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Gem Gossip Visits Jessica McCormack in London!

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Walking into Jessica McCormack‘s “Jewelry House,” as I’ve coined it last year when it first opened its doors, was like walking on water.  Did I ever think I would get the chance to be here and meet such a beloved jewelry designer?!  Never!  The whole time I couldn’t tell if I loved the jewelry or the space more.  I can presume it was a combination of both, and now that I’m back from my London calling, Jessica’s incredible designs and her New Zealand charm have surely won me over.  Also, as stated before, her jewelry designs are truly in a league of their own and seeing them in person was quite the treat.  

Getting the chance the stack diamond upon diamond, and lust after big emerald rings and even bigger yellow diamond rings was once in a lifetime moment for me!  Her cases house some pretty jewels nestled atop of crushed velvet-lined insides.  The most elegant antiques are hung on the walls and displayed throughout. Jessica’s Love Letters collection is creatively displayed, with each letter of the alphabet on a card, along with the equivalent gemstone written alongside, and a mini-bowl filled with each gem.  One is invited to spell out a message or word with the gemstones, similar to an antique Regard ring from the Victorian Era, but with a more modern feel.  One girl had her maiden name spelled out in a ring, as well as her new married last name in another.  I thought that was such a cool idea!  

Thanks to Jessica for such a fun and surreal day and for letting me sit and photograph until my heart’s content. And thanks to Susan Farmer and LoveGold!

Jessica McCormack
7 Carlos Place, London