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Gem Gossip Visits Jogani in Beverly Hills, CA

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Anup Jogani started his namesake business in the heart of Beverly Hills because of a love, passion and thrill for hunting out gemstones and jewelry.  Just ten years ago, he felt he wanted to start something new and learn about a business that continually fascinated him–it was the gemstones that got him hooked.  Speaking with and learning from gemstone cutters, transforming a gemstone like a Spinel, for example, from an average stone to something spectacular just by recutting it is his most favorite thing to do!  Visiting Jogani on a sunny LA day had me excited with anticipation.  I knew I wanted to see the citrine snake ring I had noticed on their Instagram page, as well as their heart-dropping cat’s eye gemstone bib necklace that is 160+ years old. How special is this necklace?! Well considering that it is composed of 50 chatoyant cabochon stones adorned with diamonds, how large and magnificent it is, as well as the condition that it is in–it totally deserves to be in a museum, but low and behold, Jogani has it in his showroom.

What else can you find in this fun showroom?  Lots of scotch. And the crew will make you take a shot of scotch, even though I’ve never heard anyone shoot scotch, but SIP scotch, yes. Needless to say, choking ensued. I wasn’t about to ruin my date with the chatoyant necklace or the amazing diamonds I got to handle.  Like the pair of triangle diamonds, cut in such a unique way they looked like slivers of real ice. Diamonds are another favorite of Anup and he has big plans for his own creations which defy odds and are very gemstone-centric. I got to see one for myself (and it is actually photographed in one of the pictures above, but nothing has been released quite yet) but that will be our little secret.  His approach to designing is focused on moving away from what we see everyday and not just going outside the box, but like ten miles outside the box. Anup says, “The emphasis on uniformity and the preference for hyper-engineered cuts designed to maximize brilliance rather than hunting for special stones that bring soul and romance to the jewelry is so frustrating to me.” And we couldn’t agree more! Don’t you want a gemstone that takes your breath away because it just does, or do you want to say it does because it has a perfect cut, perfect polish, perfect symmetry?  I know when I chose my engagement ring, I feel in love with the way it sparkled, even though some people would say it has a poor color since it is very low on the D-Z color grading scale.  All I know is that I love my diamonds and I get so many compliments on them!

Jogani also offers some pretty incredible antique pieces that run the gamut on style, time period and price points. Some of Anup’s favorites?  JAR, Bhagat, Suzanne Belperron, vintage Cartier, and vintage Mauboussin. We can all agree, he has superb taste. I got to see and experience first-hand a special Mauboussin bracelet within his collection–a rare Art Deco piece set with diamonds, emeralds and onyx. I also got to experience and learn to appreciate rare red spinel, especially Anup’s prized possession: an 8.79 carat oval-cut spinel that he helped transform by getting recut; or his 10.07 carat pear cut Burmese unheated ruby, worth millions!

Thanks for having me into your private showroom, located in Beverly Hills, CA! If you’d like to make an appointment with Jogani feel free to reach out through email at hello@jogani.com

Also, special thanks to Haseeb for taking the photo of me wearing the necklace and the gemstones on my hand–Haseeb is responsible for all the photography and social media at Jogani and does an incredible job!




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