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Style Any Outfit with Jewelry from Fellows Auction

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Here in Tennessee, the weather has been pretty cold for the South…but every once in awhile, we get glimpses of spring with the sunshine.  I’m sure most everyone is ready for spring and I’m not just talking about better weather.  I’m focused on spring fashions and can’t wait to wear short-sleeves, with no intention of needing a coat! Of course, I’m already planning out some outfits…but most importantly, the jewelry that can make each look that much more chic!  Fashion comes and goes, but jewelry lasts forever.  There may be jewelry trends, but you can ultimately style a piece of jewelry from any time period and make it look amazing. It is up to you to purchase pieces of jewelry that fit in with your style and can be worn in a few different ways.  

Fellows Auction has so many possibilities coming up in their March 12th Antique & Modern Jewellery Sale. I’ve picked out some of my favorites to style four different early spring looks. Be sure to sign up for the auction to score something for your wardrobe! (all clothing via NastyGal)

Look One: This look is all about texture, big hats, and the color black!  It is an easy, on-the-go style and can be created multiple ways.  The best jewelry to go along with this look include an incredible, statement making ring, and some brooches.  For spring, the brooch is back!  They are so easy to style and for this look you can clip them onto the shoulder of the dress or even onto the hat.  

  • Lot 13: a mid-19th Century gold and silver topped diamond cluster ring
  • Lot 48: an early 20th Century Egyptian Revival brooch 
  • Lot 371: a mid-19th Century gold and silver topped Columbian emerald and diamond exquisite brooch

Look Two: This look is easy and carefree, emphasizing my favorite trend for the spring–big sleeves. Whether the sleeves are tight on top and flare out at the ends, large all-around, or poofy up top…I love this style.  One jewelry piece of advice for this trend: bracelets are hard to pull-off with this look, so skip those accessories. Otherwise, go heavy on the big, bold rings and wear a classic pair of earrings so as not to look too trendy.

  • Lot 42: an Art Deco amethyst and diamond dress ring
  • Lot 201: these diamond studs are unique because they are cushion cuts, totaling 7.37 cts!!
  • Lot 610: an Art Deco diamond, sapphire and emerald navette style ring

Look Three: A casual yet dressy look, combining a trendy skirt (wrap skirts are huge for spring/summer) and a top which shows off the arms.  This type of look is perfect for bracelet stacks!  A bold earring finishes off the ensemble, just making sure the neckline is free of anything so the earrings stand out!

  • Lot 114: these sphene and peridot statement earrings are like adding sunshine to your ears!
  • Lot 467: a late Victorian hinged bangle in 15k rose gold with sphere motifs
  • Lot 513: a 9k gold knot motif bangle bracelet

Look Four: This final look is sporty, for the days you need to run errands and go to the gym. Yes, you should totally still wear jewelry, even when dressing this way–however I do recommend not wearing your jewelry when you work out.  Not even your wedding ring! If you pull your hair back into a ponytail, make sure you wear some big earrings since your ears with be front and center!

  • Lot 195: a pair of 18k yellow gold enamel hoops, featuring blue and red/brown enamel
  • Lot 406: sleek, modern 18k yellow gold moonstone necklace 


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