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Gem Gossip Visits Past Era in Houston, TX #LoveGold

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Headed to Houston, Texas in the near future?!  I found a must-see for any antique jewelry lover or collector! The store is called Past Era and it is located on West Alabama Street.  Past Era has called Houston home since 1993, however its story does not begin there. Owner Marion Glober grew up around antique jewelry with both parents being jewelers themselves in London. This passion continued throughout her life and she set up shop in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1973. Growing a large and faithful clientele was a direct result of Marion’s discerning eye and expertise in the field of antique jewelry.  It is this exact reason why a move from Hawaii to Texas was a successful transition, forging both new and old clients, even worldwide customers.  I was lucky enough to catch Marion while on my visit and although our conversation was short, I could feel the warmth and compassion she has for every client she works with, I only wish I had more time to glean a fraction of all her knowledge! 

The shop has a highly curated collection of antique jewelry that ranges from Georgian pieces to 1940s/1950s retro style, and everything in between!  They had some show-stopping pieces, like a multi-gemstone Victorian fringe necklace displayed front-and-center, as well as a breath-taking 4.15 marquise cut diamond ring that is surrounded by calibre cut emeralds! My advice? Make sure to mention what types of jewelry you are interested in or collect, because Past Era has lots of back stock not shown in the main cases—like piles of gold bands in all styles and eras, gold earrings from several different eras and even antique baby rings! I was really happy and surprised to see that they had a baby ring selection, and I brought two home for my personal collection–one engraved 1884 on the front and one that has a cluster of three turquoise in a clover motif.  

The store caters to any collector, whether you are just beginning and have a smaller budget or are highly advanced and need that once-in-a-lifetime piece! That’s definitely what I love about this store!  If you’re in the Houston area, make sure to stop by!  They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-6pm at 3433 West Alabama, Houston, TX 77027…and be sure to stay tuned for the full Shopping Guide from my trip to Texas with LoveGold!


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