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10 Must-Have Crystals for Your Gem Collection

Gem Gossip Gem Collection

Gem Gossip Gem Collection

Above, the top ten stones in my personal collection

So you just started collecting gems, minerals and crystals? You’ve read my How to Start a Gem Collection blog post, now you want to dig in and know exactly which ones to buy! It might be overwhelming when you first start collecting. There are SO many rocks and minerals out there and it seems like I find something new every time I visit a new crystal shop. I wanted to put this blog post together for those wanting to know my recommendation as to what are the top ten you should start with or make sure you have in your collection. These are my personal favorites and what I suggest; of course there are lots out there, but I really think these are a good base to begin with!

1 — Amethyst: I will be mad at you if you think amethyst is basic because although it is abundant at crystal shops, it has a special place in my heart and has strong properties. The purple variety of quartz, amethyst helps with focusing and bringing clarity to our minds. There are different depths of color and I recommend finding one for your collection that speaks to you and isn’t overly heat-treated.

2 — Fluorite: One of my favorites because of its natural crystal growth (octahedron shape) and color variety (you can find really cool color combos, with several colors in one stone). The fluorite I have in my personal collection I got from my trip to Jewelry Television. One of the classes I took passed them around while they discussed crystal structure and we got to keep them. Fluorite is my thinking stone! If I’m making decisions or working a long night on the blog, I have my fluorite crystal next to me.

3 — Labradorite: This stone has its own phenomena named for it, labradorescence! Known for its blue/green sheen, it truly is such a beautiful mineral. Labradorite is known to be a stone that connects you to higher powers and deeper realities. When choosing one for your collection, I recommend the sunlight to view all its angles and stunning labradorescence.

4 — Malachite: My favorite green stone is malachite and every collection should have one! I take mine with me whenever I travel, as it is a protection stone. It also absorbs negative energy and bad vibes, which is why I use my malachite a lot. When searching for a piece of malachite that speaks to you, look for the banding patterns that appeal to you most.

5 — Vanadinite: This mineral is one that might be lesser known unless you are a crystal lover. A few years ago I did a one-on-one crystal session where I had a crystal healer choose a stone for me and what she felt I needed at the time. She chose Vanadinite for me as she felt I needed a boost in taking action, getting things done, and sift through all the distractions. I have two different specimens, one is a more coppery color and the other is a chocolate brown. The crystals are so pretty and sparkle a lot!

6 — Pyrite: The money stone!! Pyrite is said to bring wealth and help with business decisions. I love it for its different forms it comes in, sometimes cubes, “fool’s gold” rocks and even sand-dollar looking discs. The metallic luster is a property I instantly notice right away!

7 — Gypsum: You might not recognize this name, but maybe “Desert Rose”? That’s its nickname and often what crystal shops will call it. It looks like a rose and forms from water, wind and sand. It is a good healing stone, whether you have a broken heart or are feeling negative. It is also very calming, so if you’re feeling chaotic or have to go somewhere that is intimidating, bring your desert rose!

8 — Halite: Last year at Tucson, finding pink halite was such a highlight for me. I loved the crystal structure of it and the pink color. It is essentially rock salt, although I did not taste test it. In the metaphysical world, it is a great stone to combat problems that have been pushed aside for far too long. It also has some powerful healing properties, as salt lamps are made from the same material!

9 — Snowflake Obsidian: A personal favorite because of the snowflake patterns, which make each stone unique. This stone takes all the negative emotions out of you and clears your mind! It also helps center your thoughts and will keep you positive. I have two snowflake obsidians, both have totally different patterns.

10 — Dioptase: One of the very first crystals I ever bought, I was in middle school and bought a dioptase at a flea market. I was mesmerized by the bright emerald green color of the crystals and I still am to this day! In fact, the dioptase specimen you see in the photo above is the same one I bought 23+ years ago! It is said to help you live in the moment, which is something I know we all need!

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