feel lucky and thankful every day that I am a part of the jewelry industry as someone who originally had no background in the trade and no family ties. I put my work out there and made a name for myself on my own, and thankfully our industry is genuinely wonderful and I have been accepted with open arms.

But what if you are sitting there reading this and wanting to find a job in this industry too–you’re baffled and honestly don’t know where to begin to look for a job…

This led me to create a dedicated space for jewelry industry job postings. I started with posting jobs every Saturday in my Instagram Story and was overwhelmed by the positive response. I made sure to save them all in a Highlight on my main Instagram account for those who might miss my 24 hour story. I then thought how it needs its own platform.  This is important to me and I haven’t had something make my brain turn into a lightbulb in awhile. When I went to register for an Instagram handle, my heart skipped a beat when I found that @jewelryjobs was indeed available!  This had to be a sign!

So there you have it!  I am officially launching @JewelryJobs today and hope that you out there who is unhappy with your current job status can hopefully find your dream jewelry job via @JewelryJobs. And for anyone who is currently hiring, please send me a DM and I will post your listing. Once the vacancy has been filled, let me know so I can remove the post.

Portrait by Tiff Pemberton